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5G is no longer the concept of Ericsson and HUAWEI compete for the right to the future of the word

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5G5G 不再是概念爱立信与华为角逐未来话语权

Guo Xiaofeng September 23rd Report

Now talk about 5G it may be not what publicity stunt, in 2016 China International Exhibition (PT exhibition) the end of Chinese IMT-2020 (5G) to promote the group declared 5G the first test phase completion means the 5G network has boarded the fast lane coming towards us.

According to promote the group, the stage mainly completed the performance and function of the key technology of 5G and wireless network test, and fully verify the key technologies in the experience of millisecond rate, end-to-end delay, per square kilometer million connections to the technical feasibility of diversification of 5G demand scenarios support Gbps users, to further enhance the promotion of innovation and industry the development of 5G.

At the same time, the latest technology and products related to 5G has become the core of telecom equipment manufacturers competing to show the focus of the exhibition. With the layout of the 5G three major domestic telecom operators to spare no effort, Ericsson, HUAWEI, ZTE, NOKIA Shanghai Baer has entered a new round of competition, the contest of Ericsson and HUAWEI and the most wonderful thing industry ranked first and second.

Speed and open contest

In communications technology, Ericsson has maintained the status of the industry leader, which is the continuation of the 2G, 3G, 4G has a certain relationship with the inevitable. 5G, HUAWEI, ZTE and jinzhuibushe, much more than the trend, but in the eyes of the outside world seems there is still a certain distance with ericsson.

This exhibition, Ericsson around the 5G not only shows the latest technologies and products, but also from the perspective of the user to understand the combination of 5G applications. Among them, 5G wireless prototype is one of the highlights. It is understood that the Ericsson 5G wireless prototype is in the same time and frequency resources, multi user MIMO, and a large number of large-scale MIMO antenna (array) beamforming technology to provide throughput and energy efficiency at the same time, the peak throughput of more than 25 Gbps.

Ericsson 5G wireless prototype size is equivalent to a carry on luggage, but the capacity is equivalent to 40 LTE carriers. It adopts the MIMO (massive-MIMO), multi user MIMO, and a large number of the antenna (array) beamforming technology to enhance the user experience, with the help of beam tracking function, Ericsson 5G wireless prototype to track the position and movement of the terminal, and can be real-time from multiple beams to a selected beam at the optimal direction of the terminal speaking, to ensure high quality and reliable connection. If you compare the throughput, HUAWEI may be slightly worse.

In addition, Ericsson's 5G plug-in has provided a trial version of the operator, including: large-scale MIMO plug-in, multi user MIMO plug-in, RAN virtualization plug-in, smart connection plug, reduce the delay, etc.. Ericsson plans 5G plug-in will be put into commercial network in 2017, will promote the rapid evolution of 5G access network and the successful implementation of 5G services.

Ericsson said last month, will start in 2017 to deliver all the components needed to launch 5G mobile network. The intergovernmental organization set a deadline for 2020 to reach a consensus on the frequency and standard of new equipment, which is three years ahead of schedule. From time to time compared to Ericsson faster.

HUAWEI technology is not inferior to Ericsson, Ericsson and 5G in recent years in the competition although somewhat backward, but more emphasis on open cooperation strategy, because of its knowledge in the overseas market, Ericsson's reputation is greater than HUAWEI.

5G5G 不再是概念爱立信与华为角逐未来话语权

It is well known that the unification of spectrum resources is the only way for the development of 5G. 5G's full spectrum resource is the prerequisite for the development of 5G industry. HUAWEI has strengthened the research of low frequency (Sub-6GHz) and high frequency (such as millimeter wave). At the same time, it also strengthen international cooperation in the 5G industry, combined with overseas partners jointly initiated the global 5G standard based on 3GPP, to achieve full spectrum access, building 5G global ecological cooperative spectrum, joint innovation and promote the industrialization of 5G.

Following the 2015 for the first time put forward a complete set of wireless air interface technology, HUAWEI in 2016 to join China Mobile completed the world's first high frequency hybrid network to verify, Germany Telecom first released the industry's first end-to-end 5G slice prototype, Wo Dafeng together to complete the 5G ultra low delay air interface test.

It sounds really some obscure jargon, generally you can understand for the future of the 5G network technology needs and solutions, usually they will end up in telecom operators base station hardware and supporting hardware application software platform, through the network signal will be delivered to all types of user terminals, such as mobile phone computer and intelligent terminal with communication module on.

Ericsson is more sensitive to 5G applications

At the 5G application service level, Ericsson is more sensitive than HUAWEI. The show, Ericsson and Guangdong mobile and Zhongshan University, the world's first demonstration of the world's first real vehicle based on the perfect combination of automatic driving and remote control.

According to Tencent's science and technology field observation, demonstration sites were displayed in the automatic driving and remote control of the driving mode of the vehicle in different scenarios. For example, in the automatic driving mode, a demonstration outside the campus of Zhongshan University is located 2200 km car automatic line and avoid obstacles, exhibition in Beijing, visitors can through two screens, respectively from the perspective of the driver and car outside the car from the perspective.

In addition, the UAV network will be a key application in the future battlefield 5G, Ericsson in cooperation with Jiangsu mobile in Wuxi 5G UAV test, the test is a part of national science and technology major special verification 5G, is also the world's first cases of UAV operators in the cellular network through 5G technology.

In the experiment, a UAV is connected to the conceptual 5G cellular network base station to demonstrate different flight altitude. Tests show the possibility of an end-to-end delay from 50ms to 15ms in the LTE network. In contrast, the relative end to end delay of the OTT scheme is likely to be much higher, and the network performance can not be guaranteed, and the minimal network delay is the key to the successful implementation of the 5G UAV. In addition, the UAV adjacent to the base station cell switch, as well as with the normal commercial mobile phone users to share in this test has been verified, fully proved that the business can be practical use of the use case.

In this regard, HUAWEI more show is 5G technology and innovation, the application level is slightly weak. Of course, his other advantage is that Ericsson had to give up the phone business. At present, HUAWEI is the world's third largest smart mobile phone manufacturers, Ericsson than at the level of the user experience more down to earth.

At present, the 5G standard is in full swing, China, Europe and the United States the three major forces active layout, Europe is still in a leading position, and led the European 5G standards developed by ericsson. But from the HUAWEI global competition for Ericsson had to step up the pace, for operators to supply the prototype of 5G, the purpose is to obtain a greater voice in the definition of 5G network performance. In addition, it is also related to the future value of billions of dollars of intellectual property and patent income.

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