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The next Disney will come from China, its name is Tencent

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Tiger sniff Note: Tencent in recent years, the investment in the game industry is obvious to all, its six years ago, the "pan-entertainment" concept has now blossomed. Tencent observed in the development of ten years after the road, the well-known technology media BackChannel recently issued a document saying: Tencent will become the second largest after the Disney entertainment giant.

The following content from BackChannel, the original title"The Next Disney Will Come from China and Its Name Is Tencent", Author Jonathan Pan, tiger sniffing compiler (somewhat cut).

Riot Games has always been the game of the ever-victorious generals, the representative of the "Heroes Union" has long been among the world's hottest PC games, and its right to broadcast a month ago just sold 300 million US dollars High price. If you are a game control, then you have heard of fist in all likelihood; If you are not, then now tell you: the authority of the US business publication "Inc." in the eyes, fist called the "world's most cattle behind the scenes" ;

But more than a year ago, the cattle behind the company was implanted in Chinese descent. By the end of 2015, Tencent announced the acquisition of fist game, the realization of the latter 100% holding. Today, it has become an indispensable part of Tencent's development strategy. In addition, Tencent also in June last year to $ 9 billion price to complete the "tribal conflict" developer Supercell acquisition. Of course, these are just Tencent in the game industry over the years all of the two transactions in it only. According to available data, ten years a total investment or acquisition of Tencent more than 30 game companies. If not wrong, then Tencent - the world's second-largest micro-credit social service providers, in fact, has become the world's largest gaming company, but this weight is not so eye-catching Bale.

On the surface, social communication and gaming are two unrelated industries, and the business model is also very different. But Tencent's unique in this. The company for these two industries to establish a resource can be shared the realization of the road. On the one hand, Tencent can directly sell high-priced skin, avatars, props and other virtual goods from the game for players to use, on the other hand, these virtual goods can also be turned into stickers and other popular social supplies for other users pay for use.

This is only the first step taken by Tencent. The use of gaming assets and social networks weave this rich road, open up the world of entertainment by the eight clocks, all aspects, Tencent is the real goal. In other words, Tencent will follow the example of a large, branch of the business empire of Disney. The latter strategy is: the film, especially the role of the film as the center, manufacture and sale of music, games and all kinds of peripheral products, and to develop resorts and theme parks and so on; and the former approach is: the use of game assets, , Animation, music and film career development, until the establishment of their own empire.

In the history of the second Disney will start in China, started from a text communication industry started the company, the prejudgement seems very unreasonable, but if dig deep about Tencent's history, you will find: This conclusion is not unreasonable .

From entering the game industry, to the proposed "pan-entertainment" strategy

In 1998, Tencent founded. The second year the company launched the first communication class App & mdash; QQ. In 2004, Tencent listed; the same year, Tencent launched a casual games based online games business. But at the same time, the company's two rivals in the country - Shanda and NetEase, have already begun to obtain substantial benefits from the free game. As the development of the game is not Tencent Director, Tencent cleverly to avoid the edge, not with Shanda and Netease hand to hand. It turned to buy the major game in China the right to operate, and then use their own brand size to promote them strong. For example, in 2008, Tencent on one fell swoop won the "FireWire" and "Heroes Union" and other games the right to operate, and then in China to promote large-scale, is playing a very beautiful circuitous counterattack.

And since and "Heroes Union" linked, Tencent began to justifiably focus on the developers behind it fist. It first in 2009 to participate in the fist of the C round of financing, and then in 2011 cost $ 231 million in the company's shares from 22.34% in one fell swoop to 92.78%; four years later, it will finally fist all the rest Equity fully in the bag. In the meantime, its investment in other game developers and mergers and acquisitions is one after another. After a series of beautiful action is complete, Tencent has finally succeeded - it became the world's new generation of cross-border companies, especially in the game industry, it has a piece of cheese can be bigger and bigger.

In order to get this piece of cheese, Tencent spent the past decade to spend real money can be said heap sea Cypriot. For example: in 2007, it 11 million US dollars investment in the United States Outspark; 2010, it 5.495 billion won investment in South Korea Reloaded Stutios; 2015, it has become the largest shareholder of Miniclip in Switzerland, and so on, and so forth. And these investments now have a return. As we all know, Tencent, unlike other Internet giants, as particularly dependent on advertising revenue. For example, the financial results in 2015 show that the advertising revenue in the annual revenue of Google and Facebook accounted for the proportion of the total revenue of the company's annual revenue of 2017, Respectively, compared to 89.9% and 95%, while Tencent annual revenue in the proportion of only 17%. In contrast, the game and virtual goods such as the so-called "value-added services" to bring revenue in the annual revenue of Tencent actually accounted for 78% of the share; plan out of the game revenue accounted for half of the country ( Accounting for up to 55%), we can see that: virtual goods and digital content subscription services such as revenue in the annual revenue of Tencent in 2015 accounted for more than two percent; which tens of billions of RMB Income, which is part of the game directly or indirectly from the content. This model in the global Internet giant group is unique.

