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Running Samsung LG OLED seize new outlet

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三星三星 LG 暗战 OLED 抢占新风口

South Korean consumer electronics a two & mdash; & mdash; Samsung and LG are now OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen fierce battle field. The Running out, LG and Samsung are also aimed at the Chinese market, and have Skyworth, Konka and other domestic manufacturers alliance. Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers have begun to test the water OLED mobile phones and television.

LG, Samsung dominate the small screen into the field

Samsung has been pushing the curved screen smartphone, more recent GalaxyNote7 abandoned the general plane of the screen, pushing the single curved screen models. Insiders predict that the next GalaxyS series flagship machine might completely switch to curved displays, and traditional to say goodbye to the screen, also indicates that the OLED panel market to take off.

OLED is an organic light-emitting diodes, also known as laser electroluminescent display. Because with light, power and other characteristics of a conventional liquid crystal display has been a mainstream smart phone, but recently OLED growing trend, rumored new iPhone next year will be equipped with the OLED panel.

OLED mobile phone screens, Samsung has undisputed monopoly, but now, LG and Chinese manufacturers have to share.

According to foreign media AndroidHeadlines reports, the latest statistics show that in the second quarter of 2016, Samsung OLED panel market shipments reached 98 million, an increase of 81.5%. Samsung now control 99% of the global smartphone market OLED screen, OLED screen other manufacturers shipments accounted for only 1%. Samsung really reached such a monopoly? Samsung's public relations official said South Korea needs to wait for headquarters to verify the authenticity of the data.

The world's largest smart phone and a TV display panel manufacturer LGDisplay one (hereinafter referred to as LGD) is also increasing investment in small and medium size OLED screen.

LGD recently announced that it will invest $ 1.75 billion funding for the production of flexible OLED screen, in response to a smartphone or other smart device OLED gradually replace the LCD (liquid crystal display) trend.

There are rumors that, LGD move is designed to attract attention to Apple, Apple hopes to get big orders.

Analysts believe Liang Zhenpeng appliances, small OLED screen is a big part of the market, the future of tablet PCs, smart phones, laptop screens are likely to be replaced with OLED, Samsung and other high-end models also use OLED screen, there are rumors that Apple should use OLED panel. In addition, the industry news that Huawei, Lenovo (Motorola), LG and ZTE this year will be released based on OLED display panel of high-end products.

With respect to the big screen for, OLED field of small screen production technology is mature, stable, low cost, LGD will naturally enter. Faced with giant Samsung, LG started late, but still have a chance.

For LG able to get a single large apple & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Liang Zhenpeng counterattack believes that if Apple is using the current OLED screen and LG signed with Apple is rumored, has not been determined, however, Apple's suppliers in order to guarantee pluralism, but also not just hanging in the other panel makers have a chance tree Samsung, LG and so on.

Whether Samsung will miss the next age of television?

LG, Samsung are currently occupied by television, cell phones OLED screen Ngau Tau. And the full flowering of different mobile phones OLED screen in large size OLED TV screen, LG can be described as a lonely pioneer.

On the big screen OLED road, LG is almost alone in fighting. This technology has just appeared, once hailed as the next generation display technology, but then Sony, Panasonic plans to give up production of such products. Samsung's investment in OLED is focused on phones, tablets such small screens to large-screen OLED TV is quite cautious. Thus, LG OLED TV to become fighting in a field only.

Because OLED television has not been to the popularity of the gap between the leader Samsung and LG seems to be more and more obvious. But the Giants also have worries. Many analysts believe that Samsung OLED TV has been & ldquo; ambiguous & rdquo; attitude, if not early action, Samsung is likely to miss the next generation of television.

In fact, by 2012, Samsung, LG large-screen OLED field of equal status, and even Samsung slightly ahead. Changes in 2014, the two companies OLED differentiation strategy, extending in different directions, respectively, Samsung chose to stick to small-sized OLED, and achieved absolute market dominance; LG chose the big-screen OLED direction force, and gradually Achievement global OLED TV brand.

In recent years, Samsung repeatedly summoned & ldquo; & rdquo ;. exit OLED TV Industry analysts believe that Samsung uses OLED technologies. OLED technology there are two routes, one is LG's white OLED technology, a Samsung RGB (primary colors) technology route. LGD difficult route to achieve smaller, technical barriers faced by large-scale manufacturing is relatively small, and this is the reason LGD first mass production of OLED panels, and more difficult RGB Technology Roadmap implementation.

