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A year ago but also "on Google head firing a shot," Why today CM large layoffs?

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US media quoted a number of science and technology news sources reported, headquartered in Silicon Valley smartphone operating system integration company Cyanogen, was engaged in a large-scale internal redundancy. It was abolished employees, mainly in the company's Seattle office, responsible for open source software business and research and development. The company's CTO and co-founder Steve & middot; Kang Dike led the human resources team to personally supervise the layoffs.

Cyanogen's predecessor is third-party open source Android operating system CyanogenMod (referred to as CM) of the core development team. CM is a model for a large number of commercially available, every day, every week and every month a different version of the operating system update, visually very close to the native Android operating system, while adding the theme, the depth of customization function keys, profile and other functions, by the user's favorite Android core, the industry has a high visibility, such as the first millet MIUI operating system, that is based on the depth of CM from custom development.

In September 2013, with the goal of commercialization of the CM, the original core team established Cyanogen Inc company for free in the CM development support while maintaining, also for mobile phone manufacturers to launch Cyanogen OS operating system. Cyanogen OS using the industry's major manufacturers in India and Europe, such as Micromax and Wileyfox like. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers a plus OnePlus have been used in the generation of Cyanogen OS, but laterBreakdown of negotiationsIt is no longer the pre-installed system.

The aforementioned reports that, after the completion of the layoffs, Cyanogen will be the new COO Leo & middot; under the leadership of Tal transformation of software development, that is no longer Cyanogen OS core profitable products. The company has been in the Android software attempts, and the phone company Nextbit developed similar Apple Handoff multi-device sync for Android & ldquo; Baton & rdquo ;, and allows deleted download no software when used, thereby saving cloud backup storage space.

The company is best known for the founder and CEO Kirk & middot; McMaster sentence rhetoric:& Ldquo; We give Google's head start and shot & rdquo;, Which means through their own development and promotion, so that the open source system Android (AOSP) out of the control of Google.


Left for the Cyanogen Inc CEO of McMaster, in the middle Kang Dike

According to the above report, if Cyanogen abolition of open source software business-related staff, then, CEO dream is probably to be wasted.

Why should AOSP from Google? It had to start from the foundation of Android. Google acquired Android earliest development company of the same name,But the core of the open source software codeAllows handset device manufacturers themselves to revise and rewrite the code, customize their own user's system. While Android itself is open source, but Google Android system essential service is closed source. Google set up a body called the open equipment Alliance (OHA), allowing only certified manufacturers to develop their own Android phone, and force them to pre-core Google services (GMS) and Google-based products. This situation generally applicable to markets outside of mainland China.

This situation has both good and bad. The benefit is that Google offers full-featured system is stable and consistent experience of software that allows Android manufacturers have the opportunity to hand with the powerful combination of iPhone + iOS Apple compete; In addition, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Calendar in the Internet era has very popular, a huge user base, do not install these services is trying to find fault with the user. The bad news is that this continues all the mobile phone manufacturers finally becomes a Windows PC manufacturers with the same status, purely for the manufacturer and have no say in the software, Google has been carried away.


Android system pre-installed software

OHA big companies have been tempted to change the status quo,Such as Samsung, Sony and other pre-installed Microsoft Office, OneDrive and other software in its flagship device. These vendors complicated emotions middle Cyanogen wants. It has been doing & ldquo; own company & rdquo; efforts to own a set of integrated parallel to Google's systems. The core software is everything, such as Cyanogen cooperation with Boxer developed Cyanogen Mail instead of Gmail and so on. This ambition has been that coveted Google supremacy in the mobile terminal manufacturers, such as Microsoft's support. Last year, Microsoft with Cyanogen announced a comprehensive strategic partnership, in Cyanogen OS in a large number of pre-installed Microsoft-based core services, such as Exchange synchronization, Outlook e-mail, Skype, OneDrive and Office suite and so on.

Cyanogen also rely on this ambition to acquire a substantial capital injection industry. Twitter, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Tencent and many Silicon Valley tier funds are the company's investors.

Unfortunately, so far, in addition to the previously mentioned with some manufacturers, and the US mobile startups Nextbit cooperation outside, Cyanogen's plan did not get most of the mainstream Android device manufacturers. The layoffs should mean ambition formal insolvency.

This is the last thing my attitude: Cyanogen Android from Google wants to control wrong? I look right. GMS, GApps forcibly bundled outside mainland China, of which there are some applications that are not, on the domestic level is the family bucket of bloatware. Cyanogen CEO would like & ldquo; Google to head up shot & rdquo ;, you mad? I do not see crazy. Samsung, Sony, Microsoft wanted to do, be able to do, so that a start-up company did absolutely garment away, a unicorn against the dragon image, chic heroic.

But anyway, this case also snuffed other dare challenge the status of a small flame Google: Do not try, Google has & ldquo; Too Big to Fail & rdquo; a.

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