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"Ten key points" as you comprehensive analysis Google

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This article is mainly based on the original script reading session reading notes and internal puncturing the repair is made, it attempts to read the original book content and integrate Thinking, and is divided into 10 small chapters were elaborated.


Steven Levy, author of the book is "Business Weekly" senior correspondent, science and technology but also the best-selling book "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution," the author. His early years with Google soon, after permission to enter this company for close observation and interviews, and from their own perspective to the people presents a fascinating story: two Stanford University doctoral little academic programs, how eventually spawned an annual income of 66 billion uS dollars (2014), the market value of nearly 390 billion uS dollars (2014), employs more than 24,000 people, and is widely considered to be our era's most influential companies.

Below, I will try to Steven Levy this book more than 400 compressed to about 40 minutes or so, and we do a simple share, which were also mixed with some of my own for the entire Internet ecosystem of some shallow thinking.

August 11, 2015, information and analysis of Google corporate structure adjustment brush over the circle of friends. These countless articles, almost all of this in such a tone: Google seems to do a very important thing, but it is unclear why it is so. This problem also plagued me, but with the depth reading this book, a lot of doubts and the solution with the text:

1. Google's origin: the simple belief make great company

Google initially Sergery Brin and Larry Page, co-sponsored a half-scholarship at Stanford University internal quasi-experimental research project, aims to better rules and algorithms (ie, early Page Rank) to improve the efficiency of the search engines. At that time, similar to the Alta Vista search engine such as has been widely known to the public, but for the purpose of commercial, they do not enshrined in the relevant information retrieval discipline, fairness pursuit, but deliberately some commercial information is inserted in the search engine results page to the user feedback. However, Page and Brin, and their first companions still hold to a basic concept of & mdash; & mdash; information retrieval should be efficient, objective and fair, and the need to rely on search engines to minimize manual intervention. This concept brings together a top team of scientists at Stanford and eventually hatched a great business prototype. Later, with the information Google Web crawl increasingly large, so take a few hundred times on servers to host, these people will finally start this academic inventions into commercial companies to architecture.

In fact, Google's Page Rank concept is very simple, similar to academia customarily used (Cross) reference rate concept & mdash; & mdash; Since this article / site cited by so many peers, which indicates that it itself is a great quality, so it should appear in front of the search results (in fact, the core of Baidu search engine is similar to Robin's made with this & ldquo; hyperlink analysis & rdquo; patent).

In a & ldquo; Gresham's Law & rdquo; great environment, Google introduced the new rules of the game, in a sense also drives people to create and submit more quality sites and pages. So, Google this itself does not produce any of the contents of the internet has become the world's most premium content aggregation place & mdash; & mdash; all in all, all that Google initially to hold the simple values, and in the subsequent years adhere to this philosophy.

2. Google's talent: recruit top talent to do things top

Sergery Brin and Larry Page were great pioneers, from scratch to create a new search engine products. However, a great career, but definitely not one or two people to accomplish. Early, Page and Brin in their career began from the nation's top schools, laboratories and other companies offer a wide range of expert-level talent. DEC Laboratory spawned Alta Vista search engine pioneer in the field of products, and with the Alta Vista development from initial expectations, a large number of top scientists are seeking new opportunities. Just at this time, Google these people recognized the idea of ​​recruiting them to join. It can be said, for a time, the nation's top information retrieval, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts are gathered in this small start-up companies.

Such a group of people together, everyone will own areas of expertise and top design ideas into Google products, naturally drives Google Yiqijuechen technically. And even more valuable it is that this group of people fit and defined Google earliest for technology, information and moral understanding. Many people say this is Sergery Brin and Larry Page adhere to Google's values, but I think: In such a gather together by the values ​​of the team, any sane leader would not risk making mistakes on ethics.

There is also need to mention that Google's 70-20-10 principle: & ldquo; Around 2005, Google determines a simple criterion to allocate engineering talent: 70-20-10. That Seventy percent of search engineers should work in the field of advertising or 20 percent concentrated in key products such as the application, and the remaining ten percent will do some uncertain project & rdquo ;. In fact, this principle and we know & ldquo; 20% Innovation Time & rdquo; very relevant. Let us not expand here, in the back telling, you will find a lot of Google products are important from that 10-20% of the exploration investment.

