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Windows 10 computer does not shut down for a long time will change card?

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I believe that Mac users will be proud to use: the Mac never shut down, go when the closed, with the time to open. The other hand, Windows computers, three days will not shut down the idea of ​​card into the dog is still deeply printed in the minds of most people. Windows from the most familiar xp to today's Win10, has iterated multiple versions, a long time does not turn off the chance to change the card situation still exists?

In order to verify this problem, I deliberately let their work machine has been used to keep the boot state, even the automatic sleep is turned off. As of now (I write this time 2016.12.30), which installed a Win10 Professional Edition computer has been a continuous boot for nearly 12 days, the task time of not less than 100 hours. But this computer does not appear serious Caton, or even restart the situation, and usually use and not much different. That "Windows computer for a long time do not turn the opportunity to change the card," the conclusion is how come it?

WindowsWindows 10 电脑长时间不关机还会变卡吗?

In fact, this conclusion appeared quite early, from the author began to contact the computer to listen to others said, but specifically because of what, no one can say understand. But many people should be used Andrews mobile phone, the former Andrews is the more use of the card, need to frequently brush machine, and now few people have complained Andrews card or brush machine. From this example, we can see that Windows is actually the case.

The old system itself defects

If you used XP before the system may be more profound experience. At that time the Windows system is still relatively fragile, many problems, even a very wide penetration rate of XP are often affected by the blue screen, and later replaced XP's Vista is in a short time to see. These systems own shortcomings lead to computer boot time is long, then there will be a lot of system errors, slow down the hardware, thus forming the boot time the longer the card phenomenon.

WindowsWindows 10 电脑长时间不关机还会变卡吗?

Early computer hardware foundation is poor

Core processor can be regarded as the emergence of consumer-level CPU development of a watershed, before the processor performance is weak, power consumption is also high. Other hardware such as hard drive speed is very slow, even if not a long time to boot, the computer in dealing with some of the more computationally intensive things will still appear Caton situation. Long boot the system may be some software errors, coupled with their own performance is not strong, it shows the more you use the card, restart after the improvement.

Software self-discipline is poor

This problem not only appears in the Andrews, also appeared in Windows, Windows rogue software is very famous, or will not appear so many security guards or housekeeper. Windows not only "family barrels", and "partners". Software vendors to help each other, leading to the computer useless software more and more, and then wake each other, help each other, take up system resources.

An easy way to reduce the Caton case

These problems have a common characteristic, that is, are already in the past, to the author's own experience, it has rarely occurred for a long time to start the computer card. If your computer is nearly two years of new products, there is still such a situation, you can carry out these operations:

Check the hard disk for any problems

WindowsWindows 10 电脑长时间不关机还会变卡吗?

If a performance enough computer suddenly Caton, or run a specific program Caton, you may need to check the hard disk is a problem, most likely a hard disk bad sectors. The simplest detection method is to use the hard disk detection software detection again.

Upgrade the latest system

I believe there are a lot of people stick to XP, but have to say is that the current Win10 really very easy to use, powerful and stable operation. We recommend that you can conditional upgrade the latest Win10, if the views of Win10, Win7 is also recommended. XP is too old, Vista, Win8 as a transitional system, is not perfect.

Disable unwanted self-starting programs

Often in contact with the guard, the housekeeper of the Kai is no stranger to the use of optimization software can be very convenient to achieve. For no optimization software friends, Win10 task manager can easily disable some self-Kai program.

I believe that after the above operation, a long time to change the symptoms of the card will be greatly improved. Of course, we have to point out two incorrect ideas, first, C disk space does not affect the remaining system speed, the idea is mainly due to virtual memory, with the memory capacity increases, the role of virtual memory To re-install the system is not the best way to solve the problem, a lot of system problems can be solved by a simple operation, reinstall the system is undoubtedly an increase in the burden on the hard disk, Therefore, we first encountered problems suggest that the first search and then decide whether to reload the solution.

Here we can conclude that if your computer is the last two years to buy, and also install the latest version of Windows 10 system, then a long boot, then there will not be Caton's situation. Notebook users can safely close left, and Windows 10 will be "intimate" and automatically install the update and restart, so we do not need to worry about this problem.

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