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Samsung Note7 BNM Edition Experience: buy buy buy or wait iPhone7?

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In early August, in New York, released the latest Samsung flagship GALAXY Note7, 26th of this month in Beijing announced that the National Bank will release, but we all know, iPhone7 will also be launched in September, the time is very close. "Samsung Note7 election or wait iPhone7 / 7 Plus?" I believe this is a lot of high-end models in the minds of users first came out of the problem. Sohu Digital this week has got the state line version GALAXY Note7, combined with real-life experience of mobile phones, we are together to talk about this topic.


Selling price

Samsung and Apple have been both a rival and friend, cooperation on the industry chain, mobile phones are still diametrically opposed. Samsung version is priced at 6198 Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong Note7 (about 5300 yuan), while the current price of the National Bank not released, but media rumors is 5888 yuan. Currently State Bank official S7 edge of the 32GB version is 5688 yuan, Note7 configured slightly better than S7 edge, so 5888 yuan is still quite tricky, the exact message we waited 26 bar. The same 5.7 inches of the iPhone 6 Plus priced at 6088 yuan (16GB). In general, both of which belong to high-end models, do not look expensive, from technology and design really are better than two or three thousand mobile phones.


Note7 Samsung's screen is 5.7 inches, thanks to surface modeling, but slightly less than the narrow fuselage Note5, compared with 4.7 inches of overall iPhone6s much too big deal. 169g weight of less than iPhone6s Plus, one-handed operation without difficulty. However, 7.9mm compared to 7.3mm body of iPhone 6s Plus is slightly thicker.


Samsung Note7 process really is a big bright spot is that it's different. The appearance of a four-surface design, front and back are double curved glass, so the smooth feel better when you get the edge of his hand. When the transition metal box from the bottom to the side, but also designed to streamline arc. Samsung's own production of double curved screen is still super AMOLED material, Note5 launch, separation of a sub-series edge, and S7 / S7 edge the same, and to Note7, but direct introduction of curved screen version, eliminating the straight version.


Why cancel Note edge? From the experience can feel, due to the curvature of the curved screen Note7 lower than S7 edge, namely camber is not so large, so more positive display, and then a straight significance is not great. Closer scrutiny, Note7 have a very thin black border, but because of the curved screen brings visual difference between the front and looked similar to borderless screen.

About inadvertently problem. When grip, palm or fingers will inevitably encounter Note7 edge of the screen, of course, Samsung has done anti inadvertently optimization, daily use is no problem. However, I found that clicking on the content of the edge, it will affect slightly - the impact is very small, because so little content in the side - See my example is micro-channel contacts, click on the right letter shortcut bar, not so accurate.


Samsung Note7 BNM version of SUMSUNG no positive LOGO (international version at the bottom of the front speakers), the back of the camera is slightly convex. Seeing now phone universal "integration metal" body, and then the other hand, Samsung Note7 glass back, is very beautiful, and feel good. Black version gives a very calm feeling, it is worth mentioning that the front and rear glass are used Corning Gorilla 5, which is characterized by ruggedness. Currently, there have been media with Samsung Note7 verify the matter, I will not repeat the experiment. For S7 Pre HOME key Diaoqi minor problem, there is no indication in Note7 short experience, and that needs follow-up to look at.

Look at iPhone7, the current leaked version, whether it is single or dual camera camera, roughly the shape of 6 and 6s are no big difference. If so, the continuation of this form on the market for at least three years. Pursuit of new breakthroughs and young people may not stand for so long. According to available information, from the appearance, the Samsung Note7 more worthy choice.


Samsung Note7 similar configuration with S7 edge, are also a high level of current hardware. Similarly to 2K resolution super AMOLED screen, this is still in the hands of 4GB of memory. 500 + 12 million pixel camera combination, 3500mAh battery, IP68 waterproof and dustproof, there is an S Pen stylus. In this talk about life, even though there is 3500mAh battery capacity, but under moderate use but still super day, of course, according to iPhone6 ​​ 6s performance, iPhone7 should also be just about the same. In addition, Note7 support wireless charging and fast charging.


