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Chinese yards in Silicon Valley!

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The main city of Silicon Valley, there is a large Chinese supermarket. This is a chain of Chinese supermarkets, supermarkets are usually surrounded by a circle of Chinese restaurants. To see the red Ranch 99 mark, it means that the Chinese have come to the main gathering place. Into the Silicon Valley Dahua supermarket and restaurants around, if you see the T-shirt, young man wearing glasses China, that is nine out of ten major technology companies programmers and engineers. They also represent the global innovation of the Silicon Valley of china. (there are differences, programmers and engineers work in this paper refers to the Silicon Valley technology elite Chinese. )

How many Chinese farmers in Silicon Valley, who can not tell. But in the major technology companies, Chinese programmers have become a force can not be ignored. Whether it is Google, apple, CISCO, such veteran giants, or Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest such a new force, the presence of Chinese employees are everywhere. They are also one of the most important foreign employees of major technology companies, some companies have more than 10%.

Although the number continues to grow, China's code of life is not large farmers. If you participate in the Chinese yards in Silicon Valley party, even if is the first time to meet friends, talk to each other, both sides will also find that may be of interest to each other as early as Facebook and Linkedin, or at least a few common friends. Talk again, perhaps they will find each other or alumni, have roughly the same life experience.

The California Bay area has always been the main gathering of Chinese language, but the old immigrants are cantonese. The Chinese code of agriculture as the representative of the new immigrants, more from other parts of the mainland. Can come to the Silicon Valley of China Code farmers, almost all of the most elite computer talents. Their experience is the same: after China class graduated from University, came to the United States the famous school master or doctorate graduate came to Silicon Valley technology company, then stay here.

After years of living in the US, Chinese code farmers get a green card, and then stayed up until the year of naturalization. But no matter what nationality, they represent the Silicon Valley of Chinese science and technology talents. Many successful Chinese science and technology elite, but also through a variety of ways to help the next generation of Silicon Valley Chinese science and technology.

Elite predecessors

In terms of time, the emergence of a large number of Chinese Silicon Valley computer elite figure is from the beginning of the 90s of last century. Prior to this, Silicon Valley technology companies can hardly see the number of Chinese people, but with the gradual opening up of the mainland of China, more and more elite students came to the United States to study. After them, and did not return to China, but because of various reasons for choosing to come to Silicon Valley, began his career in the old occupation technology companies such as CISCO, Intel.

In this group of Chinese computer elite, the emergence of a lot of Silicon Valley in the imprint of outstanding talent. In the late 90s, some of them in Silicon Valley venture, the achievements of the Chinese a legend in Silicon Valley; return business, has become a leader in the Internet industry Chinese; others continue to struggle, become the technology giant's top Chinese executives. No matter which way to choose, these are now more than 45 years old Chinese programmers, the history of China's Internet and the history of science and technology is the most legendary generation.

In the generation of Chinese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Deng Feng, Xie Qing, who is undoubtedly the most successful. Network security company Deng Feng and Xie Qing et al founded NetScreen, successfully listed in the United States in 2001 and the low tide period, and in 2004 at a price of $4 billion was acquired by Juniper network equipment giant. This amount is still a record of Silicon Valley Chinese startups. After being acquired Juniper, get a huge amount of money Deng Feng began investment career, the founder of the Northern Light Venture capital. Investment projects of the northern lights include red kids, Spreadtrum technology, Lily network, Zhuhai Juli company. Xie Qing is an early start all over again, founded the network security equipment company own FortiGate (Fortinet) and the successful listing in 2009. FortiGate the current market value of nearly $4 billion.

Choose to return to business people who laid the cornerstone of China's Internet industry. Robin Li is undoubtedly one of the most successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. 1999, Robin Li in his wife's encouragement, bid farewell to the Silicon Valley search company InfoSeek engineer positions, returned to create a Baidu Inc. Today, Baidu is China's largest Internet search company, the market value of up to $54 billion, Robin Li has become the richest man in china.

India San

After that, Chinese engineers and programmers appeared to have a power failure in Silicon Valley. Although the Chinese are pouring into Silicon Valley every year, but no Chinese people in Silicon Valley, the important technology companies as senior positions. A large number of Chinese science and technology elite in science and technology giant companies seem to have encountered an invisible ceiling, always stuck in the middle to the top of the road to promotion.

When it comes to India and Chinese programmers difference when one spent more than and 10 years in Silicon Valley China programmers directly, India cliques is famous, good to say this is unity; they are accustomed to a person as the head of the arch, and will cover all Indians in the team, will recruit a large number of India compatriots, hinder the development of Chinese; and Chinese may be used as a group of Indians fight the enemy separately, the lack of combat.

Healthy boredom

The conventional sense of the Silicon Valley includes from San Francisco south to San Jose, the more than and 100 km of the panhandle. To the north of San Francisco is the Gulf of, and to the south is a winding mountain. This narrow strip includes San Mateo, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cuputino, Santa Clara, San Jose. San Francisco and these small cities have gathered almost all of the technology companies, as well as all the Chinese programmers and engineers in Silicon Valley.

