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NetEase to join the cloud computing industry will set off the war, how to change?

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Text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

The concept of cloud computing in 2009 are frequently mentioned, at that time is more like IBM international business giants mentioned in the data center business, and in the next few years, cloud computing business got rapid development in China, especially after the outbreak of the mobile Internet, the major Internet Co have increased the force of cloud computing business especially from the beginning of last year, the Internet giants have more cloud computing business as an important strategic business to focus on training.

After that, cloud computing has reached the big fourth

The first jump out. Ali Ali cloud layout for many years, since the acquisition of the largest domain name service vendors China million net after they began quietly cultivating cloud computing business, especially in the last year began to frequent high-profile appearance, domestic and international market together with the force, and this is satisfied with the current, the IaaS business has become the boss. According to the international data research institutions IDC data show that in the IaaS market, Ali cloud in 2015 revenue reached $259 million.

Tencent in the cloud computing market in 2015 is also not resigned to playing second fiddle, also launched a fierce impact on the market, because the Tencent invested many mobile Internet startups in the past few years, the Tencent will first open cloud computing services to the invested enterprises, such as drops, E wash bags are service object. And in 2016, equivalent to the market value of the company as Ali, in the field of cloud computing is to continue with the Diamond cuts diamond. Ali, and Ali cloud in the products on the market and the unprecedented rhythm action.

In contrast, Baidu in the field of cloud computing while also optimized for many years, but really began to force the time is in this year, in July this year, Baidu announced its open cloud strategy, Baidu chairman Robin Li also attended the platform, while after a lapse in February the Baidu World Conference on cloud computing business, Baidu is also seen as a the key business throughout the audience, so the cloud computing business also has become a strategic business of Baidu.

And recently, another

NetEase cloud is now into the Bureau of cloud computing in the end late?

However, we also have doubt, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants have entered the market work for a long time, in addition to many small and medium-sized cloud computing company in the field of food, the NetEase choose to join the cloud computing market will not be too late? What is the advantage of NetEase to participate in the cloud computing market competition?

First of all, according to market research firm Gartner's latest report predicts that global cloud computing market will reach $315 billion in 2019. The domestic cloud computing market, in the past few years to achieve an average annual growth of 30%, in 2015 the market size of about 150 billion yuan, and is expected to reach 800 billion yuan in 2018 and currently. The largest cloud computing giant Ali in the field of market share is only a fraction of the entire market, there is still a huge market space, can accommodate more than one giant market coexist. According to the relevant data show that the United States has 54% enterprises to use cloud computing, the proportion of Internet Co is up to more than 90%. At present, the domestic cloud penetration is far lower than the proportion, the market potential is huge. So the cloud computing NetEase reached at this time is not too late, because The market is full of education, Internet + entrepreneurship, the fray is coinciding with the time.

Secondly, with other Internet giants, NetEase to enter the cloud is almost a matter of course, whether it is a public cloud or private cloud, before a long time accumulation, especially mobile NetEase in the past few years in the field of the Internet also remarkable achievements, experienced application from 0 to one million to ten million, until billion the user scale growth, NetEase cloud music NetEase, NetEase do koala sea purchase, cloud and other business class colored, especially NetEase is the cloud music users scale to 200 million, and the NetEase is to fill the sea purchase koala NetEase business transaction volume growth rate. This means equally amazing. And compared to other cloud computing into the new NetEase, with ALI Tencent and other Internet giants, have significant advantages in terms of platform stability and reliability. So it is not from scratch, This makes its cloud computing strategy is introduced to be able to have a strong competitive.

Most importantly, the NetEase cloud did not start with ALI cloud, cloud Tencent directly confront each other, but will be positioning itself as

Not only that, in the NetEase cloud conference, NetEase said not only to provide solutions, but also to the company's knowledge of the system's output, enabling programmers. NetEase CEO Ding Lei in a NetEase, said the cloud

NetEase cloud was born, the cloud computing industry will change?

On the other hand, as the Internet industry in the most low-key giant NetEase, before entering the field of cloud computing, the impact of the current industry situation? I think it is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First of all, the NetEase may start to join the cloud and not on Ali cloud computing vendors Tencent caused by the actual pressure, and because of different product positioning, the two sides are different competition, or a peaceful coexistence state in the short term. However, from the current development trend of cloud computing industry, NetEase for cloud services divide the more down to earth, the service is also more flexible, especially for some want the Internet of traditional enterprises and start-up Internet Co, NetEase not only to provide cloud storage network infrastructure services like this, but also can give help in product development and business operations, seven NetEase will be able to solve customer problems such as fish operation level. Another example is the NetEase cloud letter to allow enterprises to easily have stable IM service and so on, this is actually just the layout of the Internet for some traditional enterprises or the beginning A company more attractive. According to the NetEase of cloud computing's official website, it has successfully won the education, culture and entertainment, business, financial, social and other fields of many customers, is representative of the Mavericks online in the financial sector, net loan home, in the field of education in the field of social Insigma, enough to remember to break the ice, and so on.

Secondly, the NetEase reached the clouds may be some of the emerging small and medium-sized cloud computing company greater impact. Prior to this, some of the emerging cloud computing vendors is relying on the mobile Internet scene to grasp, in the live video, picture storage, network acceleration and other aspects to find market opportunities, and thus gave birth to a lot of professional cloud computing company, and successfully with the Tencent and other Internet giants Ali cloud computing company to achieve a differentiated competition. However, the NetEase officially launched the cloud means a rival reached, and small and medium sized cloud computing company rob food scene cloud services market, and, in terms of brand reputation, or from the business stability, as has a history of 19 years veteran Internet Co, NetEase has

Obviously, for the cloud computing industry, NetEase to join is definitely a concern. Because the current NetEase, whether from the market value of the volume, or the business layout, all the giant has had the preliminary shape. Until now, the NetEase's market capitalization has reached 33 billion US dollars, the absolute first Internet Co the camp, according to the NetEase announced second quarter results, NetEase released the 2016 second quarter earnings, net income amounted to 8 billion 953 million yuan, an increase of 96%, net profit of 2 billion 721 million yuan, an increase of 91%, net income and net profit both record highs. It also means that the NetEase of cloud computing in the pressure in terms of profits little competition in the higher starting point, in the field of cloud computing can be sustained investment, and can put energy intoProduct innovation and enhance the customer experience.

Overall, both of the Ali Tencent Internet Co like Baidu, or for small and medium-sized cloud computing company, the NetEase to join will have a certain impact on it. But from a higher point of view, the NetEase will add more to stimulate innovation and vitality of the industry, the most benefit is the urgent need of cloud service to the empowerment of traditional enterprises and Internet start-ups.

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