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NASA picture gorgeous color: for the United States, more in order to science

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September 28th news, do you have a picture of the gorgeous NASA coloring has been questioned, the picture is not only for the visual enjoyment, but also for the needs of scientific research.


Note: this piece of colorful pictures of the Crab Nebula is the use of the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory an infrared view from the Harbert space telescope and an optical image production.

We describe this (NASA) NASA and other space agencies issued a brilliant picture: the ghostly nebula of the internal structure of fascinating, long dead star system remains in ruins, the shock wave radiation supernova when the magnificent and newborn stars from

But some people do not relax to enjoy the beauty of the universe is being staged, they think it is necessary to put forward objection. You may not have said so, but I often hear people similar comments: because the picture color is fake! With the human eye can not see the color of the nebula is a supernova observed by! Double tube telescope and telescope has no pictures as gorgeous! It appears in photos of purple shadow does not exist in the universe! And so on.

Tell me what the telescope is.


Note: Perkin Elmer (Perkin-Elmer) is the main mirror polishing the Harbert telescope.

I think the Qing telescope (especially the connection and digital camera telescope) is the most important role. The telescope is composed of a lens barrel, a mirror and a lens, so that we can capture as much light as possible. Obviously, the telescope light is much higher than the human eye catching. Therefore, the telescope can be observed distant blur the scene, while the human eye does not see, unless you take the alien planet and lives there for 1 million years were observed.

The astronomical telescope of the photon second is to capture all the countless gathered for a small observation of the human iris. Otherwise, the light can shine in your whole face, which is not only interesting, but also did not use value. Adjust the focal length can enlarge the image and make them look better than the actual size much more.

To sum up, showing the telescope's vision for you is

The human retina contains special sensors (anti keratin antibodies, rods and cones) to distinguish different colors.

Goal: the same moment in your photograph, a large amount of data on the nature of light entering the camera device. The software algorithm complex reconstruction of all these data and converted into images, these images can have effect on a close to human eyes.

But when people adjust the exposure or set flash, the image and the human eye to the naked eye observation will be a big difference.

For the science

If you used the filter when the self timer, mostly you want to make your pictures appear more beautiful.

Scientists want to make pictures look better, this is also to science! The researchers filmed space objects in the photo to understand how it works, the contrast adjustment of this part of the high, the brightness is high, in so doing, can help us understand the complex structure of shot object and its internal relations, or is the relationship between the two objects.

So, don't blame NASA. for small changes in the photo. They're doing it for the sake of science!

The color of the universe


Note: launch a large number of X ray El gordeau (El Gordo) cluster. The cluster number is ACT-CL J0102-4915, hundreds of galaxies in a strong gravitational gathered here. According to the general quality of the Harbert telescope measurement estimation of El Gordo cluster is our department three thousand times the Milky Way!

But the gorgeous color is it? If you have to do a survey, the most common in the universe is red and blue. Therefore, if you see the Harbert telescope gorgeous photos are red and blue, then the real scene is likely as you just see.

But a large green? A little orange? Astrophysical mechanism does not normally have a similar color, that this is how it happened?

Why is science! Researchers usually added color to choose some of them try to analyze part or feature. Active elements of the state can emit light of a specific wavelength. Sometimes the light in the range of human perception within but other colors and images overlap, and the wavelength of time has been completely beyond visual range of the human eye.

But no matter what kind of form, we will mark the position in a particular nebula or the circular surface on the map. So scientists will take office in order to highlight the features of the origin and structure of complex objects to study or get some clues.

Fantastic feeling

From William

Scientists use a telescope to detect all kinds of electromagnetic radiation in the universe, from the very short wavelength

So, naturally, the scientists wanted to make a big map. After all, we spent a lot of money on the construction of a telescope, but it was launched from a distant supernova.

If you do not, in fact, do not have to engage in scientific research.

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