3. Google's business model: to create value by multiple parties to exchange their deserved portion

Google was founded from the initial years there is not a clear business model, early exploration by providing technical support for the search mode and other sites can not bring sufficient amount of return (originally founded Baidu is actually for a number of sites in particular portal provide search technology support, and even for some time also strongly layout some for business customers of the product & mdash; & mdash; behind this fact because the initial search engine business model is very clear, the only way to ensure a steady income is to play the runner behind supporting role). At that time, a company called GoTo instead is exploring the search engines realized pioneer. GoTo using Inktomi provides search technology, this is the first search engine Inktomi technology provider that specializes in providing technical support for the search for other needy internet. Specific search technology provided by Inktomi, GoTo innovation lies in creating a PPC (keyword advertising) and network (display ads). GoTo Google also discuss similar cooperation with Inktomi as its upcoming Google as a search technology provider, and the GoTo be responsible for operating the business on cash.

However, Google has wisely declined the offer & mdash; & mdash; the opportunity to master the core since Google's search technology, why you want to make money hand over GoTo it? And then GoTo operating practices have been suffering from doubt & mdash; & mdash; the PPC ads and natural search results Hybrid presented to the user, and sometimes even full-page ads, this is not recognized by Google to make money.

Inspired GoTo PPC, Google developed its own advertising system, Adwords, began as a fixed bid model, and later became a Vickrey second price auction model. In this keyword advertising system, Google has made at least with GoTo several different options:

1) show more ads when users consider the feelings of the correlation into account, this is actually ultimately allows users more likely to click Google keyword advertising, and ultimately Google in the CPC model gained unprecedented success;

2) Vickrey second price auction model, rather than the highest bid to grab all the advertiser's & ldquo; surplus value & rdquo; (that is, the first only need to pay the actual second bid +1 cents, rather than pay yourself first bid), the fair's auction market has attracted more and more advertisers to join them (especially those long-tail business), and finally pulling the Google ad revenue;

3) investment in technology and human resources for inappropriate ad for review and screening, avoid pornography, discrimination and other advertising flooding. Google regularly offline even for those less than 1% CTR inefficient advertising, which are contrary to it on & ldquo; search advertising should be a solution & rdquo; concept & mdash; & mdash; and can call solutions CTR at least 10% or more.

In fact, we heard here will find that in fact these ideas largely integrated into the design concept of the Phoenix Nest system.

GoTo Another invention is the network, the purchase page position of partner sites, publishers display ads category. And at that time, GoTo has begun to try depending on the context content, keyword page to render more relevant display ads & mdash; & mdash; provide technical support behind it there is a small company Applied Semantics. GoTo was with Applied Semantics signed an exclusive cooperation agreement. This time, Google did something very decisive things directly financed the acquisition of the company, and developed on the basis of the money weapon Adsense.

Adsense is used in Google's own site (such as Gmail) and numerous third-party sites (such as AOL), a large number of third-party sites provide the earliest means of profit. In this process, Google is also limited from the outset should take their percentage share & mdash; & mdash; not 50% or more, but about 30%, so that partners take more share.

Google always select the business model is facing controversy & mdash; & mdash; why not get more? However, it is mentioned previously engraved in each person values ​​Google & mdash; for what is right and what is wrong with a natural perception makes Google changed the rules of business, rather than reduced to a similar kind of GoTo second-rate companies. GoTo later renamed Overture, and the successful listing. Ultimately, however, it does not depend on the business model invented to become a great business, but after being acquired by Yahoo sadly out of the spotlight (now, Yahoo's search technology support entirely from another giant & mdash; & mdash; Microsoft).

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Google treats its gold master & mdash; & mdash; advertisers are ways. Google in early development, there is a special program specifically for large customer sales parallel to the regular Adwords ads that large customers only need to pay a fixed fee to make your ad appear in no doubt that the top of the search results this year brings Google's giant billions of dollars of income. Later, Google canceled the project, to the size of the customers are placed in the same status were treated, that should be given the opportunity to show ads by keyword auction.

