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Premiership copyright dispute: millet, Blockbuster and the New England Sports Rashomon

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Wen / Liu Yalan

I would like to see the new Premier League season on millet box? Now it seems Dianxuan.

August 2, millet boxes and Blockbuster content partners organized press conference, announced the cooperation users can pay to watch the upcoming Premier League match. But after just one day, there have been dissenting voices.

& Ldquo; Do you think this illegal means walking a fine line this way, the interests of others destroyed, then his own will be successful? Do not do their own thing, people always want something predatory, swindling steal the development of enterprises become the golden rule of Internet companies, this is not desirable, right? The industry trend fueled not so right? & Rdquo; vice president of New England Sports Yuling Xiao angrily told the media.

His anger from Blockbuster and millet.

2013 Blockbuster cash capital increase by the way, made a 14% stake in New England Sports. Blockbuster also gained from the new British sports in the hands of the Premier League season 6 content in the new media in mainland China exclusive license to use the TV screen.

But now, as all Fang Xinying sports Premiership copyright of millet intervention say & ldquo; no & rdquo ;.


The focus of the tripartite debate is whether Blockbuster have the right content delivered to the Premiership millet, millet accurate to say that the user of the box.

One of the core content of Blockbuster through cooperation and millet millet box is on, Blockbuster will offer priced at 39 yuan / month, 299 yuan / year Premier package. This package includes new 2016-2017 season in the Premiership all 380 games exciting events broadcast and on-demand playback, in addition, Blockbuster also provide information to the Premiership millet box users, special programs and game highlights and other content.

Lu Gang, vice president of Blockbuster, said: & ldquo; New England Premiership copyright all sports. & Rdquo; but he also said Blockbuster is a strategic investor of New England sports, six years ago have been Premier League broadcast rights. And after the event fermentation, Blockbuster General said that the new British sports will be in the near future will have a copyright notice, before Blockbuster without any explanation.

Recently few appearances millet content operations and Chen Tong, vice president of investment, said this is the millet for the first time in cooperation with Blockbuster, hope for the future and Blockbuster have a more long-term and far-reaching strategic cooperation and gradually docking Blockbuster advantages of resources, from video content , variety shows and sporting events, including children's educational programs.

Conference in the afternoon, New England Sports for the matter to issue an official statement, stressed that he is the sole legal owner of the Chinese mainland and related Premiership Premier League media rights in the whole program. Blockbuster also said the New England Sports Department won the Premier League broadcasting rights IPTV and Internet TV, but no delegate. Currently, the new British sports without any form of cooperation with millet, millet has never been authorized to play Premier League matches by millet box.

Tripartite statement very different, for Information Science and Technology to Tencent copyright forensic expert Qin lawyer, & ldquo; focus lies Blockbuster and New England is how the agreement signed. Blockbuster is authorized to delegate, and it is irrelevant whether the new British shareholders, mainly to see the agreement. & Rdquo;

Lawyer Zhao occupation, said: & ldquo; at the same time is also possible that the new British sports and Blockbuster license agreement, the agreement on the mandate itself is not clear, easy to produce controversy. & Rdquo;

However, on the current information, the most likely millet to Blockbuster customize a number of IPTV or OTT set-top boxes, according to this logic, not millet own inside the box contents or Blockbuster, there is no & ldquo; delegated & rdquo; a say.

Sought-after Premier League

New England Sports is an innovative sports media organizations by the IDG Capital and Yadi new media joint venture established at July 15, 2010 with the signing exclusive rights to the Premier League 2010-2013 season Chinese mainland and Macao. In 2011, the two sides reached a long-term intentions, and on October 30, 2012 to renew for six years.

Since the New England Sports get six consecutive years of copyright Premiership mainland every year on various media platforms copyright competition is very fierce. Data show that the global Premier League fans 1.2 billion, of which 170 million in China, while the Chinese fans in the Premier League fans proportion as high as 51%. In TV channels, for example, 2014/2015 season, a total of 19 Premier League matches broadcast on local television stations, covering a total of 6314 million people, equivalent to China out of every 20 people every weekend there is one waiting in front of the TV watching the Premiership; Premiership when broadcast long, it is 3.06 times La Liga, Bundesliga 8.2 times, 29.6 times Serie.

