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MIX will be released in the White MIX, Huawei are knocking on the US mobile phone market, millet there?

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CES officially launched the first day of the 2016 line of millet, rice home new products have moved to CES exhibition millet, also in Las Vegas held the first conference in 2017, with 3 new products into the 17 Year US consumer electronics market.

White millet MIX, millet routing HD, there are new millet TV 4


As expected, the first appearance of the white version of the millet MIX, and before the various exposure is almost the same, the white version of millet MIX in the performance configuration and the standard version of the black MIX no difference, but the appearance changed from black to white, still using Ceramic body. Although the millet is not announced at the press conference the official price of the white version of millet MIX in the United States, but it will become official millet in the US market officially opened the first sale of millet phone.


Millet is the new router: mil router HD, built-in 8TB storage version is priced at $ 500, built-in 1TB storage space for $ 200.


In the end of last year, the United States market millet TV box received a good market feedback, the millet is also the United States starting millet TV 4, the new design of millet TV 4 in the overall appearance of millet TV to maintain the split design, border The design has been tweaked to emphasize the narrow borders of the screen. The position of the screen tripod becomes transparent. In support of millet flagship PatchWall also joined the Dolby sound support.


Millet TV 4 a total of 49,55,65 inch three sizes for consumers to choose, 65-inch stand-alone version is priced at $ 1,500, supporting Dolby sound millet home theater 65-inch version is priced at 2,000 US dollars.

This is not millet for the first time in the United States development conference

In fact, in 2015, Millet has been held in San Francisco, their first conference in the United States, millet president Lin Bin with dozens of pages of PPT introduced to the media millet history, sales of products and development status, emphasizing the millet is not A hardware company, but a network company. Subsequently, the senior vice president of millet Hugo Bara spent nearly half an hour, detailing the MIUI design and function, followed by Lin Bin on stage again, describes the millet in the "smart home" aspects of "ambition", and " And said the field has a "great opportunity".


But that conference, the millet also said that there is no plan to sell mobile phones in the United States, but will be in the next few months, began selling in the US market, charging Po, headphones and other peripheral product.

In May 2016, millet mall in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, four countries officially launched four millet products, including millet bracelets, headphones and two mobile power. These products in the domestic stocking, snapped up abroad, sought after by consumers, then in the Amazon's unofficial channels, the official price of $ 15 millet bracelet has also been priced at $ 69 for sale.


16 years in October, millet box officially sold in the United States, 6 hours was sold out. Millet products in the domestic cost-effective advantage to the same foreign useful, many consumers in the snapped up these products, it also said that millet phone officially entered the US market.

Although the millet phone can be regarded as relatively late into the US market, but in fact to allow mobile phones to enter the US market, millet has long been started in this area layout.

Millet into the global market ambitions, starting from the large-scale purchase of patents

Chinese manufacturers to enter foreign markets, the biggest problem is often a large number of patent infringement litigation. As the overseas market after the inbound, the lack of Chinese enterprises patent reserves tend to lose out overseas, by competitors in patent litigation played on the naked.

300:300: Film directed by Zack Snyder starring Gerard Butler; Lena Headey; Rodrigo Santoro; cinema; movie; Peplum; War; History; Action; American; 2007 300 : Film réalisé par Zack Snyder avec Gerard Butler; Lena Headey; Rodrigo Santoro; cinema; film; Péplum; Guerre; Historique; Action; Américain; 2007 NOTE: this is a PR photo. SUNSETBOX does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Fees charged by SUNSETBOX are for SUNSETBOX's services only, and do not, nor are they intended to, convey to the user any ownership of Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material, the user expressly agrees to indemnify and to hold SUNSETBOX harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material

Patent from the application to the authorization generally need to go through 3-5 years or even longer. So in the short term in order to catch up with competitors, can only be purchased through a third party. Although millet until today's announcement was officially announced to enter the US market, but in fact, the last two years, millet has begun its own layout on the patent reserves.

