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Tencent angry: 1800 QQ number was permanently banned

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Recently, many users reflect that their use of QQ for many years was suddenly blocked between the QQ, these QQ are generally QQ group owners and administrators.

腾讯发怒:1800腾讯发怒:1800 个 QQ 号惨遭永久封禁

17, QQ Security Center official public issued a document "Tencent QQ continued to crackdown on illegal acts of the network, heavy fist clean up bad information", the ban QQ number was explained.

The following is the original:

February 1, 2017, QQ security team to carry out the network of harmful information special clean up remediation & rdquo ;, focus on the use of QQ to carry out bad information dissemination, personal information, such as trafficking and other illegal acts.

During the special period,QQ security team focus on suspected juvenile pornography, citizens of personal information trafficking violations, a total of more than 600 illegal traffic offenses, shutting down more than 500 illegal account, involving other violations of the QQ group of more than 1,500 , A total of 1,300 off the illegal account.

腾讯发怒:1800腾讯发怒:1800 个 QQ 号惨遭永久封禁

For suspected juvenile pornography and violations of citizens' personal information, Tencent has always been zero tolerance and crack down on illegal acts,Once verified, QQ security team on the violation QQ group closed down, and depending on the seriousness of the case, the group and the group administrator account to take a permanent closure penalty.

For the punishment of the QQ group and account, QQ security team have been technical identification and manual review and other double judgment to ensure the accuracy of combat.

The use of QQ illegal acts, is a huge destruction of the QQ ecology, we will not tolerate! Over the years, QQ security team through occasional special rectification action and daily combat combined with the way, and criminals confrontation. Although this is a protracted war, tough fight, but we will continue to increase investment, strict blow.

Here, QQ security team once again solemnly reminded: the sale of personal information and dissemination, dissemination, spread pornography and other information is illegal, need to bear legal responsibility. QQ security team and Internet users want to work together to build a healthy network environment.

For users concerned about the issue, we here one by one response:

1, online rumors that the closure of the QQ group will be all the users in the group together to stop. is this real?

This is a rumor. QQ security team once verified a QQ group illegal violations, will be shut down on the QQ group, and as the circumstances are serious, the owner and administrator account for closure. For ordinary group members, if not found illegal activities, will not be their QQ account closure.

2, QQ on the violation will continue to fight how long?

QQ security team on the use of QQ for illegal acts, has been resolutely technical strike. We will be through regular special remediation action and daily combat combination of the way, and illegal elements to do a continuous confrontation.

3, QQ account was closed, the inside of the funds how to remove?

Was closed QQ account in the legal funds are absolutely safe, there is no transfer, the use of the situation. At the same time, QQ security team to ensure the safety of funds at the same time, also set up a special funds to recover the application channels:

1, QQ account QQ wallet balance in the funds to retrieve the way:

Users can call customer service line: 0755-86013860 for consultation;

2, QQ account financial management funds to retrieve the way:

In the closed account of the financial resources in the possession of the user, you can use the computer to visit: kf.qq.com -> [Finance] -> [remove the problem] in the QQ title after the financial resources out Guide "ralph lauren pas cher, in accordance with the guidelines to apply for financial resources.

Period, financial management funds are safe. If you have any questions, please call 0755-86013860-4.

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