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Without sperm and eggs, the next generation will be able to breed.

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As a tireless sperm after looking into the numerous difficulties and dangers, were bred in the mother body of eggs. They touch each other, and this will release a touch, the spark of life, a new life like shener was born!

For millions of years, the combination of sperm and egg is believed to be the route to higher animals the birth of new life, sexual cells binding mechanism to maintain life continue to multiply, the inherent law of reproduction is considered very difficult to change.

Solitary male haploid stem cell!

什么?不靠精子和卵子什么?不靠精子和卵子 也能繁育下一代了

Mammalian embryonic stem cells, known as the most dazzling in the field of life sciences in twentieth Century, a new star. Stem cells are capable of unlimited passage, and have the ability to differentiate into tissues and organs of animals, and have great medical value and clinical application prospects in the field of regenerative medicine.

什么?不靠精子和卵子什么?不靠精子和卵子 也能繁育下一代了

Recently, originally, just want to look at the scenery, the stem cells are from China's scientists have given a new mission. Scientists first sperm injection to take away the genetic material of the oocytes, the sperm after the reprogramming of the oocyte to a new type of stem cells - "the lone male haploid stem cells".

It was found that the androgenetic haploid stem cells not only maintain the normal stem cells and differentiation potential, and with the sperm like cells there is only one set of chromosomes, instead of the ordinary dry cell 2 sets (respectively derived from sperm and eggs).

Even more amazing is that scientists injected the haploid stem cells into the oocytes, which can successfully replace the sperm to complete the mission of oocyte fertilization, and can breed offspring.

Sex reversal of the lone female

The emergence of haploid stem cells is a subversion of the human cognition of the traditional mode of reproduction. Scientists to further explore, found that not only the status of sperm has been challenged, the status of the egg is not guaranteed!

Scientists first a gold mouse oocytes develop into parthenogenesis haploid stem cells, which contain only a single set of chromosomes of the cell theory can be used to replace the union of sperm and egg, but this two sources are female cells, ultimately failed to obtain the crystallization of love.

Is it only like the sperm and eggs that the real "opposite sex" can suck it?

The study found that the two sources are female cells can not successfully combines, is due to the cells in a called gene imprinting characteristics in Hanky panky, imprinted genes like cells "birthmark", marking the cells actually comes from the father or mother.

什么?不靠精子和卵子什么?不靠精子和卵子 也能繁育下一代了

In 2015, the artificial modification of imprinted genes and haploid stem cell technology combined to touch a more intense spark. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of zoology, scientists based on previously obtained haploid stem cell technology and research of imprinting gene based, using gene modified means to change the mouse parthenogenetic haploid cells in two known as important imprinted gene H19 and Gtl2, will originally female imprint reversed into the male imprint stem.

So, after a series of "description" transformation, sex reversion of cells were re injected into the oocytes of mouse, they finally break through the shackles of gender, the crystallization of love: successfully developed into by two female mice as a parent offspring.

Just like the journey to the west of the magical "daughter of the water", do not need "brother", the mammalian sex reproduction has become a reality in the laboratory.

The artificial "liger" will soon come out?

Nature also exist many interspecific hybrid offspring and their parents have similar biological characteristics, in "Freemasonry, and sexual gratification" under the influence, also can produce crystallization of "love", such as fields of the excavator mule, and deep in the forest fighter liger.

2015, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of zoology, scientists use haploid stem cell technology, rat and mouse haploid stem cells use special methods of integration, create the size in dissimilar heterozygous diploid stem cells, to establish the model of mammalian embryonic stem cells, to subvert the traditional cell theory knowledge.

The heterogeneous hybrid diploid stem cells can produce chimeric, and can be differentiated into early germ cells, which provides a new tool for studying the molecular mechanism of the differences in the traits of the mammalian species.

The future has unlimited potential

With the development of scientific research, haploid stem cell technology will be transformed into a new assisted reproductive technology, which is bound to provide a new treatment for many infertility, infertility patients.

For humans, the continuation of the necessarily exist in the irreplaceable role of tens of millions of years of sexual reproduction, haploid stem cells of a series of studies has been published, will cause the human for its reproduction to think deeply. In the future, there will be a lot of changes in the way of reproduction? In science and technology and medical treatment will have a kind of gratifying breakthrough?

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