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Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 are commercially available

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Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 are now commercially available. As a new generation of Microsoft's server operating system and data center management platform, they will provide enterprise IT with comprehensive performance and security enhancements; for the data center, private cloud and public cloud environment to provide a consistent hybrid cloud management platform; Local and cloud development, deployment, and operation of innovative business applications and solutions bring endless possibilities.

In the face of the digital transformation that sweeps around the world, the demand for IT innovation is unprecedented. On the one hand, enterprises hope that the IT architecture can ensure the existing business applications run more safely, stably and efficiently; , The use of cloud computing, large data and other new technology platform to accelerate the development of key business applications and process innovation.

To gain a clear insight into customer needs, Microsoft conducted a survey of thousands of enterprise IT decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region. Data show that companies have increased IT investment in the same time, hybrid cloud has become the first choice of today's IT: in the Asia-Pacific region and the Chinese mainland market, 71% of enterprises are planning to increase IT budget; more than 50% of Chinese companies have Or are deploying a hybrid cloud solution that integrates management of public and private clouds; cloud security technologies and standards, IT management solutions, and software-defined networking and open source technologies are among the most interesting areas of technology for Chinese enterprises.

Over the past five months, more than half a million devices worldwide have installed Windows Server 2016 Technology Preview. Users of positive feedback, contributed to the continuous upgrading and improvement of Windows Server 2016 can be said that it is the common needs of users around the world, creating a new server operating system.

For the cloud and a new generation of operating systems

Windows Server 2016 is a "cloud-ready" operating system that fully supports existing workloads, enabling business applications to run smoothly on local data centers and private cloud architectures, and adding technology innovations that lead the cloud in an all-round way. With a variety of cloud platform to achieve seamless convergence and smooth migration; through virtualization and container technology, Windows Server 2016 also provides users with unprecedented flexibility, allowing enterprises to the actual situation of the business, select the cloud or local Secure, and reliable deployment of mission-critical applications.

The new security features at the OS level, the software-defined data center, and the cloud-ready application platform are the biggest innovations that Windows Server 2016 brings to business users:

From the bottom of the multi-level security strategy:Faced with increasingly complex and diverse security threats, companies need to be more mature IT environment, multi-level preventive measures to deal with different levels of potential threats. As an operating system that runs mission-critical applications and data centers, Windows Server plays a vital strategic role in the enterprise's security bastion. Windows Server 2016 provides a range of new features to manage privileged access, protect virtual machines, and harden platform safeguards, enabling enterprise IT professionals to be more confident and more effective in preventing malicious attacks and monitoring suspicious activity. For more detailed information about the security features of Windows Server 2016, visitOfficial website.

More efficient software definition Data center:Perhaps you do not realize, Microsoft Azure is one of the users of Windows Server. It is Windows Server and Hyper-V virtual machine, support the world's fastest-growing, covering the most extensive public cloud services to ensure that the large-scale data centers behind the safe and stable operation. Although not every enterprise needs such a huge scale of calculation, but the cloud of high efficiency, automatic management and flexible expansion, but it can bring benefits for all. Based on Azure's extensive experience, Windows Server 2016 provides software-defined computing, software-defined storage, and software-defined networking capabilities to provide customers with greater flexibility and price-performance across a wide range of data centers. ClicklinkTo learn more about software-defined data centers.

Accelerate innovation in cloud-ready applications Platform:Business application is the core of enterprise business operation, it is related to enterprise customer service, to force employees, innovative products, optimize the operation at all levels. Accelerate the digital transformation in the process of business, business applications naturally become a breakthrough in the transformation of innovation. Windows Server 2016 supports the latest technologies, such as containers, micro services, Nano Server, to help developers develop, deploy, and run applications in a modern DevOps development operating environment. This not only can be used to build a new generation of applications optimized for the cloud, but also give existing applications to bring better flexibility, scalability and security without having to modify it. Microsoft has been working with Docker, Windows Server 2016 users at no additional cost, you can get the Docker engine commercial support (CS Docker Engine). For more information on the new application platform, please visitOfficial website.

