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Reuters: Tesla's Chinese rivals are taking advantage of the price advantage to complete the counter-attack

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Reuters recently wrote that in the eyes of many people in the industry, China's electric car brand is a group of black and the public, their products have no bright spots, can only rely on government subsidies to survive. But in fact, these manufacturers of products in full compliance with the needs of most Chinese consumers, by virtue of low-cost advantage they can quickly occupy the market, once the scale advantage, these companies can also gain ground in overseas markets, the completion of foreign brands on the high Counterattack.

Although the Tesla and Nissan in the field of electric vehicles is recognized as the leading manufacturers, but if on the sales, they and local Chinese cheap electric car brand can be far worse, China's electric car sales than the rest of the world add up to more .

Speaking of the rapid growth of China's electric car market, had to mention the government's huge subsidies, the Government is also to promote domestic enterprises to quickly win the world's clean energy technology leader.

In the government's promotion, the electric car is a common thing in the streets of China, private vehicles, buses, taxis and government teams have electric cars figure.

From the sales point of view, from January to November last year, China's electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales increased 60% to 40.2 million units. It is estimated that by 2020, China's various types of electric cars running on the road will reach 5 million (not including motorized).

In the parameters, the Chinese brand electric cars flat, they do not Tesla fast charge, long life and luxurious appearance, but the price is huge.

Last year in Shanghai to sell a good Chery eQ electric cars to enjoy the subsidies, the price is only 60,000 yuan. In contrast, in this year's Detroit auto show on display at the so-called cheap electric car Chevrolet Bolt, the price of up to 3 million (about 20.7 million), to know that this is to enjoy the $ 7,500 (about 52,000 yuan) Tax policy after the price.

"In China, electric cars are quite cheap and spend a lot of money to become owners," says Xie Chao, a Shanghai-based chemical company. If you only use the electric car as a daily commute, then the mileage is also OK (100 km). & Rdquo;

Xie Chao said that since 2015 he has bought three electric cars, they are Jianghuai iEV4, Beiqi EV160 and Geely Dorsett EV. Usually Xie Chao and his wife to open a car, and the remaining one is used to rent.

Most of China's electric vehicle configuration and performance are similar, so the price is the decisive factor in consumer buying. Chery eQ in recent months to sell in the market is because of its relatively low price.

"Electric car is a transport, buy this car is not to show off, if you want to meet the needs of the whole family, or buy a cart bar." "Electric car salesman Zhang Dawei said.

In addition, in Beijing and Shanghai such a big city, consumers buy electric cars there is a reason - mdash; so easier to get the license plate. China's large central cities, almost half have a car purchase policy, but the purchase of electric cars is not in the ranks.

Subsidy decline, in the end who is the most injured?

China's subsidy policy for electric vehicles is a challenge for foreign manufacturers, because they are only a joint venture with the domestic manufacturers to get subsidies.

However, these joint-venture brands are in an awkward position, not only their mixed-blooded identity is not recognized by the user, the price is still very expensive after the subsidies.

"The market is very cruel, only the price is low enough to get orders, but manufacturers are never satisfied, they would also like to continue to keep prices down, suppliers can only use this policy." "Said a supplier executive who asked not to be named.

Nissan in foreign countries have been favorable to hear the wind into China also adopted a joint venture after the production mode, the car eventually vested in Kai Chen brand, but the Nissan CEO said the car sold in China is not very good, because its price is too expensive .

After 2020, subsidies for electric vehicles will be canceled, when foreign brands will probably be because the price is too high to be completely expelled from the Chinese market.

In fact, subsidies have declined this year, leading to Chery eQ prices rose 15,000 yuan. As for the 2017 subsidy policy will go, the government has not yet issued the relevant policies.

BYD Public Li Yunfei, deputy general manager, said that with the government's subsidy policy, China's domestic manufacturers in recent years has developed rapidly. As a result of larger sales, manufacturers can reduce the cost of cycling through mass production, while saving more money to engage in research and development.

"Subsidy policy in 2020 will come to an end, but the local manufacturers have been sufficient scale, costs have fallen sharply, so the price advantage is still our powerful weapon." "Li Yunfei added.

Chinese manufacturers have gained a first mover advantage, in the face of this situation, foreign giants also sit still, they have increased investment in the Chinese market. For example, GM is ready to invest 26.5 billion yuan in China to increase research and development of electric vehicles, to 2020 to market 10 new energy vehicles.

It should be noted that, after the development and expansion of Chinese brands will also go abroad to seize the overseas market. Now, China's Guangzhou Automobile and BYD has started in the backyard of foreign giants hands.

In the Detroit auto show, Guangzhou Automobile not only exhibited the traditional power of the new SUV, also brought pure electric drive SUV GE3. A spokesman for the company said, Guangzhou Automobile in 2019 plans to formally enter the US market.

BYD from Shenzhen, a huge advantage in the field of electric vehicles, their electric cars have been sold to Africa, Europe and South America, the company even in the United States have their own factories.

"Backed by the huge market in China, once the Chinese manufacturers get the scale advantage, we will be able to smooth their products to foreign countries, in recent years, we are more and more understanding of the needs of overseas consumers." "Li Yunfei said. "In the future, the great potential of Chinese manufacturers will stand on the world stage." & Rdquo;

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