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IT men back to the Dabie Mountains when the "King of Chicken": Taobao 24 million a year income

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Dabie Mountain flower school chickens, living in the nearly 1000 meters above sea level, fresh air in the mountains, hungry in the mountains to find insects, wild plants, thirsty to drink a few mouthfuls of mountain spring water. These poultry kept in the depths of the Dabie Mountains are very happy, they will not come into contact with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, will not be fattening feed.

In the just-concluded Ali Nianhuo Festival "taste of China -" into the city, "activities, the old revolutionary base areas of the Dabie Mountains in the small rooster by consumers blitz, only 3 days to sell more than 20,000 only.

ITIT 男回大别山当“鸡王”:淘宝店一年收入 2400 万

IT men to fight back when the village scouring "chicken king" to help 200 poor households out of poverty

Zhu Qishan, a father-driven rural construction Taobao shop operators, is his Taobao shop "Dabie Mountain original ecological manor", so that the old revolutionary base areas in the small cock flying out of the village. He also has a very grounded gas name - mdash;

"I used to be an IT male, spent 11 years in Shanghai, done a network security system integration work, and later felt that China's early childhood education is relatively weak, but also done early education animation," Why 100,000 "," Children's Painting Paradise " I do, "Children's Play Paradise" is still broadcast on CCTV children's channels, "Abu said," back to the countryside is also triggered by a friend encountered, that food safety is too important, perhaps because I have children Of the sake of it, we and our next generation can not be affected because of food safety problems. & Rdquo;

From the beginning of 2014, a father's food war broke out. Based on the local agricultural products tax-free policy, line self-built breeding demonstration base, processing plants, on-demand customization, mass production of goods, from the collection, collection and distribution of agricultural products in the mountainous area of ​​Dabie Mountain, Production, processing, quality control, logistics and other aspects of the process, the development of integrated system processes, and the local mountain cooperatives, large-scale farmers and more than 20 poor households to cooperate, standardize farming, and effectively protect consumer food safety.

"I never put Taobao shop as e-commerce to do, this is my physical store, previously only know the village of ten miles of the line of consumers, and now a lot of customer service through Want Want to chat with consumers all over the world have become my friends . According to the views of these friends, in 2016 only the commodity packaging for three times, a pig is subdivided into 40 parts for sale, a chicken has 16 kinds of segmentation method. "Ado smiled and said," good product quality, good customer service is the key, we do is the old business, the old store retention rate of nearly 40%, repurchase up to 20 times a year, and now Commodities covered 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, more than 230 prefecture-level cities, hoping one day we can also fly a small cock of the Dabie Mountains. & Rdquo;

Pass Township flower village where Susong County, known as the gateway to southwest Anhui. Statistics show that Susong is a national poverty alleviation and development work of key counties, population 863,300, 17,362 45,202 people have not yet out of poverty, poverty incidence of 7%. A soil in the local self-built breeding demonstration base directly drive the employment of nearly 40 villagers, an indirect drive big cooperatives, farms and other employment of nearly 350 people to help Susong poverty households out of poverty 200 households. In 2016, the total online and offline sales of the store totaled nearly 24 million yuan, an increase of nearly 6 times over 2015. Shop operators Well, the villagers also learn to enjoy the benefits of flowers, 2016, with their cooperation in the average per capita income of farmers to improve twice.

ITIT 男回大别山当“鸡王”:淘宝店一年收入 2400 万

Talent back to drive agricultural products uplink Amoy has become rural power providers of hematopoietic

Talent to return home, through the rural Taobao for the uplink platform for entrepreneurship, has gradually become the trend of rural economic development. Most of them through self-built, co-built and help sales model motives "light do" to help local farmers income from poverty, the pattern can be replicated.

"This year I want to buy a cold chain car, the Dabie Mountains natural vegetables do fresh up, we Dabie Mountain local body better elderly, each person picks a 100 pounds of radish down the mountain, a pound of radish in the local sales price of 0.7 yuan , The day also tens of dollars of income, I drove to the mountains in the morning to receive a circle of farmland to 0.9 yuan a catty, but also can all be collected, the old people do not have to bear the burden of the downhill. "Ah said about this year's plan.

Alibaba Group this year, when the start of the New Year Festival in Fujian, Alibaba Group Vice President, Ali Village, general manager of Sun Lijun said, ";Rural electricity providers need not fire, but the blood, Ali to do, is the Internet gene implantation in rural areas, so that their own electricity providers in rural areas have the ability to hematopoietic & rdquo ;.

Alibaba Research Institute data show that the first half of 2016, 832 state-level poverty-stricken counties in the retail platform Ali total sales of agricultural products 1.060 billion yuan, an increase of 41.30%. Among them, more than 10 million yuan of the 16 poor counties, Anhui Yu'an tea, Gansu Minxian Chinese herbal medicines, Jiangxi Xunwu navel orange, have formed a certain scale of the network marketing industry to help local villagers income.

With the village scouring into the 3.0 "service era" Ali service system has further subsided to rural areas, due to the prior construction of the downlink, the logistics cost has been effectively compressed, the downlink logistics to the village to reduce freight rates than a year ago More than half of the logistics cost reduction, but also makes more agricultural products are driven up.

Rural areas Taobao introduced in the three-day "China-mou shou" into the city, "activities, Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Anhui, Liaoning and other provinces of agricultural products, the most consumers. These farm products, carefully selected by the team, are sold not only to 347 cities in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, but also to Hong Kong and Australia.

It is understood that rural Taobao has covered the country's 450 counties, 25,000 village points. Through the village to help establish a rural Amoy, including trade, logistics, payment, finance, cloud computing, large data, including electricity providers infrastructure, the future of all types of business entities, all kinds of entrepreneurs, can use these infrastructure, A vast world to show their skills for the rural areas, farmers bring more abundant and more innovative information services.

ITIT 男回大别山当“鸡王”:淘宝店一年收入 2400 万

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