At the same time ensuring equality, Google also provides a top-level data analysis tools to help themselves to advertisers who assess the effect of advertising on Google. To this end, Google in 2004 to $ 20 million acquisition of a company called Urchin website data analysis company, and launched the popular Google Analytics products on this basis. These data and tools provided by Google, so people who do business on Google can be more transparent understanding of how to effectively help their former growth achieved, and which is worth improvement (such as re-select more relevant keywords ). All in all, it is built on top of Google for their own business model confidence & mdash; & mdash; if you can really do a multi-benefit thing, then transparent process is useful.

Prior to Google, none of the Internet companies to earn such a huge amount of wealth from the free mode. Many people think that this is because Google discovered that search advertising business model. However, the fact, whether it is search advertising, or advertising, or what other impressions also are not a Google invention. And before Google had produced someone did. Google's success is based on a simple concept insist that insist that Google paid dividends & mdash; & mdash; stood to income-generating livelihoods.

Steven Levy said of Google's advertising business: & ldquo; Google advertising products is under each bold and innovative shining with gold thread woven safety net & rdquo ;. And I learned from the Google story is, Google's advertising business philosophy is integrity under the safety net.

4. Google Product: ad-core products continue to explore the cloud

Google Internet advertising successfully transformed itself a source of profit. In this under the protection of the moat, Google has enough resources to develop the types of products & mdash; & mdash; Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Google Drive and so on. Behind these products lies a ambitions & mdash; & mdash; let users on the Internet a variety of demands in Google's world is complete, and finally get rid of dependence on the operating system and native applications & mdash; this is in fact the moment very popular closed-loop and ecological concept.

The longer a user stays in this world of time, leaving the more data, click on the ad and see the greater probability, which means more advertising revenue & mdash; so far, there is still a large proportion the ads are running in the world outside of Google, and Google's future growth will largely depend on how these lands are not occupied domination. More data more product accumulation may cause Google to serve ads more accurate and efficient, this also means that advertisers are willing to pay will be higher.

Thanks to the creation of huge advertising revenue, Google cloud computing products in the field of free strategy, has forced Microsoft had braved the risk of cutting their way out with the Google Docs embark on the path up the same product. Of course in addition to advertising, Google also explore the product with a certain idealism & mdash; Now that you have earned so much money, why not do some interesting things? Such as energy technology, biomedical, unmanned, robotic, high-speed broadband.

Back on the specific product, Google takes almost resources on advertising-related products to more than 70% invested, the remaining is used to explore some new items, such as Gmail is a typical & ldquo; 20% time project & rdquo ;. In addition to innovative projects from within, Google also extend through mergers and acquisitions and other means to their own products, such as the acquisition of Upstartle and Zenter to enrich their own Google Docs product, acquired Youtube into the online video space, the acquisition of Android into the mobile operating systems, as well as employment Firefox project members to develop their own Google Chrome

In addition, there are at least 100 cases of potential or actual large and small acquisitions and investment projects, Google through the acquisition of a large number of investments in products, technology, personnel and marketing.

However, at this point, there is a case worthy of note, it seems that Google search beyond self-development products have not achieved significant success, such as Google Reader, Google Froogle (vertical electric business project), Google +, Google Wave, google Health, google and other mobile devices, which is & ldquo; winners curse & rdquo; or & ldquo; innovators dilemma & rdquo; it? In fact, a similar phenomenon also occurs in the Chinese market, Baidu search giant's body.

August 2015, Google announced its own tissue remodeling plan. In this new framework, Google's future business and product direction seems to be more clear. This is Google, perhaps as good as a mature manifestation of it. After all, the past to explore the product, there are still too strong geek colors.

