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The two major electricity suppliers have recently made a financial report, Jingdong days to catch up with the pace of how kind of cat?

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Last week, China's two major electricity supplier Jingdong and Alibaba announced their natural second-quarter earnings this year.

Data show that in April-June this year, Alibaba transaction amounted to 837 billion yuan, which accounted for 40% become Lynx 329 billion yuan, an increase of 33%.

Turnover achieved in the same period Jingdong Lynx not high, but rose higher. After removal of virtual goods, Jingdong transaction total reached 157.1 billion yuan, an increase of 52%.


From the turnover data, Jingdong and Lynx gap is narrowing between. The first quarter of last year, Jingdong turnover of about one-third of the Lynx. In the second quarter of this year, turnover has nearly half Jingdong Lynx turnover.

As a latecomer to the business electricity supplier, if you want to catch up Jingdong Lynx, now on turnover growth rate is not fast enough. One coping strategy is to continue to burn Jingdong.

In China's electric business in Jingdong and Alibaba's Tmall is a pair of main competitor, the two sides B2C electricity supplier (ie, business to consumer), the absence of individual sellers on the internet.

Both platforms have proprietary and third-party seller, but no matter which parties rely more piece of business, the final sales turnover of goods produced does not distinguish between self-employed or a third party, so compare performance between them, the turnover is a key indicator.

Jingdong has a huge own logistics system, construction, leasing warehouse, please courier delivery day, three waves. Jingdong overall aftermarket experience is better than the Lynx, self merchandise encountered quality problems, return efficiency higher than Jingdong Lynx.

In addition to maintaining its own investment in logistics, Jingdong also bought the No. 1 store, and Wal-Mart's Sam's Club stores open to the Jingdong, signed a supplier of high-end vegetables fresh electricity providers to do business. Through the acquisition of other companies, Jingdong made himself a more comprehensive online electricity supplier.


In August, Jingdong Tian farm and signed a cooperation agreement. This is part of Cheonan farm product packaging, there are & ldquo above; traceable & rdquo; two-dimensional code. Picture from: Daily curiosity.

Cooperation with Tencent is also not a small growth Jingdong transaction volume and number of users. Jingdong Tencent QQ and micro-channel running more advertising, which is Jingdong bring more advertising revenue and turnover.

On Zhou Jingdong second quarter earnings call, CFO Huang Xuande spoke Jingdong and QQ micro letter to Jingdong bring many new users. Now Jingdong 79.3 percent of orders from mobile phones and flat, compared with last year rose 130%.

Micro-channel user opens 6.9 times a day, second, and third is the mobile phone QQ Iqiyi. But because Tencent restrictions, you can not open Taobao and Lynx direct shopping links on the micro-channel.

Missing phone QQ micro-channel and the two flow inlet patronize, Alibaba choose their own social. They add Taobao client broadcast and other functions, and increase interaction between users; salted client based on your search history push daily commodities.

In June this year during a user opened Taobao application, the average open 7 times a day. And there are 427 million people a month use Taobao, compared with the previous quarter, the addition of 17 million people.


Left Taobao mobile client, joined the live page. The right is the new version of Alipay client, the living area was moved to the home page.

In addition to Taobao clients increase social elements, put the new revision of the social Alipay made more visible. Friends recommended the following services accounted for almost a third of the screen, the living area has been moved to the home page. Changed so much, Ali still want users to be able to open a few more Taobao and Alipay client to their electronic business platform consumer shopping.

In recent months, it is clear the capital markets of these two views of the same companies listed in the US has changed:


Over the past year, Ali Baba and the Jingdong stock price changes. Photos from The New York Times

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