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High German Baidu five war of words against the "first navigation" infighting flow entrance

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Internet industry pinch frame drama, never subsided.

These two days, the Internet industry has erupted a war of words, the protagonist of the story is Baidu map and high German map, behind the big brother are Baidu and Alibaba.

The dispute between the two is very simple - mdash; who is the industry first? On this issue, the two sides have been through the media through the four rounds of war of words. From the amount of active users to download, have become the two sides duel "top of the ban" moves.

"Watch the fun" apart, users have found that this war of words becomes hot, has become a grand marketing campaign.

The industry is from the online map of Baidu and Alibaba two Internet groups, the strategic significance is very important. Commentator Zhang Shulei produced by the economy, said the battle is actually Baidu map and Ali Department of O2O in the field of confrontation. The industry also believes that the two sides hope to convey to the outside world through the event of high volume of active users, who provides a relatively high user value. After all, the mobile phone map is a flow of the entrance, leading to a whole eat, drink, lodging industry chain.

High German map claiming "industry first"

The morning of October 15, Alibaba Group Mobile Group President and President of the Tak Group Yu Yongfu, in the speech announced: high map to become the industry's top mobile map applications.

According to Yu Yongfu's statement, the high German map mobile client data has exceeded the daily active Baidu map, becoming the industry's number one mobile map application. At the same time, Yu Yongfu also issued an internal letter to the high German companies, saying that after October 2015, high-Germany once again only half a year to complete the annual user growth target (Alibaba's new fiscal year from April 1, 2016 Start).

Yu Yongfu in the internal reference in the third-party data to prove the first day of high German map of the first conclusion: Ereli mUserTracker (network user behavior monitoring), the latest monitoring data show that high map mobile client (not including high German navigation , Apple Map) the latest number of active devices per day is about 29,831,900, in the category of map navigation ranked first, Baidu ranked second in the daily active equipment data compared to 28,088,700; In addition, the daily frequency of use (Single) the total number of daily use of 2.48 times, per capita (stand-alone) the total effective use of time is 17.08 minutes per day, Baidu map, respectively, only the map of the world's largest mobile phone users, 2.06 times and 8.04 minutes.

Baidu against: I was the first

In Yu Yongfu only a few hours after the public statement, Baidu map through the official microblogging voice, refute this claim.

Baidu map in the October 15 microblogging, said: "ranking is not blowing alone, third-party data already pops face." & Rdquo;

Yu Yongfu reference for third-party data, Baidu map in the October 15 microblogging response, high German map mobile client number of active users ranked first in the conclusion, in addition to Ereli, other data detection agencies do not think so. Baidu map quoted China Unicom, Analysys International data, Baidu map active users of ultra-high German map 50%, in the number of active monthly and ring than the increase in two areas, high-German map or even a negative growth. Baidu map also said, QuestMobile published in the fall data, Baidu map rankings are also high in Germany before the map.

Baidu map also questioned, high German map publicity has 700 million users, but according to the China Internet Information Center statistics, the total number of Chinese Internet users 710 million. Baidu call this: "Chinese Internet users are not enough friends."

"Mutual injury" start

In response to Baidu map, high German map in the evening of October 15 in the official micro-Bo said: "Baidu in the copy, high-Germany in the super." Data do not agree with noisy noisy, plus third-party monitoring code to go. & Rdquo;

The next morning, Baidu map again in the official microblogging voice: QuestMobile real data, high Germany Day live only half of Baidu map. October 1, 2016, Baidu map number of active users of 51.3388 million, high German map for 28.9151 million. And use the application store downloads, Analytica China Mobile Map APP user usage report as proof, said his "rolling", "double the data" and high German map.

Baidu map even at the end of the microblogging attached to a cartoon, meaning high German data is false data.

Baidu map refers to the "false data", high map to the "Daily Economic News" reporter replied that "do not fight war of words, do map", insisted on Baidu map plus detection code, and borrowed Machine called a small ad: Luo Yonghao navigation voice is about two days later on the line.

High German map also said that out of the full confidence in their own performance, high German has allowed another big data service provider Quest Mobile code monitoring and verification, the results are expected in the next quarter. And this debate may also be suspended.

"The first fight" behind the doorway

Judging from the current situation, Baidu map and high-profile war of words focused on the third-party data, who's more convincing data?

The industry also can not give a clear conclusion.

Fugu brand CEO Wang Penghui that Baidu map and high German map reference data, Analysys and Ereli can be ignored, Unicom's data more reliable, the operator is able to access the application using the data. "Now the navigation will use the data network, the operator's data certainly more objective and credible." & Rdquo;

As a user, Wang Penghui also talked about their own experience, "a lot of small roads, Baidu is still Kaopu, the road on the lack of difference; interactive experience high German, such as Shanghai foreign license limit line, automatically enter the high license plate to avoid Limit line sections, high Germany is the first to do this, the navigation experience on Baidu stronger. & Rdquo;

Behind the war of words, Internet watchers "Tokgo by wind" that through this war of words, the outside world can strongly feel the online map in Baidu and Ali two major Internet Group's strategic importance. Online map is not just a map, but a flow of the entrance, the number of users and the degree of activity determines the competitiveness of the online map of the industry, decided to online map for the entrance of the integrated service level of competitiveness, such as the map of the whole industry Chain competition. He also said that the two sides seem to compete for the location of the online map industry boss, but in fact the two sides want to convey to the outside world through the event of high user volume, who provides relatively high user value.

Zhang Shule is that, in competition, Baidu's biggest advantage is the map on the increase in the entrance of O2O, allowing users to get more convenient. For professional. Zhang Shule analysis, Baidu is more C-users use a higher frequency, but also people perception strong; high German because as the underlying map data, and the back of Alibaba, in the logistics of the B-side use frequency.

Gao De Baidu first dispute

The first act

Yu Yongfu: high German map "industry first" Quote iResearch mUserTracker data, high German map mobile client (excluding high moral navigation, Apple map) the number of active devices per day about 29,831,900, Baidu map 28,088,700.

Act II

Baidu: I was the first! Quote China Unicom, Analysys International data, Baidu map active users of ultra-high German map 50%. Questioned the high German data fraud.


High German: Baidu in the copy, high Germany in the ultra-high German map official microblogging said: "Data do not agree with noisy noisy, plus third-party monitoring code to go." & Rdquo;

Act IV

APP user usage report, the second quarter of this year, China 's mobile phone map APP whole network absolute penetration rate, Baidu map 21.4%, 10.5% of high map.

The fifth act

Gao De said the new response is brewing high German has allowed another big data service provider Quest Mobile code monitoring and verification, the results are expected in the next quarter.

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