5. Google's mobile strategy: to enter from the desktop to mobile

Silicon Valley is a very small world, Microsoft, and big companies like Google have access to the new opportunities that the first smell of start-ups. Sometimes even just have a cup of coffee time, a staggering value of the takeover proposal would be OK. In 2005, a small company of only eight people in the open source approach to building a mobile operating system called Android, the operating system and expect free license to carriers and handset manufacturers and backend services contract with revenue . After suffered a series of setbacks, the company Google was eventually put under the arm, and this supports the Internet giant, the Palm and Microsoft and other companies from the extensive recruitment of personnel, and developed a landmark comparable to the Apple iPhone Andriod Dream products.

Meanwhile, Google Android With open source and free positioning, effective access to the open source community, telecom operators and handset manufacturers for their support and has become one of Hutch era of intelligent machines. I remember about 2012 or so, Microsoft push Windows 8 & mdash; a cross-operating system, PC, mobile and other screens. It was the biggest challenge facing the mobile terminal is the application of the market can not provide a sufficient number of applications & mdash; it was also agreed that it is important in the external reason Microsoft mobile platform difficult to quickly rise. The Google Android is very clever, although its application market than Apple iOS to some time later launch, but with the open and free policies in the number of applications and downloads even more than Apple iOS platform & mdash; it is these from the first tripartite developers of mobile applications, carrying Google mobile realization of hopes and dreams.

In addition to Android outside, Google has acquired GrandCentral, the latter to get a free online phone products and technologies, and ultimately own Google Talk integrated into Google Voice.

In the process of entering the world of mobile, Google also launched a new bid for a typical carrier frequency of episodes, and ultimately use some techniques to promote the carrier network neutrality to achieve, for their own future free ride in the mobile world pave the road.

For a long time, Google has no clear plans to enter the mobile market. But hold it throughout with such a concept & mdash; all in favor of Web and mobile, is in favor of Google's; all is not conducive to Microsoft's, are mostly in favor of Google. Microsoft in the mobile terminal slow and backward, just to make this choice seem logical.

In the mobile side, Google still continues the & ldquo; advertising + free & rdquo; strategy. Google in the mobile phone confusion between the pilot injection, including Search, Gmail, Youtube, Map, Goggles (image search), speech recognition and other high-quality products and technologies, such as mobile terminals and Admob advertising platform on the screen. However, this applies to the desktop of the business model for mobile end is the best? So far at least, no one who can give a clear answer. Google need to do is deadly rush, staking, waiting for the emergence of new business models.

Of course, Google in the mobile space has made some mistakes, such as bent launch its own terminal & mdash; & mdash; Nexus One, because they are not carriers and ultimately the manufacturer's support but failed. Interestingly, Google launched the Nexus One in the attempted direct phone line model, is now being practiced millet, music, as other Chinese companies, and seems to have achieved good results.

6. Google's organic growth: mature or degradation?

In a very long period of time, outside investors, media and technology reporter critics do not know Google's product strategy what it is. A lot of people within Google, they are not aware of how much more than these outsiders. From a financial point of view data, search advertising is still the company's largest source of revenue and profits (14 years, when this data is more than 90%). Google's revenue this year, the advertising revenue growth is clearly slowing. This is because the overall economic environment led to reduce advertising spending, it also reflects the challenges posed by Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

In the past several years, with the ads that & ldquo; single business & rdquo; created great wealth, Google was unable to carry out the count of internal development and external acquisitions lavish & mdash; the vast majority of these projects are, for various reasons and attributed to silence. Either because the idea of ​​the project is based on the whimsical unproven (such as Knol Wikipedia's benchmarking), either because too much high-level intervention led to the project lost their proper rhythm (such as acquisitions of dMarc Broadcasting), and others because Google increasingly sluggish body causes it difficult to keep startups like freedom and vitality in a number of important things (such as by a group of lawyers closely monitored Google Video, the final was a pizza shop on the second floor of startups & mdash; & mdash; YouTube defeat) .

After the 2008 financial crisis, Google's growth is slowing rare, so that the management have to reflect the company's current situation, and launched a series of purges plan, including: compression internal welfare, reduce project approval and the abolition of internal staff & hellip ; & hellip; in the process, many people reinforces the & ldquo; Google has been bureaucratic and conservative behavior permeated & rdquo; view of identity, and choose to leave the company.

