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Xbox One S | playing games, annual salary accidentally than most of the world 500 strong CEO

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What can the game play?

& Mdash; & mdash; Not only you may have heard this sentence when you were young. When his 22-year-old Swedish housekeeper, Kjellberg, dropped out of college, his parents shouted at him as well.


Sheerberg this kid, before being destroyed by the game can be considered a school tyrants. In 2010, he defeated more than 200 students in the third year of physical competition to win the ranking, directly into the Goteborg local Chalmers University of Science and Technology. He took a scholarship to buy a good configuration of the computer, began to indulge in playing games. Out of loneliness, he also read online tutorials to learn to play video games to upload tubing, casually took a name called "PewDiePie" (read to do "prostitute brother beat").


With the point fans, he felt that playing video games do this too! on! addiction! The! This kid even simply do not study, drop out of school in 2011 to concentrate on doing the video.

What can the game play?

A drop out of school, parents cut off his source of income. He had to work in a hot dog shop during the day, doing video at night. At that time PewDiePie subscribers only 30,000, fans rose very slowly.


Until he started playing the PC Horror Survival Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


▲ fans later satirical PewDiePie play "amnesia" scared to run the comic

With the "Resident Evil" can play different zombies, this first-person game, the player can not use any weapons, can only hold a small broken oil lamp endless endless move forward, met suddenly sprang to the Monster can only rely on escape and hide & hellip;


He found that all the sudden out of what the ghost scared him half to death, screaming fragments of the views are particularly high. He put himself from the chair scared to jump up in the room to find the moments like a fragment of the cut together, and constantly out of the set - mdash; & mdash; a result of a fire!


To rely on the ghost roar ghost called a move fresh, PewDiePie do countless "languid players ten wonderful moments" and the like collection. Since then embarked on the "Yan Yi BOY", "God emperor" red network of no return:

In July 2012, one million

September 2012, 2 million

April 2013, 6 million

In June 2013, 9 million

August 2013, 12 million

12 million fans in one fell swoop over the perennial subscription number one subscription funny duo Smosh, boarded the "tubing king" throne, since then riding a ride, no one beyond.


As of December 2016, PewDiePie subscriptions fans have exceeded 49 million!

An average of every 1.038 seconds there is a subscription to him;

The history of the pipeline to watch the total number of times more than 10 billion times the channel;

Each video has fans around the world, including Chinese, including 23 languages ​​subtitles;

Even his girlfriend CutiePieMarzia tubing channel has more than 600 million fans & hellip;


▲ PewDiePie video at the beginning of the sign action "Brofist" brothers boxing ~

So red, the income naturally quite amazing. According to "Forbes" magazine, PewDiePie's personal annual pretax income in 2015 is about $ 12 million, more than most of the world's top 500 CEOs, and Hollywood actress Anne & Middot; Hathaway at one level. In other words, whether it is the number of fans, or income, PewDiePie can deservedly be called "the world's first network of red".


▲ PewDiePie as the protagonist of the pixel wind game

What can the game play?

PewDiePie's parents should be glad that did not learn the practice of the ancient oriental mysterious country, the "Internet addiction boy" package delivery to the brick house called the beast to do treatment. Play the game not only get rich, become the world's first network of red, there are free to send the game to play!

Not long ago, PewDiePie excited like a child in the Instagram on the new game in the sun, instant harvest 380,000 praise:


▲ XBOX UK to PewDiePie limited edition host

This special custom version of the host, the pattern is PewDiePie studio background "eye of art" (with dense phobia design style body is really a wood), was not listed. Today, the package fork to give you the evaluation of the protagonist is that this Taiwan has just been sold in the domestic "red with the same paragraph" game:

Xbox One S


▲ network red self-timer an evaluation of the protagonist: Xbox One S

PewDiePie likes to play Xbox, one of his most watched videos, "South Park: the stick of truth" is to play with Xbox 360 & mdash; & mdash; and just myself! like! Huan! Xbox! (Well, this is my first net and the world tu ha hao only common property you do not Tucao I TvT)


Think of how my network name to you? Fork = X, packet = Box it! I was using life with the salt on Xbox! There are wood there! This is my fifth Xbox One ~ :)

Xbox One S (hereinafter referred to as X1S) As the name implies, S on behalf of the "slim", this small facelift compared to the first generation of Xbox One major evolution in the following areas:

More beautiful

A white cover 100 ugly


X1S changed the appearance of the old models of black cool, with a small fresh bursting white, people feel like a Japanese-made aroma machine, not the game. Used to match the Department of logs of the home style and then appropriate. Interestingly, the previous generation console Xbox 360 debut is white, facelift thin version of the Xbox 360 Slim but is black. It seems black and white classic color will always be the main theme of the Xbox.


Large and thick tile power finally not it! In the case of body slimming 40%, X1S also power to a fully built-in.


The above is X1S a power cord plug and play; following for the Xbox One old model "brick" external power supply. This really can consider travel, vacation time to bring the hotel to play yo!


Although the slim after slimming many, but the interface is complete, in the fuselage lined up: 1 HDMI output, 1 HDMI input; 2 USB interface (body in front of 1); IR output; fiber audio output ; Ethernet cable interface. You may ask Kinect interface? The answer is to cancel the private interface. If you bought Kinect before Microsoft website to apply for a free transfer cable, plug it into the USB interface.


X1S can also be placed vertically to further save space.


Buy a new TV in the end cattle do not Niubi? With X1S when according to a demon mirror about to know

X1S overall performance and old models, chip process improvement, the GPU clocked up about 7%. If you are looking for a full-scale upgrade of the game screen, you can and PlayStation 4 Pro a higher host, it has to wait for the end of next year's "Scorpio Plan" (Project Scorpio).