However, the industry view, Samsung called & ldquo; exit OLED TV & rdquo; most likely just a strategic buffer, in order to spread the pressure Sturm und Drang style LG OLED strategy of its formation, as well as large-screen OLED panel technology to achieve breakthrough for more time.

OLED TV prices have been greatly reduced

And a bustling phone OLED screen contrast, OLED TV screen really seems to have deserted.

But faced with the mobile phones of different price war in OLED television & ldquo; a single large & rdquo; the LG also has the right to develop and market pricing rules.

Minister LGDOLED career Lvxiang Germany said that the current OLED strategy to take the high yield provided may not reach 1% of global demand, even in the future to increase investment, production capacity, it will still adhere to the mass of high-end strategy.

Behind this is the high cost of OLED TV.

Lvxiang Germany introduced, the cost of OLED TV panels mainly from several areas: material costs, the cost of the circuit components, institutional costs, production costs. If the future of OLED printing technology will reduce the cost of OLED materials, combined with increased production, increase yield, reduce consumption of equipment, certain economies of scale, the cost of OLED TV will be reduced. In fact, now the OLED TV prices have been much lower than originally. For example, just started selling OLED TV, 55 inches full HD price is 60,000 yuan, but now some of the domestic manufacturers have put the price down to 10,000 yuan.

Some analysts pointed out that China's color TV manufacturers generally believe that a new display technology mainly rely on the supply chain to promote the popularity of the supply chain downstream, the whole price of 5000 yuan is a threshold, if the whole price less than 5,000 yuan may all manufacturers will put a lot of resources to promote. OLED TV when it can be reduced to $ 5,000?

& Ldquo; this point in time I do not know & rdquo ;, Lvxiang Germany replied, OLED is currently the number is not particularly large, but the high-end market demand for OLED very much, and good product, not necessarily to use price to measure.

Millet, music, as other Internet brands will bring low-cost strategy is a threat?

LGD executive Liting Han said, the price may bring a small impact, but not cheap you can increase sales, attract high-end crowd. Market research shows that most consumers buy TV first concern is the quality, size and its brands.

& Ldquo; OLED TV popularity at least another three to five years & rdquo;

In order to develop the Chinese market, LGD and Chinese TV manufacturers have cooperated, and now China's five major color TV manufacturers, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong has started selling OLED TV.

As the industry estimates, OLED TV manufacturers has been seen as the next outlet, OLED popularity has accelerated.

Meanwhile, the now 3C increasingly competitive market for air capture is correct or not is not only concerned with corporate profit and loss, it is vital.

In this duel of the OLED screen, LG, Samsung to come up with a different strategy, in the home appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng opinion, the popularity of OLED TV to take at least three to five years, a huge amount of investment in OLED TV, but it is there risks have opportunities to be on the panel thought, seemingly risk-free LCD panel once overcapacity how to do? Whether it be for small and medium screen, in the field of conservative Samsung OLED TV, or take radical LG OLED TV strategy, either party sure of success are hard to say.

Domestic manufacturers of OLED screens enthusiasm. In mobile phones, released in July millet red rice pro's use of OLED screens, market sources said screen suppliers are local Chinese and Hui photoelectric and BOE. In the field of OLED TV, Chinese manufacturers are also more adventurous, LGD become disciples in China. According to media reports, last year, for the first time open to the media the Skyworth OLED TV production line in Shenzhen Shiyan Industrial Park, showing that it has the ability to scale OLED TV production, new president Dan Konka micro-channel circle of friends last year also announced that Konka 55 inches 2K curved OLED TV price 12,999 yuan, showing OLED as Konka will focus on the future.

While domestic manufacturers can turn to overtake in the OLED field, a place in the future markets?

The industry believes that the domestic mobile phone OLED panel makers in the field of business with South Korea under a high potential, but in the field of television, because the technology is not yet mature, the market is not yet universal, it is too early to talk about the giant contest.

However, predicting the future is likely to launch OLED Internet hardware vendors as music, also attracted the attention of the television industry. Lvxiang Germany said that after the acquisition of music, as Vizio, from a quantitative point of view, music, as has become the world's third largest TV brands, Vizio business model is focused on hardware sales, mainly in the music, as the software. Whether the future use of both hardware and software business model will make TV industry may be some changes. In the long term, the network brand as its clients, but the scale of production and production capacity is concerned, the thing is to focus on existing customers.

Beijing News reporter Liu Suhong

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