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Feel it? IPhone camera is changing our society.

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This year in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the Apple Corp continues to improve the two devices of the camera, especially the iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with two lens: wide angle and telephoto lenses, built-in zoom function, can achieve 2 optical zoom and digital zoom 10 times. The specific parameters for the F/1.8 pixel aperture. Reached 12 million (pre 7 million pixels), optical image stabilization, while also adding 4 True Tone flash, can shoot photos and video when the perception of the environment light, brightness can be increased by 50%, at the same time, the ISP image processing device based on new, can achieve "computing supercomputer performance level.

Let iPhone portable camera is more and more difficult to continue

感受到吗?iPhone感受到吗?iPhone 摄像头改变着我们的社会

This configuration will undoubtedly make many people think, maybe later on many occasions of the shooting, iPhone 7 Plus camera shooting might compete and SLR. Since the camera imaging effect of the whole intelligent mobile phone industry's flagship equipment is often used to compare with the SLR, but we missed the point imaging: intelligent mobile phone although not with a single par, but these intelligent mobile phone camera is squeezing the small size portable camera living space, and everything is just beginning.

History repeats itself.

It can be said that the impact of digital camera industry is perhaps not as much as the year of the birth of digital camera, film camera industry impact. The digital camera provides a hitherto unknown way of shooting, compared with the traditional film camera, the electronic document is more easily spread, and the film is a way of seeing more directly, the imaging quality can even beyond the film comparable with the film. After the birth of digital cameras, disposable cameras and film cameras have been seriously affected.

感受到吗?iPhone感受到吗?iPhone 摄像头改变着我们的社会

In 2006, the Japanese manufacturers in the world have sold 64 million 770 thousand digital cameras, 5 million 380 thousand film camera.2007, Japan produced a total of 94 million digital cameras, film cameras and the output of only 800 thousand units, lack of digital camera 1%. monthly published in Japanese enterprises and digital cameras, film cameras and production units listed and the camera lens. (production factories included) Japanese camera imaging machine industry (CIPA), statistical data published in April 2008 February, numerical bar film cameras become empty bar. So the Japanese will in April 2008 called "silver camera (chemical composition, photosensitive material film because the film in the camera Japan was named the silver camera) end to the era of silent signs."

The key to the success of a digital camera

Image signal processing

The digital camera can be swept through the camera industry, can be said that the image signal processing software and image signal processor in this revolution not advanced, the image sensor generated with noise are required for these signal processing software to repair. It can be said that the image processor software development in recent years to the extreme perfection, so intelligent mobile phone camera has also been more and more widely used, such as iPhone will be used to screen large posters or fashion.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus built-in A10 Fusion chip integrated home image signal processor (ISP) performance of burst table. Only 25 milliseconds to take a picture, but the blink of an eye ISP has made more than one hundred billion operations. Through the local tone mapping function and white balance optimization, the optimization algorithm iPhone does not become a heap of hardware but also the high quality of the reason.

- photosensitive element

Digital camera and intelligent mobile phone camera in the "heart" of the sensor sensor. The early use of digital camera sensor is a charge coupled device image sensor CCD (Charge Coupled Device). Compared with the traditional film, CCD is more close to the human eye to the visual working way of.CCD after 35 years of development, the general shape and operation have been finalized.

And now we are more common CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor, Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Complementary) sensor was born at a slightly later than.CMOS CCD appears to make the digital camera industry a choice.

感受到吗?iPhone感受到吗?iPhone 摄像头改变着我们的社会

CCD has the advantage of good image quality, but because of the complexity of manufacturing process, so the production cost is high, but after the development of such a long time, it has reached the limit. The pixels in the same resolution, CMOS cheaper than CCD, but its power consumption is lower than that of CCD, which is the intelligent mobile phone one of the reasons to choose.CMOS sensor using this kind of sensor can be widely used, which should give Canon credit. But the disadvantages of CMOS is too prone to noise, this is mainly because the early design makes CMOS in the processing of rapidly changing images, because the current changes too frequently will cause overheating phenomenon. Therefore, many companies develop chips to solve these problems.

Early iPhone CMOS by OmniVision to iPhone supply. 4S, iPhone 5, the main camera orders by SONY (from front camera is still OmniVision to iPhone 6,6 supply); Plus, the main camera and front camera all provided by SONY.

Now the sensor iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus although very small, the iPhone 7 camera sensor size is 1/3 inches, two camera sensor size iPhone 7 Plus respectively 1/3 inch and 1/3.6 inch, but they can be taken out support late RAW image editing complex. Now the iPhone is a very powerful pinhole camera, this is a lot of people need.

感受到吗?iPhone感受到吗?iPhone 摄像头改变着我们的社会

The social impact of iPhone camera

Although the evolution and development of iPhone and intelligent mobile phone camera for small size portable camera will survive a serious threat, but the user has a choice, our society also changes as they change, can be said that the mobile phone has a major impact on society.

From the Sharp Co in 2000 when the mobile phone is installed on the camera, and then later, mobile phone camera upgrades, from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of pixels pixels, now using a mobile phone camera has become a part of many people's daily life. In some occasions, now we can see that there are a lot of people holding their record in intelligent mobile phone some of them want to stay permanently picture, this picture looks very strange, but I believe that intelligent mobile phone manufacturers for their mobile phone equipped with camera would not think there will be some day in the future this kind of picture.

感受到吗?iPhone感受到吗?iPhone 摄像头改变着我们的社会

Although the first configuration of the front camera mobile phone from NOKIA, but really let the front camera play a role, let people find it can be used as self artifact to use is the 2010 release of the iPhone 4 front camera to carry forward on the iPhone 4, has had a huge impact. Who would have thought only a front camera can let Snapchat quickly grew into a strong company.

IPhone has now become the most popular camera, although it is not the imaging and SLR challenge, but in our daily life and work of iPhone and other smart mobile phone camera has played an important role, and even can be said to fulfill their social obligations and social responsibility.

In our daily life, we can always take out iPhone, will be a permanent freeze for a moment, and can be anywhere, anytime, and family friends to share these happy memories.

Many people work is already cannot do without the intelligent mobile phone camera. For example, you can use the mobile phone camera to take some pictures quickly, and the first time to publish it out. If you are using a camera, then you have to take pictures of the pictures taken by a mobile phone or computer to do release, even support Wi-Fi network camera, the mobile phone is not convenient. Meet needs to scan the file in the work, we only need to come up with iPhone sweep will be able to share files, convenience camera must be incomparable.

As for the social obligations, now using a mobile phone to take pictures of criminal or immoral picture and expose it (one of the focus of course which involves the privacy problem is still controversial), become a supplement to maintain law and order and judicial means of evidence, as the public play effective means of supervision function.

Now iPhone has two cameras, some people predict that this is a prelude to apple to support virtual reality. We cannot predict the future, if Apple has this ambition, then from now the general consumers have some distant virtual reality then probably at your fingertips, then our society will be because of the iPhone camera what changes?

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