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Tencent Ali fierce battle Thailand, Ma and Ma to fight World War II?

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A few days ago in Thailand tourism, concerned about a message: Tencent wholly-owned acquisition of Thailand portal Sanook.com, and the latter renamed Tencent (Thailand) company. Sanook.com is one of the largest portals in Thailand, with 30 million users, by young people like Thailand, 2010, Tencent acquired Sanook49.9% of the shares, now wholly-owned acquisition shows that Tencent is speeding up the layout of Thailand , Is also accelerating the pace of internationalization, before that, Tencent has long been doing business in Thailand, its rival Ali in China under the same cloth heavily.


Tencent massive attack on the Thai market

Tencent's second-quarter earnings announcement, WeChat overseas users has exceeded 200 million, reaching one-third of Chinese users. From the "people near" view, WeChat in Thailand has been developed. I opened in Phuket, "near the people" to see many of the accounts are Thai faces - mdash; chat will find a lot of Chinese tourists to introduce Simon's performance of the intermediary services like.


June this year, Tencent launched in Hong Kong's streaming music applications JOOX Music won the first place in Thailand, the music player is called "QQ music overseas edition". In the Thai market, there is a business Tencent rapid progress, very low-key, that is WeChat payment, I noticed that Thailand's convenience stores, duty-free shops and other occasions have to support WeChat payment, according to my observation, the Chinese in Thailand 7-11 Has been accustomed to choose to WeChat payment or pay treasure wallet, not the baht.

Can be seen, Tencent is the core of its social, cultural and information services to Thailand, the acquisition of Sanook is to create a core business platform and overseas unified brand, and thus bring more related business into Thailand, "a belt A "Tencent in the Chinese market expansion of business routine.

Ali planted heavily in the Thai market

Tencent in the massive attack on Thailand, Ali also planted heavily.

In November this year, Alibaba and Thailand's largest consortium's Chia Tai Group, ants financial investment Zhengda's Ascend Money, to promote Alipay's popularity in Thailand, the first start from 7-11. This cooperation signing ceremony, Ma personally attended, we can see Alibaba's attention to the Thai market dynamics. In Thailand, I noticed that during the payment of Bao Bao and WeChat to pay regardless of Zhong Bo, are very popular.

Alibaba in Thailand there is a key business is electricity, globalization is the focus of the last two years, the lynx, its proposed "global buy, global sell" strategy, contains two meanings:

  • On the one hand, to help Chinese people to better buy overseas products;
  • On the other hand, to allow overseas users to buy and buy with a day cat Taobao, let buyers buy the world at the same time, the seller can sell the world.

Thailand is well received by Chinese users like latex pillow, rice, essential oils, durian stem and other products, while the local electricity market in Thailand there is a huge room for growth, Alibaba has high hopes, Lynx has invited local well-known businessmen Settled, the most popular Chinese KingPower duty-free shops also opened a flagship store in the Lynx, Lynx is also preparing to Thailand's rich tropical fruit moved to online sales, and now, consumers can travel to Thailand under the cat Single purchase from Thailand's specialty, home delivery. This year, Ali also to 1 billion US dollars of high prices, to buy Southeast Asia's largest electricity supplier Lazada, Alibaba set a single record of overseas investment.

If you think Ma ambitions in the Thai market only Alipay and the Lynx would be wrong.

This year in December,Thai government and business delegation to reach a cooperation agreement with Alibaba, in the electricity providers, SME development, personnel training and logistics supply chain in all areas of comprehensive cooperation, Thailand hopes to make Ma to promote the development of Thai electricity providers, to create "Thailand 4.0", and The future of "cash-free community".This cooperation to Alibaba in the government resource level advantage is more obvious, is conducive to the promotion of a number of projects - mdash; with local government depth cooperation is very important for the localization.

In October, the death of King Bhumibol of Thailand, Ma in person to pay tribute to the scene of condolence, and wrote in the mourning: "His Majesty to rule the country with the Buddha, I see the people of Thailand, the face always smile, Deposit Ren thick. "This reflects the importance of Alibaba in the Thai market, and has been with the Thai government to maintain a direct relationship.

Why the Internet giants attach importance to Thailand?

In the Chinese Internet market played in full swing "two-horse war" has been extended to overseas, especially in Thailand, Ali and Tencent appetite is very large, related to payment, electricity, social, information many business areas, Ali is Ma personally supervise the war.

Internet business in the United States the most successful globalization must be the European market rather than Asia, the Internet company to a completely unfamiliar city to open up the market, compared to the high penetration of the Chinese market is much more difficult.Nearly the geographical location of the population, more Chinese tourists, the Internet is still developing in Southeast Asia is an excellent springboard for the globalization of Chinese technology giants, Thailand is the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, With more than 60 million people, a large number of Chinese and tourism resources, coupled with very close from China, has become the preferred destination for Chinese users outbound, so the Internet giant in Thailand is also regarded as the bridgehead of globalization, in fact , 2014 millet decided to go international strategy, Lei Jun millet on the sea of ​​planning is also a starting point in Southeast Asia.

Baidu map has also entered the Thai market, Thailand has become the first choice for Chinese users to travel maps, Baidu is also the Southeast Asian market, the market is still in the Thai market, Launched the exclusive security software, it can be said, BAT has gathered in the Thai market.

