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Amazon did not come to "Las Vegas", but its products are all over every corner of CES

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亚马逊没来「赌城」,但它的产品却遍布亚马逊没来「赌城」,但它的产品却遍布 CES 各个角落

Do you know what these different categories of products have in common? In fact, they are equipped with Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, allows us to get rid of the hands of a lot of equipment to complete the operation with voice.


Ford and Alexa linkage effect

It is interesting that this is not a formal exhibition of Amazon, you can not find its booth, but this does not prevent Alexa like air everywhere.

CES will have 700 Alexa devices

CES in the end how much is equipped with Alexa products? The answer may be 700. A media campaign before this, CTA (CES 2003) chief economist DuBravac Alexa said Amazon currently has support for 1500 different applications, the next few days there will be 700 collocation the voice assistant equipment at CES.


Samsung's sweeping robot VR7000 can be controlled using Alexa

The popularity of the other side can also: the reaction of Alexa CES on mediaCNETandVerge TheDedicated to the Alexa set up a special page, constantly updated in the CES this year, the relevant equipment.

屏幕快照屏幕快照 2017-01-05 下午 1.16.51.png

Verge The website screenshot

Currently equipped with Alexa devices can be divided into two categories. One is the device itself is equipped with a speaker and microphone, can be directly embedded in the Alexa service. The other is through the Amazon speaker Echo, Echo Dot to control, you can achieve the approximate effect.

In fact, we look back on the development process of Alexa, we will find a transformation from the device to the third party equipment. By the end of 2014, Amazon released a smart audio Echo, it is the first equipped with Alexa devices.


In early 2016, Amazon has brought Amazon Tap and Echo Dot two products, of which Echo Dot worth mentioning. Much like removing the speaker version of the Echo (although the Echo Dot also has a low-power horn).

Echo Dot is much smaller than Echo, the price is only 1/3 of the latter ($49.99), but its function and Echo almost identical, retained by saying "Alexa" wake voice assistant function.


Through the 3.5mm audio cable, Echo Dot can make almost any traditional speakers become intelligent, so that many of the old equipment can enjoy the new technology of the amazon. But it really makes Alexa popular, because Amazon turned it into an open source project.

Voice control is the next wave of smart devices

In recent years, a variety of equipment through increased access to the Internet, mobile phone remote control "transformed" has become intelligent equipment. But look around us, the real life into the product is probably not much.

The problem is that the majority of smart devices simply move some operations to the phone, or grab some open information through the Internet and share. You don't even bother to turn on the app after using the device's freshness.

Remote operation does not fundamentally change the way we interact with the device, but the point, press operation from the physical world into the virtual screen. When more and more devices access to the Internet with the ability to communicate with the outside world, human-computer interaction has become a short board. Therefore, manufacturers are exploring more diverse interaction, and voice is one of the options.


Intelligent audio access to Alexa

Although most of the time you are ashamed to use Siri as a public voice assistant, it must be admitted that speech is the most natural form of communication. And inventory of CES equipped with a variety of equipment on the Alexa you will find that more voice application scenarios are in the car or the family, which is relatively private space. This avoids the problems of psychology and Technology (noise).

FordCES_AmazonAlexa_1(zoom)FordCES_AmazonAlexa_1(zoom) .jpg

Ford and Alexa cooperation, please pay attention to the lower left corner of the phonetic symbol

More importantly, voice interaction is a good export of artificial intelligence technology. When speech recognition and semantic understanding are more powerful, the task that the voice assistant can take is not just a "control switch".

Why Alexa can stand out?

First, Alexa found a good entry point. Although from the beginning, Alexa is the Amazon to fight Siri and Cortana these rival research, but Amazon first applies it to audio products themselves, but let this between the user and the Alexa exchange more convenient.

Speaker is a mature form of the product, we are more likely to accept; at the same time, the speaker is a natural output device, as long as the microphone can be achieved in a human-computer interaction.

Alexa has now become a "family center" trend, but it is the beginning of the selling point is to allow users to directly control the use of voice music, radio and other multimedia content playback. Persuade the user buy a "voice" song of the speakers, apparently to be easier than one is able to control a variety of intelligent devices "housekeeper robot.


In addition, Amazon's attitude towards Alexa is more open. In June last year, Amazon will be open to the Alexa API developers, which makes it quickly spread, but also to help Alexa grow faster.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon has also set up a special Alexa fund, plans to invest $100 million to help SMEs and start-ups to develop Alexa related technologies. A CES audio equipment manufacturers told me that access Alexa ordinary chip low cost to be accepted, but also provides a very detailed guide to Amazon, it can be very convenient to complete the development work.

By the early mature product form and the necessary use of scenes to attract ordinary users, followed by getting developers to make more "game player" to join, Amazon made a gradual evolution distance was Alexa. As a barometer of the annual trend of science and technology, Alexa performance on this year's CES is clearly enough to attract all the attention.

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