2009, Google has grown into a more than 20,000 employees of large companies, but the whole company is still in use at the beginning of the entrepreneurial management style, in any sense, it is a kind of anomaly. When a problem occurs the external economic environment, which is hidden in the bustling lighting problem is increasingly exposed. As a public company, and his two founders has become a more mature and sophisticated, Google must be positive and resolve these issues.

A large number of professionals and management rules be introduced within this family have long been accustomed to engineer the dominant culture of the company, in the short term we can not judge whether this is good or bad for Google. However, at least it is certain that, continue to remain in the past that is sure to be outdated. Steven Levy tells the story, it seems that it is this more mature management ideas and mechanisms (such as earnings guidance exclude senior officers of the start-up team / cost management), so that Google successfully YouTube in one step from the abyss burn pull out, and it is expected to become a Google video industry. At the same time, this thing on YouTube, Google wisely chose the latter to operate relatively independent, rather than be drawn into action already no longer so free in the parent company. Otherwise, YouTube may soon become the next Google Video.

Growing up is good, which means more resources and more influence, a garage can be born immature product programming a global multibillion great platform for users to use. At the same time, growing up also means some loss of freedom and progress, the same thing happened again and again, such as IBM, Microsoft, AT & amp; T, Yahoo and other technology companies who. Hopefully Google can find an appropriate balance in this difficult transition, the establishment of a new order in the junction between the old world and the new world.

7. Google's China experiments: Ethics and Business entanglement

From July 2005 announced the establishment of R & D center to January 2010 announced the withdrawal of the search business, Google in China had a short and complicated time.

In 2000, Yahoo has set up an office in Beijing, and began early users of the world's largest Chinese Internet search service provider country to grow into the future. Based on local Baidu began formal operation of their Chinese search engine service. At a time when Google, has just started making Chinese version of the search engine, and in the subsequent 2045 in a & ldquo; stay out & rdquo; way to provide search services to users in the country.

2004, Google executives led sent a delegation to visit China. That same year, Lary Page and Sergery Brin also visited Baidu, Sohu and Sina and other Chinese local Internet companies, and decided to prepare the United States listed Baidu investment of 5 million US dollars. At the end of the year, Google through internal debate, we decided to enter the Chinese market, and hired Kai-fu Lee as their presence in China in 2005 & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Ambassador begin preparations for a research and development center there. 2006 January 27, Google.cn on the line, Google finally officially own foot in the Chinese market.

In many ways Google's headquarters in the attitude of China branch, will come to this impression & mdash; & mdash; this is just a cautious experiment only. Accounts and information security considerations and objective policy restrictions, including Gmail, Blogger, Picasa, YouTube, including the products are not officially entered the Chinese market. Because Google headquarters lingering ideological concerns, in a very long period of time, China R & D engineers have failed to obtain free access to the core code, and more to do some outside work, and under many restrictions try to develop products for the Chinese market. Google made the localization business and promote its application in China are mostly not been approved by headquarters. Under this inside many restrictions, Google.cn, or by virtue of the excellent search experience quickly gained more than 25% market share, and in the field of mobile maps and become a leader, which forms a huge threat to Baidu.

Just Google products and actively promote the business at the same time, it is also the Chinese team carefully handle the relationship with the government, which for political and regulatory considerations, are trying in various ways to tame the growing uncontrolled Internet companies, including Yahoo, Microsoft and Cisco and so have yield. Finally, with a series of events occurs, Google China's efforts to maintain the balance of the relay team failed & mdash between Beijing and the Mountain View; in less than five years to enter the market point in time, Google.cn was closed, while abandoned there & ldquo; Google & rdquo; this quite Chinese characteristics name.

Google in China these years, in fact, has been partially achieved one of the original objectives, namely to promote the openness of information in this country improved. At the same time, because the contrast effect with the demonstration of its existence has forced competitors had to adjust their product strategy and business models, such as Baidu abandoned in 2009 criticized PPC, Google Adwords introduced similar the & ldquo; Phoenix nest & rdquo ;.