During the Christmas New Year, Thailand KingPower duty-free shops are setting off a Chinese commonplace activities: subsidy war, WeChat payment pay a random offer, UnionPay launched a brush over 3000 activities by 600. Visible is not just the Internet companies have high hopes for the Thai market, mobile phone manufacturers and even UnionPay, have been targeting the Thai market, into Southeast Asia.

Chinese Internet companies plan the world

Thailand is a bridgehead, Southeast Asia is a springboard, the Chinese Internet companies are planning the world.

With the arrival of the second half of the Internet, the Chinese market demographic dividend disappeared is the industry consensus. Three years ago, only cheetah, UC, such as digital tools for a long time to dare to take the "overseas encircle China" route, today, globalization has become the Internet giant consensus, even we think it is difficult to global finance , O2O, electricity business and cultural business, but also overseas to seek growth opportunities.

On the one hand, the Chinese market ushered in the ceiling, for all Internet giants, to seek new growth is nothing less than three ways: to sink, go out and new areas, BAT these three roads are in the internationalization of a long time ago in the attempt, Baidu announced in 2006 to high-profile international, but today, the Internet giant's willingness to go out to an unprecedented strong.

On the other hand, the Chinese Internet in the past few years to achieve a corner overtaking, in the mobile payment, e-commerce, cloud computing, O2O and entertainment areas such as the level has to catch up with American counterparts, And even better performance in some areas, such as two-dimensional code to pay and live, these successful experience for the Internet giant to create the conditions for the sea, and even dare to go to developed markets and overseas giants under a high. From the WeChat and PayPal purse in Thailand to carry out "subsidies war" can see the Internet giant in China will be accumulated experience and routines copied to overseas, their business experience in Thailand, will also be copied to the world.

The world is becoming more and more flat, globalization has become increasingly important and increasingly easy, this is China's Internet companies new opportunities, ambitious giants want to become a global Internet company.

Ali and Tencent between the world war

In globalization, Tencent and Ali's ideas are different.

Back in 2005, Tencent has set up an international business unit, in business, investment and talent to achieve globalization in many dimensions.

Tencent attaches great importance to the role of WeChat leveraging, Mr. Ma had a few years ago, "tragic" said: "International into or not, Tencent in this life on this opportunity (micro letter)." "WeChat Tencent is now the main force of the sea, even WeChat payment is also inseparable from the mother of WeChat." Also, Tencent attaches great importance to investment in the layout, Tencent had invested in dozens of overseas companies in 2014, focused on the game, but there are SnapChat, Fab.com this star company, this year, Tencent spent 8.6 billion acquisition of "tribal conflict "Game developers SuperCell, Tencent created a new record of foreign investment," WeChat + investment "Tencent overseas layout is the two key points.

Alibaba after the listing of a clear globalization strategy, appetite - it wants to move the entire Ali ecosystem to go overseas, not just a single business or a single dimension.

  • Logistics: In 2014, Alibaba to 249 million US dollars investment in Singapore Post, rookie network after the start with the rest of the world's postal and logistics providers docking, build a global logistics service network, lay the foundation for the globalization of electricity providers.
  • From the carnival changed its name to "Global Carnival", and access to the Macy's and other overseas retail giants, this year, "the world's largest retailer, , Ali Lazada spending huge sums of money to strengthen the layout of Southeast Asian electricity providers.
  • Financial: ants gold suit is another branch of Alibaba globalization, this year the ant gold service on the Indian version of Alipay Paytm to invest in earlier before with Japan's largest business platform Lotte, the US online payment company Stripe, the European tax rebate agency Switzerland Global Blue Alliance to reach cooperation, but also investment in the Korean Internet bank K-Bank.
  • Cloud Computing: Ali cloud through the establishment of data centers in Singapore, the Middle East and other ways with the AWS, GCE and other cloud computing giants in the world competition.
  • Entertainment: UC before being acquired by Ali in India and other overseas markets have a firm foothold, Ali entertainment content to provide the basis for globalization.

In addition to the overall globalization of business, Ali globalization there are several dimensions:

  • Investment: In the investment level, Alibaba action frequently, investment in Tango, Pepper, MagicLeap, Lazada and other overseas business.


  • Brand: At the brand level, Alibaba simultaneously strengthen the international image, not long ago to "Alibaba YunOS Auto" title of the Club World Cup such a global event.
  • Government: Ma and I continue to British Prime Minister David Cameron, Indian Prime Minister Moody and other political interaction, and promote the purpose of globalization Ali obvious. Alibaba and Thailand, the United Kingdom, India and other countries to reach the depth of government cooperation, Ma in the G20 General Assembly proposed eWTP (World Electronic Trade Platform) hopes to make the world's 2 billion young people at any time by phone to do global business, Sell.

Relatively speaking, Alibaba on a more systematic globalization. Ali Department of business can go to sea, all in the sea, the entire ecosystem in the overseas replication. In addition to business, brand, investment has a corresponding action. Alibaba pay more attention to top-level design, such as official strategic cooperation with the government, such as similar to eWTP such initiatives.

Once with the 3G gateway to the success of the internationalization of the internationalization of Zhang Xiangdong has a definition:

The first layer, the user internationalization, overseas users accounted for more than 50%;

The second layer, the income of internationalization, the share of income from overseas accounted for more than 50%;

The third layer, brand internationalization, brand in overseas users to establish visibility, trust, reputation and influence.

Now it seems that Ali and Tencent's international road has just begun, I believe that Ali and Tencent battle the Thai market, but their overseas war tip of the iceberg, In trying to internationalize, 2017 to the sea or will become a core direction of the Chinese Internet market.

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