According to 2016 ROL Law Firm recently released 2016 US patent market report shows that the economy, 2016 a total of 772 patent assets package appears in the list of the shot, a total of 11,000 patents. The highlight of the whole report is that millet first appeared in the buyer list, and suddenly discharged to the fourth.


In the United States large-scale purchase of patents, I am afraid, or from 2014 millet experience in India. At that time the High Court of India ruled that millet violation of Ericsson's standard core patent portfolio, and issued a ban, requiring millet to stop selling and importing in India suspected of patent infringement mobile phone.

In June 1, 2016, Microsoft also sold more than 1,500 patents to the millet, but did not disclose the transaction price. In addition, the two sides also reached a patent cross-licensing agreement, at the same time, millet variety of smart phones, tablet will be pre-installed, including Office, Skype, Microsoft's products.


Before today's announcement, millet technology and global intellectual property solutions provider Via Licensing announced that the two sides have reached an agreement, Via agrees millet to use its Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) patent pool under the patented technology. Millet products sold around the world can use this technology, through high compression efficiency so that consumers enjoy high-quality audio, and reduce the consumption of traffic and computing needs. The layout of this aspect for the millet TV overseas marketing sweeping the patent barriers.

To solve the problem on the patent, almost for the millet in the overseas market layout bypassed the most solid technical barriers. The next to face, that is, the main product line and marketing challenges.

Huawei have access to the US market, millet there?


China's mobile phone manufacturers in overseas markets, the largest shipments or Huawei. At the end of October this year, IDC released the third quarter of 2016 global smartphone research report, Huawei's global shipments are still ranked third in the position, accounting for 9.3% of the global share, and Samsung and Apple's advantages are shrinking .


However, Huawei's position in the US market and no data looks so bright. Many times subject to the US government in the "security issue" the above questioned at the same time, mainly in the US market to sell low-end machines in the media coverage of Huawei's reputation is also not very good. On the other hand, Huawei's own R & D chip used in the adaptation of the US carrier band need to make greater changes, indeed from the technical or from the marketing difficulty is relatively large.


In contrast, millet, the decline in the performance of the domestic market is in fact obvious to all. OPPO and vivo emphasized the line of sales, making the market share of blue and green plant in 2016 after the first year of the year has been a gratifying rally, the top two in the domestic top, but also the millet into the domestic share of the fourth Position.


Fortunately, millet in the second half of the final release of the two mobile phones: Millet Note 2 and millet MIX, millet to create a good market public opinion, and the main appearance of differentiated and unique technology millet MIX, also attracted domestic consumers in the pendulum MIX prototype on the millet, many consumers are very curious to enter the line under the millet home experience the real machine. MIX just opened when the sale of colorful city millet home, crowded no less than the iPhone 7 on sale when the Apple store.


In foreign media reports, millet MIX also received a lot of praise, foreign media Android Authority has launched a vote, ask friends if the millet MIX landing the United States, we are willing to buy, the results of up to 73% of users choose Yes, only 7% do not like, in addition to 18% of people waiting to wait and see evaluation. The millet will MIX direct sale in the United States, should be able to attract a large number of long-awaited foreign consumers.


2016 third quarter of the US market, Apple to 39% market share firmly occupy the first position, the second Samsung market share of 23%. But the last quarter of the Galaxy Note spontaneous combustion and the final sale of the storm is undoubtedly the biggest blow to Samsung, but also to the millet in the US market to seize the high-end flagship Android share opportunities.

In addition, as more and more rice products also enter the US market, millet in the eyes of the user's image in the United States will no longer be a well-known Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, but with a number of equipment line of Internet companies. When a consumer may initially just want to simply buy a TV box, or a smart bracelet, the same brand of smart phones will attract the consumer's desire to buy.

Finally, take a look at the US market before the three Android brands: Samsung, LG, TCL (Alcatel). Dumb fire Samsung still hold the big move, LG and TCL's mobile phone product line, I am afraid there is nothing more than the MIX MIX more attractive to consumers.

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