End of the story, even Steven Levy can not answer this question: & ldquo; Google quit if China really is purely moral considerations? Which if mixed with respect to the size of this complex market was bleak earnings expectations? & Rdquo;

Google in China this experiment contains a lot of inspiration, not only political, but also business, and even mixed with the individual. Google's exit, also greatly changed the Chinese Internet ecosystem balance of power, which no doubt influenced China's Internet development process and route. For Google itself, and indeed missed the China Internet & ldquo; Golden Age & rdquo ;.

Recently, I heard Google is trying to return to the Chinese market, part of the news was quite looking forward to. Tolerance and hope that we can mature, assume their responsibilities and to play in a difficult environment.

8. Google's responsibility: the greater the force, the greater the responsibility

When commercial companies like Google have the clout, it is almost impossible with the political and legal boundaries to draw the & mdash; & mdash; especially when the company's business model is destined to challenge some of the existing rules of the time.

For a long time, Google's main form of advertising is Google Adwords and Google Adsense, the former is triggered when the user enters the keyword relevancy of your ads, which is a combination of advertising given page context and not in the user Cookies by recording the user's personal information is not actively clicks on an ad.

In 2007, Google acquired a company called Double Click tries to advertising companies, who apparently did not Google on privacy policy so conservative & mdash; & mdash; as long as the user accesses the Double Click placing display advertising pages will be recorded almost at Cookies All personal information. Commercial motives behind this is this: Double Click As an Internet advertising company, has been trying to improve the accuracy of the ad, which can get a higher return from the advertisers and the agent. Using a wide range of personal information recorded Cookies, Double Click on it to display the most accurate advertisements when users visit a particular Web page. And in fact, this part of the expense of user privacy business model has been a great success, so that Google and Microsoft are willing to pay a high price to acquire such a company, and ultimately Google 3.1 billion dollars to complete the acquisition.

After this acquisition, Google has become theoretically cover all corners of the Internet and the company has the largest number of user data, and in fact more to enhance its dominance in search advertising (70%) and display ads (80%) areas.

Google also extended the range of its own data collection to the next line, including Google Latitude and Google Street View, including a range of products, has begun to try online index will be extended to the world for the next line of the world mirror & mdash; & mdash; this the risk of invasion of privacy exists. And Google Print / Libraries / Book is trying to scan paper books into Google world are increasingly large databases & mdash; This provoked a revolt copyright side.

All attempts so Google has a departure from the original & ldquo; do not be evil & rdquo; dangerous commitments, in only an idea. Google claims that the founder of the company culture and will prevent bad things happen, but this is with respect to the laws and institutions, or lack sufficient credibility & mdash; & mdash; after all, Google is a commercial company. And, increasingly it appears from some minor signs of view, Google has not had a company so simple, and the forces pulling in the forward direction of this company, one or two people no longer able to control.

If we contrast China's Internet environment, currently established business practices in violation of user privacy on the far far more than Google did. As users expect future consciousness, legal regulation of sound and practitioners of moral self-discipline, this situation can be changed.

9. Google danger: Growing Pains

Early in 2002, Google's & ldquo; 20% working time & rdquo; project would have spawned a social attribute product & mdash; & mdash; Orkut. However, Google does not see it as a disruptive product, but only a small amount of resources devoted to its own devices. The same thing that Blogger who acquired Dodgeball 2005 and 2003 acquisitions occur. As a result, these three products are not eventually grow into a great product should be in accordance with the present path. And, ironically one is that it is the founder of Blogger and Dodgeball, after leaving Google, respectively the creation of Twitter and Foursquare.

During this period, he was born in a university dormitory in the social product & mdash; & mdash; Facebook began an incredible pace began to rise. This time, Larry Page and Sergery Brin realized that the social map of potential threats to the search algorithm, and start promoting Google seriously layout in social networks, and later Google launched a series of OpenSocial, Google Wave, Google Buzz, Google +, Google Circle, but all Facebook could not shake the foundation.

When Google social networking exhausted when, Microsoft realized the Yahoo search business mergers, and huge investments to develop its own search engine & mdash; & mdash; Bing. Bing appears, indicating something more imminent threat than Google that started in front of Bing adjust their product design (2015, Microsoft in the US market has gained more than 30% market share, this figure meter into a share of Yahoo, because the latter's search business is supported by Microsoft).

