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Terrible Dark Energy: Tearing the entire universe!

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When the universe finally reaches its end, the mysterious dark energy will eventually control the universe, the result is likely to tear the universe itself, until the absolute nothingness.

Through the observation of the universe, astronomers believe that dark energy accounts for 70% of the universe, and offset the role of gravity.Gravitation can bring things together, such as lead to the formation of galaxies, dark energy can lead to the expansion of the universe.

There is still some debate as to whether the expansion of the universe is accelerating, but if it is indeed an accelerated expansion rather than a constant rate of expansion, the ultimate outcome of the universe is to tear itself"The Big Rip".


According to the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Detector (WAMP) and Planck's latest observations, a new study suggests that there may be several large tear variants.

In the big tear, the universe will tear itself completely at a point in time. In other variants, "Big Torn Little Brothers" and "Little Tear" will see the universe tearing itself relatively slowly.

Our galaxy and all the galaxies will be disintegrated, eventually everything is nothing, including a small tear most likely, but scientists believe that the situation to be a small tear in 100 billion years later.

Big tear theory has been proposed for some time, but the universe there are other ways to end.


One of the most common theories isBig Freeze, The theory that the universe will continue to expand rather than tear, the universe will become increasingly cold and eventually cease to exist,The fastest in 2.8 billion years later.

As the universe expands more and more, material and energy are evenly distributed throughout the universe. With the energy and material dispersed too far away, new stars can no longer be born. The old stars gradually led to the gradual fading of the universe. The universe has been growing towards the direction of entropy growth, the temperature gradually decreased until the absolute zero. Eventually the entropy of the universe reaches its maximum and the universe dies forever.


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