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The Nintendo Switch is the perfect Wii U mantle successor but it really can sell?

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任天堂任天堂 Switch 是 Wii U 衣钵的完美继承者但它真的能大卖吗?

Technology website The Verge recently wrote that has been veiled Nintendo NX finally appeared in the trailer short, though we are still on absolutely ignorant of its hardware configuration and the price of the key information, but this time Nintendo really seems to return to God, a generation of Wii if U can make it don't break in the market. However, the market is changing so fast, inherited the concept of U Wii hybrid devices Switch really can move the discerning user?

In fact, for Nintendo's death loyal powder, Switch use of this concept is not new, because there have been rumors that the machine is a hybrid device. The host is in fact a tablet, but with a base it can connect to the TV to be able to do the home entertainment. In addition, Nintendo also for the tablet is equipped with two sets of handle, which used traditional style in playing games on TV, another can be combined with the tablet instantly turned.

Nintendo has the ambition and the low profile of the two genes in the complete opposite of the adjective to match, it is really a fantastic company. Here are a few thoughts on the trailer, maybe we will have a similar idea.

The name of 1 Switch has been really good, and that it catchy, the core of the product concept, but also reflects the transformation of Nintendo's determination, than its predecessors Wii U a little too good.

2 hardware, it does seem a bit complex. In the trailer, Nintendo did not carry out a detailed explanation, the handle is constantly switching play looks really unrealistic. In addition, the hope that Nintendo can handle the details, so that the switch handle experience as good as the trailer.

3 the audience of this system is not a child. At least in the current stage of Nintendo's market strategy is the way, in the trailer appeared in most of the players are young male players, and Switch is their busy life of the regulator.

4 we still know nothing about the hardware configuration of Switch. From the trailer we can find the tablet appeared on the vent, the mobile device is extraordinary, industry speculation that Nintendo may be equipped with a custom-made NVIDIA chip. As for its screen resolution and new touch play, we can only wait until next year in March officially released. In fact, attention will be transferred to the mobile terminal is a wise decision, because in the past two generation Nintendo did not have any performance advantage, after all their games to entertainment.

In general, Switch is definitely a powerful hardware carrier in the next few years to become Nintendo's excellent software. It was the Wii U concept of the real heir, definitely worth buying.

However, in addition to the death of loyal fans, there will be no hesitation to go to the next single Switch? After all, and Switch also uses the concept of hybrid devices U Wii has consumed users too much confidence, Nintendo in this generation of the host to Wii on the establishment of a good image to ruin.

In Wii, Nintendo SONY and Microsoft to avoid the edge, abruptly developed for their users and new market segments, it does not have any intersection with Xbox, tens of millions of users wallet to buy just because it is Wii. However, when the U Wii release, the wind has changed the entire market, because the smart phone on the original Wii users have a huge attraction. In this era, Nintendo is difficult to rely on U Wii to continue to maintain the glory of the last generation of products.

In Wii U, Nintendo sees a new trend, but they are for this part of the non traditional user Chase has completely failed, Wii U hardware system is slow, outdated, even the whole platform are behind. For Nintendo's death loyal powder, U Wii really can not be missed, but for the average person, this money is not spent as wonderful. Therefore, after the end of 2012 released, this is expected to have a total of only 13 million devices sold, from sales point of view U Wii is definitely the worst performance of Nintendo hosts.

Switch can rewrite this black history, now really hard to say. Of course, Nintendo will still choose to buy a dead loyal to buy, but other people do?

In order to attract ordinary users, in the remaining five months, Nintendo must make a difficult choice, we will from the trailer is not the perfect complement to the information. First, price and system software is the most important. Nintendo should face the iPad competition, in addition to not like Wii U and 3DS as the ball dropped at the time of publication, even Naiwan game masterpiece is not fine.

However, the Nintendo Switch is the most needed, or a market. They have to be like Wii year, no need to release the game scene in the trailer, so that users of their love at first sight. But the fact is that the Switch Trailer although cool, but failed to find a good selling point, this product has PS4 and iPhone users, it is not what attraction.

However, for Nintendo this magical enterprise, what predictions are not very useful, because they have created so many amazing record The weak overcame the strong. Officially released from the Switch there are five months of time, Nintendo in the end how to polish this product, we will wait and see.

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