Undeniably, Google is still the era's most innovative companies. But some of the most core of innovation, such as Android, Youtube, etc. are driverless cars began in external companies, and products such as the popular Gmail also take advantage of the many obstacles in the & ldquo; 20 percent of the time & rdquo; completed.

Google from the original & ldquo; garage company & rdquo; to grow into today & ldquo; science and technology giants & rdquo ;, seems and the early years of AT & amp; T, Microsoft, Yahoo, like into a & ldquo; Growing Pains & rdquo ;, the impact of the new forces at reveal the lonely emperor weakness.

10. Google's future: Let's all back to the basics Alphabet

August 2015, Google announced the adjustment of corporate architecture, the newly formed Alphabet will become Google's existing organizations, projects and businesses parent group. Advertising for commercial models / earnings basis of mature business, including Search, Android, YouTube, Apps, Maps and Ads is retained in Google's, which originally belonged to Google many exploratory operations were divided into different entities continue to promote & mdash; & mdash; Calico, against aging-related diseases; Nest, research and development of intelligent home-related products; Fiber, providing ultra-high-speed network; Google X, focused on having a breakthrough significance of the project; Google Ventures and Google Capital respectively bold and innovative start-ups the company's long-term technology trends and investment.

There is no doubt, Google search advertising is to create the industry pioneer, and it will extend its influence to display ads, video ads and even various aspects of audio advertising. For a long time, the company need to consider is how to upgrade their ad revenue, because even a slight improvement strategy, but also to bring hundreds of millions of revenue & mdash; & mdash; this is Google's comfort zone, like Windows and Microsoft Office are the same comfort zone (with Microsoft, for example, long ago within the company has carried out various studies have pointed out that cloud computing, mobile is the future trend, but because this change will in the short term greatly affect the Office suite of software revenue, making it difficult to put into practice, can only slow in and change).

In advertising revenue Sturm und Drang at the same time, Google's business innovation and product breakthroughs but trouble & mdash; today, people familiar with the great products, including Android, YouTube, no cars, Blogger are all outside the company born of & hellip; & hellip; in addition , Gmail stars such products also in the & ldquo; 20% time & rdquo; in break internal question developed, Chrome is almost poaching of Firefox strength was developed from, Google Docs, many of the core elements but also from the acquisition of external start-up companies .

Even more interesting is that it is people who were forced to leave Google internal atmosphere created Twitter, Foursquare such a smash hit products & hellip; not to mention those who had fallen in a halfway house innumerable innovative projects, such as Orkut, Google Reader, Google Health and the like.

Mentality; perhaps the reason behind this is Larry Page said & ldquo; & rdquo chase advertising revenue every day. Perhaps it is out of these peculiar status of reflection (and Wall Street's urging) to promote Google's management to make such a strange and reasonable changes will leave Google profitable business, and in order to support a more important innovation Exploration cause.

If a technology company only looked at short-term liquidity in those areas, I am afraid it is difficult to really go very far away. If we are able to compare the two countries sink in the heart of the Internet and even the entire technology industry, you will find: it seems that we are moving in two different directions to accelerate progress. On the surface this is a different technology companies in the fragmented select individual level, but in fact it reflects the difference between the two countries on the basis of technology, higher education, social, cultural, legal and regulatory, and even value-oriented innovation atmosphere.

We have always said that the Internet industry is China and the world's smallest gap in an industry, and some even think that we in the Internet field is more than the United States. That being the case, I think we have these people in the Internet industry is burdened with some of the mission. Age of the Internet and technology has given us the idea, let's not alone in the bustling inner circle, to make money. In the crest of the Internet boom, when China's traditional industries are facing life and death exams & mdash; & mdash; that all people of the Internet is both a huge challenge and a huge opportunity. In this, it is recommended you can pay attention to foreign technology industry trends, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and so on. They are now doing a lot of things, such as for energy, health, materials and even explore new areas such as space science, Chinese Internet companies is that we have not done, which largely reflected the two countries in technology with different orientations and future business.

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