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Google's new chat with Allo is fun, but I'm afraid it will be the next one "

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Recently came out of the news Twitter will be acquired in the news, Google is still a rumor

In addition to investment and acquisitions, as well as Alibaba, Google himself has also tried a lot of social products Verge.The recent ridicule,Google's strategy for messaging applications is simply.

Google recently released two Facetime chat applications, one is similar to the video chat application Duo,One is even communications applications Allo.

These two applications are based on the mobile terminal, concise, registration and initiate a chat, they even abandoned the Google account, the only condition directly to the telephone number as. However, Allo received far more attention, because it integrates deep learning AI system based on Google Assistant, the robot assistant can help you to book a restaurant. Search, provide automatic reply recommendations.

Try a few days later, my feeling is that Allo is a good chat application, but at the same time, it also faces two aspects: one is the competition of WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, LINE these millions of users have mature chat application; two is Siri, such as Cortana intelligent voice assistant. These two dimensions, Allo are not good to encourage users to migrate from the usual chat software. So, I was worried that Allo might like the Alibaba or their contacts, Google Google, has become a golden spoon in his mouth die case.

Design of Allo

Allo design is simple to the extreme, the first page is the interface of the chat message, in addition, only the lower right corner of the address book to launch the chat button, as well as the upper left corner to modify personal information and set the navigation bar.


Allo registered the same simple, you only through the mobile phone number (mobile phone number registered, China support), without having to enter the Google account. After successful registration, you can also put their common Google account is bound to the Allo. If you want to find a friend and initiate a chat, the premise is your mobile phone address book save his mobile phone number, even if his Google account associated to the Allo, you can look through Gmail account to find him.

Chat interface and many instant messaging applications about.Allo also provides an interesting feature: whispering and shouting (Whisper Shout), when you make the text, press the send button to drag on, the text will become larger, release that is sent; on the other hand, drag down is smaller. By changing the text text the size, can convey different emotions.


You can also initiate stealth chat in Allo, in this state, Allo provides end-to-end encryption (data from the source to the end of the transmission process always exists in the form of a text message), and you can set the message to

In this year's Google I/O conference, Allo emphasizes the protection of privacy is function. At that time, Google promised that all information exists in an end-to-end encrypted form, but Google does not save the news. However, after the official release,Allo's privacy policy has changed.In the non stealth chat mode, Google will be the default store chat messages, unless the user automatically deleted.

In this mode, although the same chat messages are encrypted, but the Google algorithm can use these data to.Google the reason is that through the analysis of user data, can improve the robot assistant Google Assistant service.

However, the Google approach by Snowden. He sniff at describing Allo as Google and the US government set to obtain privacy data so his advice is bait.

Intelligent assistant Assistant Allo in Google

Allo is the biggest characteristic of intelligent assistant. Also in this year's Google I/O conference, Google Assistant as the first stage of the new product was a grand launch. It will gradually replace Google Now, become Google in intelligent personal assistant brand.

Allo is one of the earliest, Google Assistant product registration, chat page will appear by default Google Assistant, in the chat interface, you can make it near the recommended restaurant, set the alarm clock and timer, checking the mailbox, push news translation, booking tickets, weather forecast and so on.


A feature of Assistant Google is that it can provide some more personalized service, rather than simple

Allo also supports group chat, group chat, Google Assistant also effectively, you just need to @google, will be able to activate the intelligent assistant function, and private chat almost. One difference is that when you are in the group chat Google Assistant to check your e-mail, calendar, it will remind, to consider the protection of privacy, group chat can not use these functions.

Assistant Google can also play a role when you chat with friends, a typical scenario, when a friend to send you a photo of Zhang Mengchong, Assitant Google will automatically recognize the photos, and then provide a reply to the proposal, such as


In the privacy chat mode, Assistant Google will not be able to use.

Limitations of Allo

Now, Allo's intelligent assistant only supports English, plus we all know the reasons, as well as WeChat's dominance in the Chinese chat application, it is destined to be unable to make a difference in the Chinese market.

We need to pay attention to the opportunities in the European and American markets.I had an interview with Grover Dan, an American product manager who worked at WeChat., according to his introduction, the Americans use the most

However, and Apple's iMessage is different, Allo does not

Now, a lot of foreign technology giants began to chat robot (BOT) as a

Allo is called Google chat robot

“你比“你比 Siri 更聪明吗?” “Siri 是最好的 Siri,我正努力成为最好的 Google Assistant。”

Grover Dan also provides another kind of thinking: chat robot is really the future trend? In his view, the understanding of the technology giants are still stuck in the chat robot



Order pizza with Cortana intelligent assistant, need button 73 times; with WeChat public number, 16 times is enough

Finally, it is hard to say, Google is Allo and an impact on their social dream, or in order to collect real data to improve the Assistant Google to try, just want to be closed before Allo can hold a little longer.

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