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WeChat swept away can ride riding a bicycle, which is "pull up the son, support the son of the story"

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I am a WeChat of the "sweep away", why jump to the motorcycles of the small program? Because Tencent and Mabi bike together, the product manager decided, by sweeping you to do a small program of new entrance. I said, I "swept away" has married a WeChat to pay two-dimensional code, and you so that the payment of WeChat is not fair, although the small program is also very nice.

Big trick release: with a WeChat can be directly riding a horse riding bike

Today, WeChat and Maibai jointly announced that the small new program for the official new capacity: you can sweep through the micro-letter can be directly into the motorcycles cycling small program, began to ride a bike.

It is reported that this technology is developed by the motorcycle and the WeChat team to complete the joint, through the small program technology to get through, Matthew does not need to replace the existing two-dimensional code. WeChat users can directly through the "sweep sweep" function, scan the bicycles on the bike of the two-dimensional code, into the Mabe appeals page, binding the existing Mountby account, unlock the side of the motorbike.


And not the new users of the Babe account can also be directly through the WeChat sweep code, in the small program to achieve rapid registration, eliminating the need to download the cycle of motorcycles app.

In the past, users scan the two-dimensional code on the bike will enter the app download page, now in the bike on the two-dimensional code without the need to replace the case, you can direct small program.

WeChat team said that this is a small program of a new ability to be followed by polished optimization, will be officially open to the outside world. Small program on the line, we can more easily through the scan line two-dimensional code into the small program to meet the actual needs of life. The Mumbai Cycling program is a very useful tool for connecting users and offline bikes, but the two-dimensional code itself on the body of the car is difficult to replace, and the WeChat hopes that through this new ability to help more The applet developer is better served by the user.

In other words, in the future we often use the WeChat "sweep away", in addition to two-dimensional code plus friends, offline two-dimensional code WeChat payment, you can also divert to WeChat small program, and this two-dimensional code is not necessarily Small program of two-dimensional code, it can be other types of two-dimensional code, such as each one on the bike are different two-dimensional code.

Today's wedding, that is, before the drops, but WeChat or WeChat

In fact, as early as last year in October to share the battles of the battle when the fiery. Tencent as a strategic investor to participate in the motorcycles cycling C + round financing, and led the vote in early January 2017, the financing of the D round, before the relationship can be described as not intimate.

On the one hand, with theoo out of the campus continue to finance, began to have a lot of users, Matthew in this year's shared cycling war has felt the pressure of competition. Not long ago Ma Bai and ofo also through different channels claim that they are the industry first, the number of leading opponents how much. Although there are dozens of players in the field of shared bicycles, but the worship and the ofo is undoubtedly the largest of the two forces, as the year's drops and fast.

On the other hand, the WeChat small program on the line after the evaluation of mixed, especially in the recent discussion on the Internet on the small procedures tend to dull. How to prove the value of small programs, WeChat has been considered the issue.

This background, the two sides of this cooperation can be described as a win-win situation.

First of all, now WeChat has more than 800 million monthly users, and now through the WeChat sweep sweep can directly enter the small program, thanks to the small program does not need to download and install the characteristics of this than to induce users to download the appeals app Fast too much. When ofo announced yesterday and Huawei Telecom China, to consider how to lose when the car, Maibai has got the potential hundreds of millions of imports. In other words, ofo in the tactical pursuit of the worship of worship, but through the cooperation and WeChat, Maibai has been leading the strategy ino a few years.

Of course, there is no chance of not, after all, their investors also have millet, drop, latitude and longitude of this big brother.

(Drops in the WeChat of the service)

At this point the scene can not help but reminiscent of the year Tencent investment drops of the story: Tencent to drop the taxi open WeChat and mobile QQ two entrances, until now, WeChat wallet third-party service there are drops of the existence of the user You can directly through the WeChat taxi. But Tencent to the drops, more than money and entrance.

(Graphic irrelevant)

The end of 2014, the subsidy war, the drop in the amount of pre-expected orders will rise 10%, the result is unexpectedly increased by 500%, which sounds like a good thing, but the time of the drop is a matter of life and death Of the test, because the drop of server resources can not keep up with this growth, especially in Beijing under the high demand for heavy snow. This time to give the trick is Tencent, Tencent has Tencent cloud, there are a variety of high-level processing experience, there are massive servers, in short, dealing with high traffic and high concurrency is not a problem.

Then the trick for Tencent's strategic significance, the most obvious is to help WeChat to promote the WeChat payment, the formation of the current financial payment (including WeChat payment) and Alipay two points of the world situation.

In this analogy, the motorbike bike for Tencent strategic significance is to help popularize small programs, the establishment of a typical user scenarios, a user education: through sweep can enter the small program, small programs do not need to download, applets and some app Common function.

With an easy to understand the explanation is: Tencent pull on the cycling of the son of the child, to support the "small program" the pro-son. Like the year to pull the drop, support WeChat to pay the same.

This article by the mobile phone to better use AppSo Featured recommendation, concerned about the micro-signal appsolution, reply to "small program" for senior digital players pro-test small program recommended.

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