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Alipay began to withdraw from 12 charges banks "back pot" business stolen music

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Tomorrow (October 12), Alipay is now a formal charge. For people who have Alipay as part of life, either to accept, or return to the bank card era, because another mobile payment opponent WeChat as early as March this year, has been implemented to raise fees. As early as September 12, Alipay announced on the outside, since October 12, 2016, Alipay will be individual users beyond the amount of free cash withdrawal of 0.1% service charge, individual users enjoy a total of 20,000 yuan per person basis Free cash amount. This year in March, WeChat has begun to charge users a 0.1% fee, each user has a total of 1,000 yuan free cash amount. As Alipay and WeChat are provided "a single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan, in accordance with 0.1 yuan to collect", which means that the user each time to pay at least a hair to Alipay or WeChat.

So, Alipay charges will affect the user's frequency of use? In the "Daily Economic News" reporter's interview, many users said little effect, Alipay is to be used to pay anyway, do not mention it took the chant. Analysis of industry experts also pointed out that Alipay charges on the one hand, because of the huge cost; the other hand, to a certain extent, can promote the flow of funds within the Alipay system to create more payment products, produce more Payment behavior.

Alipay and WeChat said the fee is to the bank

Cash withdrawal refers to the transfer of funds to a bank card through a third-party payment platform. Previously, WeChat announced that the charges have been said, "is not the pursuit of revenue, but for the payment of bank charges." & Rdquo;

Alipay also said in the announcement, the charges are due to "integrated operating costs rise faster," and adjust the cash withdrawal rules in order to reduce part of the cost pressures.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center special researcher Chen Hudong in an interview with the "Daily Economic News" interview that the Internet financial markets, banks and other traditional institutions are still not open around the channel income risk, the lowest cost of bank control, this piece of bank Revenue is one of the important dependencies, so the bank's channel costs forcing third-party agencies to charge, after all, before the third-party payment channels are burned, the cost is very high.

Ma Huateng in March this year, two sessions have introduced the third party payment behind the business model, the bank's money to leave the banking system, access to third-party payment accounts, in fact, are to be charged, the transfer fee is about in parts per thousand Around, this is a third party to pay a big cost.

Mr. Ma had said so, consumers use a third party to pay for consumption, businesses will pay a third party fee, but if the transfer between individuals, "after a third party account, one into a go back, stay time Not even a day. "Ma direct call," one into one I will bear one thousandth of the cost of this figure which can not stand! "According to him, even if count third - party payment platform can receive interest income, micro - letter in January, the cost is more than 300 million yuan.

Analysys think-tank financial industry center director Ma Tao has pointed out that the Internet is actually free of charge for the user to pay. Including Alipay, WeChat, including third-party payment platform has been the user bear the corresponding costs. Hundreds of millions of users determine the size of this cost is very great. Platform free services in the initial stage to bring customers for the platform, but the customer and the transaction volume to a certain extent, the huge transaction cost actually pushed up the platform operating costs.

It is noteworthy that, compared to WeChat of the change can only be presented to my bank card, Alipay is now available to my bank card and transfer to another bank card. In accordance with the adjusted rules, Alipay also exceeded the amount of free part of the amount of 0.1% of the amount of cash withdrawal service charge, a single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan in accordance with the 0.1 yuan charge. The difference is that Alipay individual users can enjoy a total of 20,000 yuan based on the amount of free cash, the amount is 20 times the WeChat.

Or to facilitate the flow of funds within the Alipay system

So, from the WeChat charges to Alipay tolls, whether the user will cause some impact?

"Before the WeChat grabbed the red envelope, most of my will mention, because the use of WeChat to pay to spend will not be so strong." Earlier, WeChat raised the charges are raised, then there are some concerns, and then become less than an amount will not be easy to mention, but he did not do the appropriate financial management, more use is mainly to pay the taxi fare. But Alipay different from the previous Taobao has been using it to pay for the purchase, payment is also its property, the use of Alipay more becomes a habit, such as will naturally go for a variety of consumer, including mobile phone recharge, Water, electricity, coal and credit card payments to pay what, it can be said Alipay is actually in terms of the actual impact on me is not. "Jenny interviewed the user to the" Daily Economic News "reporter said.

CIC Zhuo know Dong Xiaolei project manager in an interview, "Daily Economic News" interview, said Alipay is one of the reasons for tolls to bring the company to bring the cost of pressure, the use of third-party payment will not have a consumer fee, but Transfer costs as high as one thousandth. Another reason is that Alipay to further build their own account system, self-built system within the payment of ecological, so the cash withdrawal, to a certain extent, can promote the flow of funds within the Alipay system to create more payment products.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center, Internet financial analyst Chen Li also believes that for third-party payment must be free of certain cognitive errors, in fact, before the payment of giants in order to strengthen their user groups, to take free policy, but now gradually return to the first Two stages, that is, charging stage, early Happy Valley enclosure free strategy has ended.

"Internet model of user habits after the formation of free certainly is not sustainable, the charges are inevitable. The traditional bank charges channels, and third-party payment agencies to paste the money to consumers to use the channel, if it is the same channel, then the other party as long as the other side of the profitability of money, this state can be called profit asymmetry, the result must be To tend to symmetry, so now the charges are normal. "Chen Hudong said.

As to whether the amount of 20,000 yuan will be reduced, Chen Hudong this negative attitude. He pointed out that by increasing the use of third-party agencies and other services to indirectly reduce the amount, forcing consumers to find ways to save money, such as virtual points, such as sesame credit, so that indirect consumers diverted to other services Up.

Similarly, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center special researcher, Suning Financial Xue Hongyan also bluntly, this rate can cover the cost of basic, so there will not be much adjustment.