Seamless convergence of local and cloud data center cloud management platform

Also in full commercialization with Windows Server 2016 is the System Center 2016, a new data center management platform that helps organizations more easily deploy, provision, and manage virtualized software-defined data centers and hybrid cloud infrastructures, Resulting in better flexibility and performance.

The System Center 2016 provides a range of capabilities to meet the most demanding business needs, from physical and virtual infrastructure provisioning to IT process and service management. Its user benefits mainly include:

Reduced time costs by simplifying installation, in-place upgrades, and automated workflows; component upgrades bring performance and availability to an overall level of performance and availability for greater system efficiency; broad support for LAMP open source architecture and VMWare; and the ability to monitor Microsoft Azure and AWS Cloud resources and services, to provide users with a variety of support and a wider range of cloud management capabilities.

For more information about System Center, visitOfficial website.

Microsoft is a key step in a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy

For years, Microsoft has been the only cloud service provider to offer both a public cloud, a private cloud, and a hybrid cloud solution that seamlessly connects the two, making Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 commercially available, further enhancing Microsoft's Hybrid cloud the inherent advantages of the field.

Microsoft believes that hybrid cloud will be the next period of time the global business users of the major needs, most companies will be positive and prudent attitude, starting from the hybrid cloud to promote future-oriented cloud planning. Our survey shows that Chinese companies currently running on the public cloud applications, including, portals, web sites and other customer-oriented applications, data management and analysis services, as well as IT management solutions and e-mail; the same time, data security and privacy protection, Is still the choice of private cloud, hybrid cloud services, the main reason. Microsoft fully understands the concerns of enterprise users, so to enhance the security of Windows Server 2016 at the same time, for the private cloud and hybrid cloud for the application scenario, to provide users with a rich, flexible and diverse options.

In fact, Windows Server 2016 is only a step in Microsoft's comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy. Based on a variety of products and services, Microsoft has built the most comprehensive hybrid cloud services from the database, identity authentication, systems management, business applications, architecture platforms and other dimensions,

WindowsWindows <wbr>Server <wbr>2016 及 System <wbr>Center <wbr>2016 正式商用, <wbr>全面引领混合云时代的

Figure 1, Microsoft has provided a complete hybrid cloud platform

Today, everyone is talking about hybrid clouds, and Microsoft has a hybrid cloud in terms of other service providers can not match the advantages of & mdash; & mdash; hybrid cloud is not just a different location to connect the cloud environment, network connectivity and virtual machine Format compatibility is only the most basic requirements - mash-up to ensure seamless convergence between the cloud experience a consistent experience, is the key to achieving hybrid cloud.

Consistent hybrid cloud, in the data center, private cloud, public cloud environment, for enterprise IT experts, developers, end-users bring exactly the same development, deployment, user experience, and not because of the location of the different resources Have changed. In this way, in order to provide maximum flexibility for everyone, so that they have no worries in the right time, the right occasion, choose the most suitable cloud resources:

The same hybrid cloud will bring a unified development - as long as the developer once a development, business applications and services will be able to, according to the actual needs of business and technology to meet the needs of different platforms to deploy;

Consistent hybrid cloud will bring development operations and management integration - Operators can use a unified interface to manage and upgrade the resources of the hybrid cloud, reducing the cost of learning for different environments, you can focus on access to more. More business insight, and promote active innovation;

Consistent hybrid cloud will bring unified authentication and security management & mdash; & mdash; Call deployment wherever the business application, the user can be effectively protected and managed;

Consistent hybrid cloud to seamlessly extend existing applications to the cloud & mdash; & mdash; Data can be saved at a lower cost and longer in the cloud without the need for any application or infrastructure changes.

In the face of digital transformation for all walks of life user development opportunities, Microsoft is pushing cloud computing, data, intelligence and other technology innovation and application, in order to force customers to win opportunities. The commercial availability of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 is an important milestone in Microsoft's push for enterprise hybrid cloud applications, and will open up the limits of enterprise IT innovation.

Windows Server is now available for free download2016Evaluation Edition andSystem Center 2016 Evaluation Edition, You can turn on the hybrid IT innovation on the journey.

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