X1S biggest evolution, is to bring a powerful video output capability: X1S full support for 4K and HDR output, which is the current high-definition TV's two popular concepts.


4K is 4 times the "Full HD FullHD" 1080P "ultra-high-definition UHD" resolution, there are 3840 × 2160 and 4096 × 2160 pixels two specifications. Higher resolution, the screen will be more details.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) refers to the "high dynamic range", simply say "brighter brighter, darker darker", the screen shade contrast closer to the real world. This year the world's best racing racing game "extreme racing: Horizon 3" and pinned countless players feelings Simplified Chinese version of "Final Fantasy 15" and other Xbox One games support HDR effect yo!


4K + HDR Why such a fire? Because it has a revolutionary significance to improve picture quality ~ Please draw the following key: (Knock on the blackboard!)

For games, higher resolution support means more HD textures, more screen content, and greater presence - but do not spend a lot of money to assemble high-profile gaming computers. There are already many Xbox One on the 3A masterpiece for the 4K were optimized, such as "Radiation 4" and "Tomb Raider: Rise", the future will be more. Even the old game, will get interpolation to adapt to 4K output.


For video, the X1S is the most affordable 4K Blu-ray HDR player on the market today, and supports both streaming video and Ultra HD Blu-ray sources (rival PS4 does not support 4K streaming media). Ultra HD Blu-ray discs using the new HEVC format encoding, than the current high-definition network resources common H.264 / MPEG-4 to be much more advanced. The new encoding supports 4K, 8K resolution, HDR, 10bit color depth and Rec.2020 wide color gamut (more extensive than the iPhone DCI-P3 color gamut) - that is, the future of the home theater must be like this Film source, be considered qualified. Now you from the Internet under a movie 10GB or so "1080P.BDrip" with UHD Blu-ray discs are slag ~ (⊙ o ⊙)


So if you intend to purchase the recent high-end high-definition TV, remember to choose to support the 4K + HDR models. You can not tell or worry about being promoters get dizzy does not matter, bring X1S and a HDMI cable, built-in menu will automatically detect whether the TV supports 4K and HDR!


With HDMI directly connected to the TV, enter the system menu "Settings> Advanced Video Settings" to see whether your TV supports 4K, HDR, 60 frames and other advanced features. This appliance store in a variety of marvelous propaganda, that is, according to demon mirror. You can see that I currently use the 4K surface TV does not support HDR & mdash; Which TV manufacturers father of their products have confidence, please drop me to send me evaluation, ha ha ha.


Hard disk capacity up to 2TB yo


X1S in the built-in storage has 500GB, 1TB, 2TB three kinds of capacity, the current version of the country are 1T, much older than the old friends. USB 3.0 hard drive plug-in although the program is cost-effective, but this is not to light and thin more light?

More quiet

Late at night the game itself will be scared


The X1S operates with virtually no audible noise and is quieter than older models. Thanks to the new internal thermal design and "Moore's Law". As long as the headphones, you can enjoy the fun of the game alone late at night - m afraid to play the game of terror, then the root pin can hear the same as with the PewDiePie as scared to jump up.


Handle more comfortable, support for Bluetooth


With the machine comes with a white wireless controller also slightly evolved. The first increase in the handle inside the granular convex design, a non-slip effect, so hold a better grip. Second, the Xbox wireless controller finally supports 3.5mm standard headphone jack and Bluetooth. This means that you can not plug in additional wireless receiver, direct Bluetooth connection Windows 10 computer, you can use when the PC handle it!

Test machine experience

Thrown into the "Call of Duty: endless war" (Call of Duty: Infinite Wars) the US version of the CD, successfully installed + online update. This game has simplified Chinese subtitles yo ~ and then try to play after what you see my gun has been attached to my family Ginger! . .

Evaluation summary


X1S is an excellent choice for digital products at the end of the year. If you or your family and friends have recently purchased a UHD TV, then this is its best partner. If you have not already bought high-definition game console, then this will be your ideal for the first time.


The game has long been from electronic toys into a lot of family living room entertainment center, HDTV the best source of video content, and constantly refresh the forefront of digital entertainment technology, black products. The significance of video games is more than entertainment, it is also a cognitive world and even explore the future of interesting way. In any case, I believe you will gain between a family more and more rare, and accompany each other happy time.



Those practical, kind, full of aspects of the tube

  • More stylish, thinner, stronger, bigger, quieter, and cooler than the older models of the Xbox One
  • The cheapest 4K HDR streaming and Ultra HD Blu-ray players on the market today can take full advantage of the high-end UHD TV / monitor
  • Nationwide host compatible with overseas version of the Blu-ray game disc, so you can still play simultaneously to the introduction of the overseas version of the game


These points you should pay more attention

  • The current host suite does not include Kinect, the body has no Kinect interface, want to play somatosensory game to buy another. If you have purchased Xbox One before the Kinect, then go to Microsoft's official website application, you can get a free USB cable
  • Currently 4K HDR video, Ultra HD Blu-ray resources are still relatively limited

(If you have questions about this game, or need to buy the proposal, please leave a message in the micro message, or ask me on the microblogging @ small fork, I would be happy to answer your questions.


▲ book from PewDiePie "This Book Loves You"

Everyone Loves Pizza. "The Chinese to the effect that" when Luo Yonghao, when Guo Degang. "... Everyone loves Guo Degang. & Rdquo;

And on the game this thing, I want to say is:

Don & rsquo; t Be a Lonely Boy, Get an Xbox!


Special thanks to: Microsoft China

Watermarked pictures of the text are my shooting

Other images are from the public domain of the network / copyright gallery / authorized

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