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Food and Drug Administration department check Baidu takeaway US group net more than 40 restaurants on-site delisted

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Yesterday, the Beijing News published an exclusive "black workshop squeeze Baidu do false US Mission Takeout recommend" series of investigative reporting, exposing the fake certificate Shifushi village in Henan noodle takeout line platform Haidian District, Wudaokou Food City shopping plaza unlicensed Chaoyang District in Hong & middot; Beijing hundred unscrupulous pixel cell aggregation takeaway chaos. In the morning, business, urban management, food and drug supervision, comprehensive management, safety supervision and other departments are in constant Township, Village Wudaokou collection of two undocumented area catering enterprises to conduct joint law enforcement inspection. Illegal for restaurants have stopped operating, Haidian District, where more than 30 families of undocumented restaurant was ordered to suspend business, and Beijing pixel cell & ldquo; takeaway village & rdquo; more than 100 restaurants have been closed.

食药监部门查百度外卖美团网食药监部门查百度外卖美团网 40 余餐馆现场摘牌

August 8, the Beijing Chaoyang District, Beijing North pixels, law enforcement officers are operating without the removal of a hotel sign.

食药监部门查百度外卖美团网食药监部门查百度外卖美团网 40 余餐馆现场摘牌

In the Beijing Chaoyang District, Beijing North pixels, law enforcement officers are tearing down an unlicensed restaurant outdoor advertising.

At present, the relevant District Food and Drug Administration have separately to the US Mission Network, Baidu takeaway ordering two network platform owned enterprises to initiate an investigation.

More than 100 districts have been shut down unlicensed restaurants

Beijing News published yesterday, four version investigative reporting to expose network ordering all the chaos: do false black workshop squeeze Baidu takeaway US group recommended, Chaoyang District, Beijing pixel cells gathered hundreds of unscrupulous, part black restaurants, businesses lavatory sink vegetables, and then used to wash the lunch boxes, PS false unscrupulous three days on-line US group Takeout, I could not find on the map became Baidu takeaway restaurant business APP recommendation is offline unscrupulous recent return again hungry Mody and so on.

Yesterday morning, for someone's business reporter visits found that, & ldquo; Wudaokou King sixties & rdquo; has been notified early in the morning and closed themselves off the assembly line, after the Food and Drug Administration seized Haidian District, other irregularities kitchen was also seized. Haidian District, joint law enforcement, shutting down & ldquo; Henan noodle & rdquo; and irregularities surrounding restaurants. Chang Township in Chaoyang District government responded that Beijing next week to shut down unlicensed shops pixels, Huilongguan Mega Kitchen and Chaoyang District Yuhua Chamber Samgyetang were closed down.

It is understood that yesterday morning, Chaoyang District, 42 law enforcement officers were deployed for Beijing pixel cells or the document management chaos, confiscated Kerry and a product of porridge, dumplings sister Yang unlicensed catering units 10, and removal of undocumented catering units billboard 40 I households.

As of 2 pm yesterday, Beijing pixel cells over 100 restaurants have been closed.

In the Haidian District, law enforcement officers within the Village on the 4th 7 Wudaokou Beijing Wang Rende clothing market center 14 Shifosi village 4 Total 18 undocumented catering to investigate, and the seal on illegal restaurant, ordered.

Beijing pixel cell & ldquo; takeaway village & rdquo; will focus on remediation

Beijing News reports Beijing for an exclusive pixel cell exists & ldquo; & rdquo ;, in the village takeaway cell hiding more than 100 or the document ran a small restaurant, where the 73 on-line takeaway internet.

Township, Chaoyang District, often long Fangze Gang said yesterday that Beijing pixel cells more mobile population, food industry chaos governance is one of the priorities of the regular business areas. Next, the first to carry out a week-long environmental issues such as undocumented catering dirty and messy comprehensive renovation, the establishment of long-term mechanism. Meanwhile, the implementation of closed-end management of the district, cut off undocumented dining room channels. In addition, developers will coordinate, combining guidance, thoroughly solve the problem of undocumented catering Beijing pixel cell.

Chaoyang District Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director Li Yang said yesterday that unlicensed restaurant food safety can not be guaranteed, regulators do not have the source of their purchase to Beijing pixel cells, for example, currently operates situation is complex, and the need to investigate and punish allowed to close down .

