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Ignore your health details to help pick up the Apple Watch Positive

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你忽略的健康细节你忽略的健康细节 Apple Watch 正帮忙拾起

Apple's upcoming update for the Apple Watch in watchOS 3, Breath may be relatively interesting feature. Breath application by definition is & ldquo; breathing & rdquo; it promotes your health status, and Apple Watch everyday wearable device tacit understanding such very fine place, the gap busy working simply complete a body & ldquo; exercise & rdquo ;.


Apple's upcoming update for the Apple Watch in watchOS 3, Breath may be relatively interesting feature. Breath application by definition is & ldquo; & rdquo ;, perhaps breathing WWDC conference you first see when it appeared, had also been Tucao: & ldquo; breathing needs to engage in a dedicated App to remind and assist you? & Rdquo;

However, after some time watchOS 3 beta user experience point of view, Breath really useful, it promotes your health in a very fine place, everyday wearable device such act in harmony with the Apple Watch, the gap is simply busy work complete a body & ldquo; & rdquo ;. exercise

Watch along with breathing

Breath dial UI design is very beautiful, with the general pattern of lotus enlarged on the screen, you can follow it together inhale, wrist watch will emit a series of rapid tactile touch to your wrist by Taptic Engine module, sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure is like when tightening feeling, this feeling is wonderful and very interesting.

Breath can be set by the user to do a simple personal circumstances, including a daily reminder of breathing, respiratory rate, etc. The default is to wear your watch to remind once every four hours, breathing frequency is 7 times per minute. Of course, users can always point to open the application Breath deep breath.

Although we often like to say, take a deep breath, take a deep breath, some adjustment. But virtually no one will do deep breathing independently the movement & mdash; & mdash; yes, it is actually a chest exercise can make your chest get more substantial movement, absorb more oxygen, can also regulate your emotions.

When using the Breath, Apple Watch will also monitor your heart rate, heart rate and displays the results after the end of a deep breath, if you try two or three times in a row Breath, will see a significant decline in heart rate, breathing proof does help reduce your heart rate. Breath stick several times in favor of users every day to get rid of anxiety, pain and loss of status, the current focus on something (like your breath), can well relieve pressure boredom, so that their whole person calm down, elevate your happiness.

You forget to do the little things it just right

Apple Watch popular feature basic health-related, such as a reminder to stand, as well as exercise and activity circles, to help users achieve their daily exercise goals.

Application of the concept of breathing is very simple: every four hours (this is the default time interval, the user can adjust), when breathing Breath notification pops up, the user can choose to complete the application immediately followed by deep breathing exercises, or cancel the selection Notice.

After the user starts deep breathing exercise, the application will prompt the user & ldquo; calm down, the attention on the breath. & Rdquo; wrist tactile feedback can alert the user to inhale slowly. Breath breathing applied after the user completes the user will be this deep breathing exercise to summarize, displayed on the screen how many times a user has been completed today, when a group of deep breathing exercise Latest detected heart rate is how much.

According to the introduction of Blahnik, Apple in its hundreds of employees who have tested this application to breathe, while the development team and outside the company to learn from experts in psychology, and improve application development. Tests have shown that doing deep breaths per minute 7 for most users, is the most comfortable frequency (set by the user application support breathing a deep breath 4-10 times per minute.)

The respiratory application very easy to operate, a large part thanks to Apple insisted in Apple Watch was added Taptic Engine (tactile vibrator), no staring at App see, do not need to click operation, will shake from the wrist Follow App tell you how often and when to end. Users are willing to spend in the course of work in a minute to calm down and let relax, take a deep breath himself, for whom such a thing is still very attractive.

Concepts like this early in the & ldquo; standing reminder & rdquo; function has also been reflected, when you keep sedentary state, every 50 minutes, Apple Watch will vibrate to remind you that by standing up for 1 minute, this function has been Cook was evaluated as one of his favorite features, in fact, this is one of the majority of users are most satisfied with Apple watch features in a small place it is easy to ignore, the watch always very careful.

That is a combination of small value

Such watches App iOS applications and health on the up compared to only use & ldquo; mini & rdquo; the word to describe, but these mini-applications may be the Apple Watch and Apple in terms of health fitness breakthrough, these applications require only few operations do not even need to operate, through visual and tactile feedback to the user to interact with the complete, you can usually ignore enjoy only a brief appearance in a particular time every day, exactly in line with the application to the details of the watch and debris deepen characteristics.

In fact this concept combined with Taptic Engine, Siri technology, then there are more places to extend, in addition to standing reminder, beyond breathing, heart rate, like drinking, walking, stretching and so on similar small health features are very suitable for Apple Watch. On iOS and health and fitness-related App thousands, but they are only a few really suitable for Apple Watch, as for the drink reminder, relaxing office made this function a single App, and of too trivial, maybe Apple Watch they are the most meaningful stage.

From the user's point of view positioning, Apple Watch buying groups basically white-collar workers, the field of science and technology IT people is a lot of these users have a good awareness of fitness, but the work pressure, fast-paced, making them difficult to maintain long-term large fitness plan, long face of the computer sedentary causes & ldquo; subhealth & rdquo; state. Apple Watch is little by little to help these workers get back overlooked a small fitness space in the office, just a short time of one minute, action is also very simple, but it is often associated with these fine healthy habits can moisten things silently adjusted physical and mental state, to get rid of the & ldquo; subhealth & rdquo; a lot of good, really want you to benefit Apple, good habits and awareness.

to sum up

Be sure to watch towards the future smart personality development, Apple Watch is undoubtedly seek a breakthrough personalized, including some specific to the individual habits of monitoring and reminders. Apple Watch released a year later, few people have discussed its price, appearance, more discussion is wearing it sports, information and mobile payments, and the most gratifying is that it makes us more aware of their health in , when Apple Watch learned habits and unique user scenario, it will use a variety of small features subtly to change users to help us develop good habits, and even the user's life can be changed in some way.

This is not the future envisioned, but Apple is doing the real thing, I believe that one day soon, you will quietly remind you Siri on your watch: & ldquo; Hey pal, you knocked four hours Keyboard , and up to a glass of water, and then I take a deep breath now. & Rdquo;

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