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Oracle finally fired on non-paying Java users

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Do you still think that Java is free? Think again! (2017 you will owe us a lot of money)

Six years after the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle is aggressively scrutinizing Java customers who violate its licenses.

More and more Oracle customers and partners were Larry & middot; Ellison's team interviews, saying they did not comply with Java rules.

Oracle in 2010Acquired Sun Microsystems, Informed sources said that its license management services (LMS) is now everywhere to recover payment.

The database giant currently employs 20 people worldwide to pursue payments against companies that violate Java licenses.

In response, the Industry Compliance Panel is also expanding its ranks, recruiting more Java specialists, and expanding its budget to respond to and participate in more litigation from the LMS in 2017. Which involves too many of the money interest, each customer may be involved in the amount of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Java version in the event is Java SE, available in three ways, from $ 40 to $ 300 per user, or $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 per processor.

The Register learned that a customer with 80,000 PCs in the retail industry had received a notice from Oracle saying it violated a Java license. Oracle also told another customer that it owed $ 100,000, but this debt can now offer $ 30,000.

Experts recommend careful download of Java SE, which should be reviewed and prepared for use before the LMS calls. The gurus told The Register that customers seeking Java licensing help were on the rise, and that they had already been notified by LMS in the second half of 2016.

"Oracle has the problem as a starting point to deal with," a reluctant to disclose the name of the expert toldThe Regwebsite. Our sources indicate that the number of inquiries for such information has been increasing over the past five months.

Craig Guarente, CEO and founder of Palisade Compliance, tells us that Oracle's LMS does not matter whether you are a customer or a partner.

He told us, "Oracle is targeting mates at partners, and these are helping Oracle's company." Partners want to know, how can Oracle treat them like this?

Guarente said: "Because of Oracle's constant push, making Java and our customers more and more close relationship between. & Rdquo;

The fundamental reason is that we all know the Java error, that Java is free!

This false sense can be traced back to the Sun Microsystems era; under the leadership of Sun Java is free in Oracle is! But Sun has been charging licenses for companies like IBM and manufacturers of Blu-ray players. Although the vast majority of users are free of charge. This is because Sun uses Java to help it sell a variety of systems.

And now Oracle decided to make the pace of commercialization of Java faster.

Java SE is a comprehensive, all-inclusive download, including Java SE Advanced Desktop, which was launched in February 2014, and Java SE Advanced and Java SE Suite, which were introduced in May 2011.

Java SE is free Yes, but Java SE Advanced Desktop, Advanced and Suite is not free. Such as the need to pay $ 300 per user and $ 66 service support costs; if the processor is calculated, then a single processor needs $ 15,000 and $ 3300 in service support costs. Java SE includes free JDK and JRE, but Advanced Desktop, Advanced and Suite and some additional features are charged, such as Java Mission Control and Flight Recorder (also known as JRockit Mission Control and JRockit Flight Recorder)

There is also a Microsoft Windows Installer Enterprise JRE Installer for large-scale Java deployments.

Oracle defines Java SE is free of the premise that "general computing" - mdash; related equipment, including desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs. Oracle licenses are not free of charge as a specialized embedded computer in an intelligent system, and Oracle later complements other devices, including mobile phones, handhelds, network switches, and Blu-ray players.

Sounds simple enough, is not it? But customers are increasingly constrained by LMS on these devices. There is no way to pay those who are willing to pay Java SE sub-products from the free Java SE umbrella in the stripped off, Oracle itself does not provide independent installation software.

So you can only become a Java SE Suite this hodgepodge of users, although you only want a part of the content, and then according to the requirements of Oracle to pay.

If you want to deploy Java SE on a large scale, you need the Microsoft Windows Installer Enterprise JRE Installer tool, which is not part of the free Java SE.

"People have not realized," Guarente was rightThe RegSaid: "They think that Java is free, because it is open source, so you can use. In fact, this is not written Java agreement is not clear, but people have a misunderstanding of it. & Rdquo;

Our compliance expert, who asked not to be named, added:

If you download Java you get all the Java content, you need to ensure that you only have the right to use that part of you, while deleting useless content. The use of any feature that requires payment is a commercial use. Agreement "general purpose" is a very vague definition, which is the reason for a lot of disputes.

When you, as an organization, distribute something that contains Java to the end user - mdash; and more and more companies are distributing applications to get customers products and services, these are not "general purpose", and now Oracle wants to From which to make money!

Why did Oracle choose to do so six years after acquiring Sun?

We think this is because Oracle's LMS is in a more detailed understanding of all aspects of Java, and the design of targeted audit methods.

LMS is now ready in 2017 for Java SE users shot!

"I expect Oracle in 2017 will increase investment in this area," Guarente toldThe Reg"All the trends show that Oracle's LMS audit team is becoming more aggressive, and is actively working to get more revenue in this area." I do not think 2017 we can see a kind, gentle Oracle. & Rdquo;

what should we do?

An expert who asked not to be named warned: "If you download Java, you get all the Java stuff. You need to ensure that you only install the components you have rights to, and those you do not use the best to delete the content.

If you are already using Java, make sure you are really using the specific components, and how they are being used. Please validate these issues before Oracle can find you. & Rdquo;

Although The Register Web site in the request, but Oracle has not yet comment on this article.

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