Li Yang stressed that the restaurant ordering network platform network must have a license for that may exist in the network platform to provide false information in the license management behavior, and platform operators will also deal with according to law. At present, the relevant District Food and Drug Administration have separately to the US Mission Network, Baidu takeaway ordering two network platform owned enterprises to initiate an investigation.

on site

More than 40 restaurants on-site delisted

12 o'clock noon yesterday, Chaoyang District, Beijing within the pixel cells, Food and Drug Administration, Commerce and Industry Bureau and other law enforcement officers on dozens of Building 10 and Building 11, the bottom of the dozens of restaurants forcibly closed, staff will be tables in the restaurant Clear all chairs, wherein the removal of more than 40 families live undocumented catering units billboards.

Building 10, the underlying company called & ldquo; braised chicken rice & rdquo; in the restaurant, put about six tables, crowded aisles, health status was poor, there are many oil kitchen stove, refrigerator, as well as at refrigerated clot chicken.

The restaurant is not in the business license, when law enforcement officers entered the restaurant, there are still a few customers in the dining. Then the staff advised customers away from dining and inform the owner immediately closed.

Building 11, also the same case, one narrow side of the channel full of restaurants, mostly unbranded small restaurant, only at the entry there is a & ldquo; Kerry and a product & rdquo ;, an area of ​​more than a dozen square meters.

It is understood that Beijing restaurant pixels within the cell, most open in the first floor of the residents, according to relevant regulations have no right to apply for a restaurant license, is now about 102 restaurants are all operating without a license.

As of 2 pm yesterday, the current Beijing pixel cell more than 100 restaurants have been closed. Some restaurants closed early before the law enforcement officers to check.

Part owner blocked enforcement

Yesterday, in Beijing pixel cells, often Township, Chaoyang District, Administration of Work Safety Chief Heyu Song introduced, in addition to these low-level restaurant operating without a license, there is illegal use of gas cylinders, no security export safety supervision issues.

In the investigation process, many law enforcement officers tried to prevent the owner clean up his shop, tables and chairs. & Ldquo; we did not know not to open a restaurant here, had previously been examined, but did not say not to open the property did not tell us. & Rdquo; Beijing Building 11 pixel cells within a female restaurant owner said.

And some former law enforcement officers arrived at the restaurant has been closed ahead of schedule out of business. Located in Building 11 & ldquo; next internal adjustments to suspend business & rdquo ;,; restaurant 10:00 ago open for business, law enforcement officers at 12:30 arrived found to have been closed, with A4 paper says & ldquo door; Kerry and a product & rdquo a restaurant owner told law enforcement officers & ldquo; do not knock, it has been closed off. & Rdquo;

Wudaokou shopping plaza beer garden, many shopkeepers said Beijing shop rental prices high, difficult to get an inexpensive place, the application needs to find someone to pay the real Banqi documents difficult. They provide the supply of cheap fast food market nearby personnel and other personnel, will cause great inconvenience to stop for the day, more than $ 20 for a snack near the staff is too expensive.

Wudaokou Shopping Mall Office Plaza represents a temporary resettlement restaurants do not permit, will be inventory. Haidian Food and Drug Administration staff said it would check Wudaokou shopping plaza whether they have engaged in other businesses catering qualifications, for further processing.


Related ordering platform: someone's been offline businesses will be fully thorough investigation

Yesterday morning, against the newspaper reported, Baidu takeaway announced that someone's business will conduct a thorough inspection, and emergency offline merchants reported involved.

Baidu takeaway stand, many aspects of the follow-up from the business license qualifications, Houchu environment for business to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the platform will be based on business management practices for business violations severely punished, and food and drug supervision and management department reports to help government departments to strictly management.

US Mission takeaway food chief security officer responded immediately off the assembly line yesterday morning has been reported that the offending someone's takeaway restaurant, and online businesses to conduct an investigation focused.

US Mission Takeout Division according to online merchants & ldquo; six-step review system & rdquo; self-examination, for the newspaper reported without qualification restaurants violations in the line, qualifications PS fraud and other issues, will be investigated in the end, and the current food safety workflow review and strengthen internal monitoring in place to ensure the implementation of the relevant processes.

Hungry yesterday responded that it had been someone's restaurant immediately off the assembly line, and related oversight conduct a comprehensive review of verification.

What hungry official said that since the spring, hungry it set up a special department of food safety strict qualification examination, food security has achieved remarkable results. But by the content of this report shows, the platform still needs improvement, while hungry, it calls upon the Internet platform Lulitongxin takeaway together to prevent back takeaway restaurant has been offline internet.

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