Accept the "Daily Economic News" reporter interviewed a number of industry have such a consensus: the early development of third-party payment companies need to cultivate users, build ecology, so users can be a certain subsidy, but now the third party Payment is already a very mature application, many users have to experience its convenience, life can not be separated from Alipay, WeChat payment, third-party payment has become relatively sticky applications, this time to start charging is normal.

As for the balance of concern Po, Alipay also said in the announcement, the balance of funds transferred out, including transferred to my bank card and transferred to the Alipay balance will continue free of charge. In this regard, the user Ms. King in an interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that he often will be the balance of the money transferred out of treasure, and then purchase other financial products, if the balance of funds transferred out to be charged procedures Cost, that will make her "crash".

It is noteworthy that, October 12, 2016, the user from the balance of the balance of the new balance of funds transferred out can only be transferred back to the balance can not be directly transferred to the bank card. Related parties, which means that before October 12, the user will balance into the balance of Po, not only can be used for consumption at any time after October 12, or can be transferred to their bank card. "If the money in the balance of fear of being charged, and now the money into the balance of Po will be the best choice." & Rdquo;

Some users or back to the traditional bank

In the Internet finance to pay at the same time, the physical bank is active change, even at the play "free card".

In July this year, 12 joint-stock banks to set up "commercial bank network financial alliance", the inter-bank account mutual recognition free, mobile banking, personal online banking and other electronic channels inter-bank transfer free customer fees. The 12 joint-stock banks are CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank, Minsheng Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Industrial Bank, Ping An Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Zheshang Bank and Bohai Bank. The transfer policy is slightly different.

An Industrial Bank customer service told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, counter interbank transfer remittances do not distinguish between the same city off-site, according to the different fees charged different fees, and for the use of online banking, mobile banking ordinary interbank transfer and remote real- Transfer free.

In Dong Xiaolei view, due to the Internet before the payment and the impact of financial enterprises, many banks have begun to launch a number of personal business on the transfer of concessions, and the mainstream bank's mobile phone transfer is now free of charge. WeChat and Alipay's succession of fees will certainly be to a certain extent, so that some individual users, especially the use of WeChat, Alipay transfer transactions to return to the bank business. Even so, WeChat and Alipay other mainstream most of the services (such as utilities, mobile phone recharge, finance, consumption, etc.) is still free, while WeChat or Alipay with the platform transfer is still free. These individual retail users are limited in their impact on cash withdrawal and will not be the primary outflow target.

On the traditional banks began to work to reduce the phenomenon of the level of fees, Chen Li is the case evaluation, "a large number of Internet companies into the financial industry, the bank is under the impact of the Internet passive change. From the latest data, the second quarter of 2016, the third-party mobile payment transactions reached 9.304 trillion yuan, of which Alipay, TenPay market share the largest. Whether from the market size or user usage, mobile payment is essential to finance the underlying support. From the previous development of the situation, the bank's Internet and did not achieve very good results, the formation of network financial alliance, the bank found the entrance to the Internet innovation, that is, mobile payment. In the case of model convergence, the customer experience is the core of competition, customer pursuit of diversification, differentiation and comprehensive Internet financial services, convenient, fast, participation and experience is the basic requirements of customers. And constantly improve efficiency, ensure the safety of funds, enhance customer experience, in order to get the Internet financial war opportunities. & Rdquo;

From the payment point of view, Dong Xiaolei that the bank and the Internet is a third-party payment convergence. "Banks have also become more scene services, fees continue to decline; Internet third-party payment began a small fee." The future role of the market will enable the two sides to form a balance of charges, business models will become increasingly similar. Internet financial institutions and banks compared to short board is more, because, after all, third-party payment is a small retail, as a supplement to pay such a position, large payments, including corporate payments mainly through banks to do. So from the payment point of view, only in the small and scattered areas of payment will be more and more like the two, from a broader perspective, the banks than third-party payment agencies still have obvious advantages. & Rdquo;

In the National Day holiday, the central bank on the Internet third-party payment agencies issued the most stringent policies, and the New Deal, especially Alipay, micro-payment and other payment institutions to pay personal account constraints. According to the central bank issued "on the strengthening of payment settlement management to prevent the telecommunications network of new criminal matters related matters notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), similar to the requirements of banks, since December 1, 2016, non-bank payment institutions For an individual to open a payment account, the same person in the same payment institution can only open a full-function payment account. At the same time requirements, the payment institutions since December 1, for the units and individuals to open a payment account, it should be signed with the unit and individual agreement to pay the payment account and payment account, payment account and bank account between the cumulative transfer limit And the number of pen, exceeding the limit and the number of pen, and shall not apply for transfer business.

For the new regulations, Alipay side to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that the current temporarily do not respond to this. The WeChat payment, told reporters that it will have been the implementation of the following limits: the maximum daily payment of 20 million; Red envelopes, single-card single-day up to 50,000 yuan, up to 100,000 yuan a day change.

In fact, the field of mobile payment melee more and more intense, in addition to Alipay and WeChat payment, as well as Apple and Samsung to pay and so on. Of course, there are high-profile into the bureau of Huawei and millet, which allows UnionPay support NFC payment (near-field payment) is also soaring strength. In the industry view, all the payment of the final trend will be closer to the charges.

Darren Consulting founder and chief analyst Ma Jihua that, as long as the formation of consumer closed-loop, and can be to the back-end businesses to close; and can not form a closed-loop consumer business charges, should be a big trend. & Rdquo;

According to Chen Li, although the final fee will be transferred to which party can not be confirmed, but for now, banks and enterprises will benefit to the user, because the NFC from the current point of view are directly linked to the bank and cooperation, To the user and transaction data are the banks themselves can not be achieved.

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