But for Tencent, the sale of props, selling skin and the like is still only minor, it will not just use these to illustrate their "game as the center to share pie" determination. In fact, as early as 2011, it is in another round of action to speak. Yes, I mean Tencent is the so-called "pan-entertainment" strategy.

The central content of this strategy is: Tencent will be their own IP - mdash; mdash; many from the game for the lever, leveraging the development of a number of entertainment. This strategy was put into practice soon afterwards. In 2012, Tencent launched Tencent animation; in 2013, it launched Tencent literature; two years later, Tencent film and turned out. All this makes people think: Tencent more and more like Disney.

Tencent interactive entertainment 2016 Annual Conference site picture from Tencent official website

Tencent will become the second Disney

As mentioned above, Disney's core strategy is: the film's IP as a starting point for multi-directional development, deep in music, theater, theme parks, video games and new media and other fields. In order to continue to consolidate their core industries - mdash; movies, Disney is costly. In 2006, it spent $ 7.4 billion acquisition of Pixar; in 2009, it spent $ 4 billion acquisition of Manway; then in 2012, it throws daughter Lucas won. When the huge investment has now been beyond the imagination of the return, the film has finally become a deep rooted in the depths of thousands of feet, into the sky of the cash cow.

Tencent is undoubtedly well versed in this road. In order to accumulate their own IP, it only in 2016 a year to dig out 20.8 billion US dollars for investment and mergers and acquisitions. Of course, the current Tencent is still a stone's throw to ask, want to see what these IP can come in handy. For example, just launched last month's animated film Clash-a-Rama, the producer is now attributed to Tencent's Supercell, and the characters from its hot game "tribal conflict" and "royal war." In addition, the fist has been in the CG film on a small test chopper, and Tencent has been put words: as long as the fist agreed, they will "Heroes Union" onto the screen.

Many people are looking forward to the film version of the "Heroes Union" picture from bbs.duowan

Can be seen that Tencent's many attempts are pointing to a goal: the film. Obviously, it is and Wanda and Alibaba film competition, with a view to in China - mdash; mdash; the world's second-largest box-office market share. Yes, it is the best time to make determined efforts. According to the latest data show that as of September 2015, the Chinese total of 5660 theaters, the number of 28,000 screens, an average screen to serve 4.6 million, while the same period the United States has a screen 40547, each serving only 8,000 people . In a word: China's film market is hungry and thirsty.

But Tencent want to break loose is not easy. Wanda, for example, it currently absorbs 15% of the global box office, but also continue to buy. Only one year in 2016, Wanda won the US legendary film company (3.5 billion US dollars) and Dick Clark Productions (1 billion US dollars). So Tencent certainly will not and Wanda face bayonet, it will continue to focus on gaming investment and continue to dig their own IP.

Fortunately, Tencent chase in this particular target ground gas, it is very aware of local young people are most interested in several major areas: animation, science fiction and fantasy. At this point, the most powerful evidence than its investment in the film "World of Warcraft." The work in the US box office only 47 million US dollars, while in China's box office has reached an astonishing 220 million US dollars. No wonder Tencent COO Ren Yuxin to say: "We can be from the literature and game content adapted into movies and TV series, in order to inject new blood for the film industry." & Rdquo;

Tencent has announced that in the near future, at least 11 games, animation and literary adaptation of the film. In addition, it still holds on hand, "Naruto" and so on more than three hundred Japanese animation franchise, these intangible assets like? Like the six pieces of Infinite Stones (Infinity Stones, six pieces of gemstones formed simultaneously with the universe, many of which later revolve around these gemstones), they will lead to a large number of works for Tencent, and Eventually to create a dedicated small empire.

As of now, it can be said Tencent has found a great way, this road across and connected to multiple platforms, making the platform users can change the way to continue the original "short-lived" loyalty. You know, long-term mixed in a social platform, the user will one day be bored, for many years in a game of the game players will one day be faithless, but if the original content of these users to love the material, Their appetite for movies, books or anime empire, they can keep them for a long time.

All in all, Tencent from a technology company into a both well versed in the Internet, but also play the moment the entertainment giant. It's more and more like Disney, but perhaps, it is smarter than Disney.

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