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Why do not cats fall? There really nine life?

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According to reports, there was a cat in New York had fallen from 32 floors down, and did not fall to his death, just a little hurt. This is very surprising, if for adults or other animals, from a few floors upstairs will fall dead.

Cats fall from such a high place will be alive, do cats than other animals, the vitality of tenacious it? We often hear that cats have nine lives, then the cat really has nine lives? Of course, the cat has only one life, so why fall from such a high place, it did not fall to their deaths?

First of all,Cat's weight is very light, so the impact suffered by the ground will be much smaller.

Next,Cat has a well-developed balance system and a perfect body protection mechanism.

When the cat falls from a height, whether it is back down, or legs in the air, it will quickly turn around, which is mainly the cat's inner ear has a great relationship, which has a powerful function of the organ, the organ can Cats quickly identify the location, to help them adjust the body to ensure timely balance.

The cat 's tail is also a balancing organ, like the tail of an airplane, which keeps its body in balance so that the cat' s toe is ready when the cat falls from a height above the ground.

In addition,Cat's toes have a thick fat pad, which can reduce the cat's body to face the recoil vibration, can also effectively prevent the vibration of the cat's body damage to the various organs.

The cat's toe is short and the toes are long, which is good for them to jump. Cat body soft, strong toughness of the muscles, and its motor nerve is also very developed, so when climbing jump despite the big gap, it will not lose balance and died.

Cats in the rest of the time, the throat will often be issued a snore. There are a lot of people think that this is a cat snoring, it is not true, according to US scientists,Snoring snoring sound is a way of cat self-treatment, it is often said that the cat has nine lives and cat snoring has a close relationship.

Scientists pointed out that both domestic cats or wild cats, will be issued after the injured snore snore sound.This laryngeal grunting helps them to heal their own bone injuries and organ damage.

Scientists have done experiments,The exposure of the human body on the sound waves as if the cat snoring, found that the human bone has changed, this sound so that the bone has been a good improvement.

"Because cats can treat their own wounds with sonic waves, it is not absurd to say that a cat has nine lives," says McKinar, director of the Institute of Animal Communication in North Carolina.

Cats at home often "jump room more ridge", which is easy for them to do, and sometimes they will climb to a very tall tree, which is in the self-defense. When the cat was pursued, the total can quickly climb to the height, and then wait and see.

So, when you see your pet cat climbing too high, you do not have to worry about it, because they are not afraid of high, it will not be killed.


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