Compared with the life of big cities in China, there is no doubt that living in Silicon Valley has many attractions. Although the PM 2.5 index in perennial wandering Silicon Valley 20-40, belonging to the U.S. air quality is relatively poor areas, but in recent years, Beijing haze days and Shanghai and other domestic big city compared to here almost every day is sunny and blue sky. Living in the sun strong Silicon Valley, sunglasses are essential equipment. Every year from April to October, the Silicon Valley little rain, distant hillside is almost yellow piece, only in the winter rainy season will be green oil, showing a Windows XP classic desktop picture.

Chinese gathered in the California Bay area, and New York and Losangeles together is one of the most American restaurants in densely populated areas. Chinese restaurants around the Chinese supermarket opened, but also the main venue for Chinese programmers. When the sunset, a programmer will be back home, and the code of farmers will single in the restaurant together. Every new restaurant in a family, almost always in the inner circle to China code. Because of the Silicon Valley in the evening, in addition to Palo Alto near the Stanford University, almost no entertainment, in addition to watching the movie seems to be only the gym exercise.

Buy a house

To marry and settle down in Silicon Valley, China programmers have to face the trouble here. Silicon Valley is also one of the highest living standards in the United States, especially housing costs. In Silicon Valley, a Yishiyiting new apartment rent has in the $-2500 $2000, while prices in 40-50 million dollars. With many technology companies Palo Alto and Mountain View have become the highest prices in the city area. Here is the single family home prices are basically in more than $2 million.

But compared with Beijing and Shanghai, although the price is high in Silicon Valley, but not a distant dream. Can not afford to buy houses, can not afford to live in an apartment; South Bay House, can also choose a half hour drive outside the East Bay area. An apartment or a house, for Silicon Valley programmers, is only a few years of income. Programmers in Silicon Valley technology company's starting salary of about 80 thousand. After two or three years of work, including bonuses and dividends of the annual salary of about $200 thousand.

But the most amazing thing about Silicon Valley is the myth of wealth creation. If the vision is good and high level, join the promising start-up companies, the company was acquired or listed, may become a millionaire. Silicon Valley dream can be realized in a moment. Facebook and Twitter listed, but also to the many Chinese employees have brought a wealth of equity. Prior to joining Twitter in 2009, the shares held by the company are now worth millions of dollars.

Home nostalgia

Although it has been abroad for many years, but nostalgia is still Chinese programmers lingering plot. Separated by thousands of miles of the Pacific, the annual holiday is limited, the return of Chinese programmers to become a luxury thing. Almost every person to return home will be surrounded by Chinese friends envy. Apple and some Chinese companies close to the business, the relevant positions of Chinese programmers will often return to business, but also to make friends around envy.

Delicacy is the most common Chinese programmers homesickness. They will set a set on the network to see on the tip of the tongue "China", and stimulate our taste buds, then find out the China restaurant in the surrounding. Even though Silicon Valley is the most densely populated region in the United States, it is not possible to provide a complete home flavor for programmers from all over china. They miss their hometown food, and even learn to do their own snacks.

Domestic release of the film and television blockbusters, they will be able to watch the video site to provide a speech for the chat together. Occasionally there are one or two Chinese films in San Francisco and Cupertino AMC theaters, will always attract a large number of Chinese programmers know the news. Eason Chan, May day, quwanting and so Chinese star to Silicon Valley concert, is to make Silicon Valley Chinese excited. Remember in November last year, Eason Chan in San Francisco and San Jose concert attracted almost all Silicon Valley Chinese attention, that evening, his WeChat circle of friends is a round of the Eason Chan concert shuabing.

Wandering in foreign Chinese programmers, but also concerned about the domestic news. Before they understand the dynamics of China through the forum, and now through micro-blog to learn news. The disaster at home, they will be sad and sad. Corruption cases in the country, they will be outraged. But compared to domestic users, these people in Silicon Valley China programmers usually more peaceful state of mind, micro-blog speech is more rational, rarely appear extreme abusive language.

Entrepreneurial choice

Returning to business is a common topic. Compared to more than and 10 years ago, the economic strength of China and the u.s.. For Chinese programmers, relative to the threshold of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, back to China venture capital is easier to get support, but also easier to open a huge market. What's more, this is their original home. In a 2010 survey, nearly 80% of Chinese students in Silicon Valley considered returning home to start their own businesses, most of whom were between the ages of 30 and older.

But in order to choose the future and family considerations, there are many Chinese programmers will wait until the green card (permanent resident card), will consider the choice of job hopping or entrepreneurship. If it is a routine master's degree in the United States came to Silicon Valley to work, go EB2 channel to apply for a green card, according to the current schedule also need to wait for 4-5 years. And returning home may also face the resistance of the family. Giving children a better living environment is also an important consideration for them to stay in the United states.

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