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In addition to high-priced to sell, Netease cloud music has no other way out

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Text / Chenxian Jiang (micro-channel public number: New Music Industry Observation)

Netease cloud music is contemporary Chinese best music player. This should be beyond doubt.

I have now is heavy users Netease cloud music, and the average daily usage time over two hours. I do a lot of NetEase cloud music song single, PC side, music, as the mobile phone, iPod Touch, a variety of platforms for the use, with a very Happy.

Happy to see the most is the comment that I had developed such a habit to hear a favorite song, always involuntary go looking through the comments, by the way also look at those songs more fire.

I am most satisfied with is that I can be a key in a single copy songs downloaded songs to MP3, I was such an antique, I like to pick their own songs to listen to running, but also to download.

In short, the experience of the past six months, let me turn road NetEase cloud music completely pink, then I regret myself to do a Apple Music family packages. I have reported on Apple Music with great expectations, but so far, in your country, the best music player only Netease cloud music.

I have also seen some interesting phenomena, user consumption data show that Netease cloud music more prominent.



We can compare the user NetEase cloud music coverage rankings.


With respect to the amount of their users, the user NetEase cloud music album consumer digital conversion rate is higher than the cool dog.

This illustrates two problems:

High user stickiness Netease cloud music

2. Digital album consumption patterns more suitable Netease cloud music

However, and eggs.

We see Netease cloud music at the press conference recently published some data:

Users create independent single song a total of 80 million, 50% of users develop a side edge songs comment habit platform has accumulated to produce 200 million music critic. These data, look amazing, but not much practical value.

Earlier there was a reporter interviewed me and asked me to say these comments give the music industry any good. Comment volume, only shows active users, only. Netease portal is also a great amount of comment, do not rely on the same game Netease feed?

Experience to do better, it is Spotify, Spotify Netease cloud music experience better than monthly active users broken million subscribers 35 million, but still far from profitable. Hard to imagine the future of NetEase cloud music can rely on & ldquo; experience & rdquo; profitability.

Competition music service is no longer experience the competition, but competition layout.

Both domestic and foreign so. We now talk like Spotify and Apple Music dispute, but they ignore the biggest surprise in 2015 was Amazon Prime Music, it is borrowed from the powerful layout, Amazon streaming music started to increase investment. Spotify and Pandora are currently strengthening their whole industrial layout. Spotify on the line of their own video platform, Pandora acquisition performed services. But the most likely future competitive landscape is still Google, Apple and Amazon.

From the layout, the NetEase cloud music has no space.

Copyright: Netease cloud music is & ldquo; Great Tencent Music & rdquo; (QQ + CMC) strangling the throat.

Channels: Tencent and Ali have been eating a variety of channels (video, media, electricity supplier)

Copyright this one alone, enough Netease cloud music of the liver quiver. & Ldquo; Great Tencent Music & rdquo; already control more than 50% of the copyright, plus the hands of Ali copyright, copyright market more than 60% in the hands of the TA. In order to strengthen the advantage, TA will still burn the inevitable future competition in this regard, Netease no advantage. Tencent's 2015 revenue was $ 15.841 billion, Ali was $ 12.293 billion, NetEase is only $ 3.52 billion.

So Netease cloud music to financing 1 billion, mainly to Qiangdian Rights. Netease cloud music is counting, the country has a large number of independent music, they produce a lot of content every year, this one is the current TA is not valued. In theory, Netease cloud music by independent musicians stake in these studios, copyright sole agent.

The problem is that this thing done Netease years ago, and did not make, and now will be able to make it? difficult. Why do people give up independent music TA big platform, so many resources and users, with your co-operation? Just because digital album sold well, the amount of high reviews?

Or to rely on the layout, not the layout you go, what you are laid.

I noticed that this financing Netease cloud music out the release of 12% to 15% stake, which is to be laid out left a hole. The imagination is not a small hole.

CMC first year financing, Tencent also accounted for such a ratio, now swallowed the CMC. So, Tencent there may once again swallowed in the same way Netease cloud music?

Netease cloud music and shrimp music has a certain degree of user overlap, Netease cloud music + shrimp music can actually build a good independent music ecology, Ali may have no stake?

QQ music and CMC merge, the most painful is too close like this sandwich. So, too close together there may be greater with Netease Bureau? Former director of Wang Lei, Netease cloud music too close to Baidu's music, the two sides have reached a tacit understanding is not some kind of cooperation?

Regardless of how to play, it is for the Ding Lei, Netease cloud music the best way (the only way) is to sell at high prices.

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