Camera, the Samsung Note7 did very well. First, the focus quickly, built-in optical image stabilization. Second lens focus very close, such as when shooting a number of macro can very quickly identify the focus, rather than focus on not just a film or paste. Further large f1.7 aperture, depth of field can easily shoot. High-definition screen, compared to the current "camera phone benchmarking" Huawei P9 also favorably. Only two photographs of different styles, Huawei P9 is tuned leica German flavor, Samsung AMOLED display screen naturally gorgeous, the actual performance is relatively bright color photos. I can say with certainty that Samsung Note7 level camera is in the forefront.





And on iPhone7 dual cameras, it is still in the dubious authenticity of the rumors. But dual camera is a means not an end, everything just for better imaging. Regardless of the ride is not equipped with dual cameras, the camera performance should be better than all iPhone6s (white or else upgrade). So, in this respect we can look forward to Apple's results, to see how good in the end.

Safety, the Samsung Note7 equipped with a front fingerprint recognition and iris recognition. In fact, in New York after Note7 release, there are many media have detailed test of iris recognition, my experience also confirms this conclusion - or use the fingerprint it. Iris blessing though more secure, but recognition is still weak. Not only glasses and stealth will not work, environmental changes, and lighting changes will be affected.



Option is not selected Samsung Note7, many people may have the appearance of favoritism, but the most tangled or system. Samsung Note7 use Android6.0.1 system, touchwiz interface is very simple, in addition to a small amount of their own applications, third-party software pre-installed is not much, a screen where negative news flow waterfall and Sohu news cooperation.


Simple to use down, the UI gave me the biggest feeling is that there are many hidden shortcuts. such as:

- The application side screen. Note5 edge in the era of the Samsung approach is on the right edge of the surface: more than one out of the small screen. However, third-party support narrow borders and limitations, leading to the second screen is not so good. With the change of curvature, the more subtle approach Note7, leaving only a translucent strip in the far right edge of the slide when it is in the area to the left finger is adjustable.


- Floating window. If you are using other applications, micro-channel receive new information, there will be a small floating window, and can quickly respond.


- Stylus shortcuts. When the stylus pops up, there will be associated with shortcut keys, you can edit to add their most commonly used actions.

In addition, Samsung Note7 with a lit screen when lock screen, lit screen display time power and other simple information. LG G5 also has the same functionality, but occasionally due to changes in light and shade would be affected, Samsung Note7 current performance is relatively stable.

Some will not go into detail, more systems need to experience to understand slowly, in use, generally speaking, a little advantage, a little trough point, the general feeling is still the Android system, but also with the personal habits . Give a small example, typing keyboard arrangement, I am using 26 key alphabet, higher than the chances of inadvertently native iPhone keyboard. But basically the Android keyboard is the permutation method, I use other Android phone also has the same problem, but some people can not go wrong.

In fact, Android system manufacturers as well as the launch of the UI towards more and more in recent years, is indeed the right direction, many user-friendly settings, both for the convenience of users. At present the user has not long ago that the exclusion Android system, even more and more advocates. iPhone7 determine is equipped iOS 10 no doubt, although the official version is not yet available, but we already know the fundamental changes in the first half of the WWDC. An interesting assessment is "iOS10 more like Android", it just goes to show the gap between soft power is gradually reduced. iOS has not become a necessary condition for the selection of mobile phones.

Stylus S Pen

He singled out the stylus, because it is a "buy one get one free" items. At present, whether it is iPhone or other Android phones are not configured stylus, of course, this does not mean it necessarily is not required or desirable. For me, also do not need to be, there is a very good, after all, it does not affect everyday use. Samsung S Pen in graffiti, notes, edit photos and other aspects are more practical.


Samsung S Pen is the use of pop-up launch, but a longer distance within the push, put out mainly in the stylus when the need to use the nail tip to the inside forward, we can hear a crisp "pop." However, this design also has certain reasons, if you use your fingers can easily pop some mistakenly bombs, stylus off trouble.

Note7 the S Pen has several important upgrades, such as IP68 water and dust, the induction level reached 4096. Also increased functionality, such as screen fast quenching write pop stylus lock screen, the screen instantly becomes notepad, you can write. There are also integrated dynamic GIF, translation, and other functions.

Samsung Note7 or iPhone7? That's a question

Go back to the beginning of that question is to start Samsung Note7 or wait iPhone7? My conclusion is, or so on it, half of which is not bad. When I remember to look iPhone7 Sohu Digital conference, Cook look there is no killer. If this is really iPhone7 ghosts, not just you, I have to consider this fruit powder turn the camp.


Of course, if you buy now, I lift both hands in favor, because it is really good.

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