Such a solid fan base in the Premiership each broadcast media platforms are being touted.

Last summer, Sina, Tencent and music as $ 18 million from each of three new force in the hands of the British Sports Internet broadcast rights to buy the new Premier League season. Even the Premier League after an absence of many years of CCTV also announced last year that will broadcast Premier League matches at the weekend 2015/2016 season. This year, the music, as sports, PPTV has finalized a non-exclusive broadcast rights for the 2016-17 Premier League season, and this year's unit price or exceeded twice last year, at $ 36 million -5400 ten thousand US dollars between.

Even the British Premier League is astronomical. Premier League TV broadcast rights for three seasons 2016-19 was won Sky TV and BT, 168 games paid 5.136 billion pounds (about 50.7 billion yuan).

Premiership almost no absolute underdog, there is no absolute strong, regardless of the overall quality of the tournament was the team star attraction for the fans, the Premier League is better than the other, it is no wonder that each will become platform fight over resources.

Distressed millet

New England Sports Premiership because very profitable, Blockbuster has also been a shareholder return, but the situation is less clear millet.

New England Sports Yuling Xiao, vice president expressed: & ldquo; from millet Overall, it sports not spend money bought any copyright, including publicity before the European Cup are CCTV halt. In our broadcast Premier League a number of years, the Premier League has been questioned by the copyright side, millet box in Hong Kong, Macau, showing why the flooding trend, of which the source is from the New England Sports New Vision channel, this situation has It lasted for several years, but there is no improvement. & Rdquo;

Music as sports Jianhong in the circle of friends commented on the Premier League millet event: & ldquo; this, anyway, today is also quite common. However, even walking a fine line is not really. Only entertain. & Rdquo;

In fact, compared to other content platforms, millet somewhat potential weak.

In 2014, the former editor in chief Chen Tong, Sina Chief Executive vice president officially joined the millet, millet as vice president responsible for the content of investment and operations. Lei Jun said at the time, millet will invest $ 1 billion in terms of content, but millet do not own a lot of content, but will work with high-quality content side.

Chen Tong joined gives a very strong signal: the Internet is becoming a platform for companies millet, still trying to break the deadlock content. But before this, millet have been aware of her own bottleneck in content. In November, millet announced $ 300 million investment Iqiyi and become its second largest shareholder, whereas in the previous week, millet and potatoes Youku also announced the purchase of shares from the secondary market to invest this amount of not less than $ 50 million.

Millet also invested Thunder, and Thunder's millet can share video content resources, and with its TV channels millet, millet millet boxes and even mobile phones and other terminals for playback.

Investment Director Strategic Investment Jiang millet content layout ideas will be summarized as two: one is IP content production, the other one is out IP content.

IP content producer who is actually content creation capability. Find the best millet and team inside each vertical category, and signed. Whether it is investment, internal or sign millet companies. & Ldquo; major industrial chain inside of the joint company or joint nature of the characters, we will invest. & Rdquo; content distribution, such as love Fantastic Art, Youku, including millet itself daily active thirty million, 90 million monthly live video traffic internet. Seize the flow inlet millet planned investment strategy.

Thus, unlike music, as do homemade and buy copyright, in the content of millet layout more inclined to cooperate with the platform, rather than directly butt content producers. Millet content ecologically & ldquo; play & rdquo; not holding one billion dollars directly buy copyrighted content, but with that $ 1 billion of investment to string together the contents of the entire industry, and in the end millet presented to the user.

The benefits of this model is that & ldquo; & rdquo ;, be tolerant to diversity as much as possible to cover more platforms and content platforms, but also save a lot of millet crushing process. But the disadvantage is also undoubtedly exposed: from & ldquo; Get on the platform content, and no copyright owner direct docking, which is sure to make millet passive on the Rights; principal tenant & rdquo. Once the copyright owner, content producers and platform dispute, the use of millet in the content must be bring disaster.

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