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Spend 7 million, rent a lifetime Vanke's "millet apartment", are you willing?

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花花 700 万,租一辈子万科的“小米公寓”,你愿意吗?

Millet mine

Vanke and millet are testing the market for the new model of real estate attitude, the origin of a strange source:

Millet company, an employee revealed that Vanke and millet co-construction matters from the Spring Festival began to discuss, in early March to formally determine the intention of cooperation. At present millet company has started subscription registration work, all employees can subscribe.

There are two types of projects to choose from: one for the ordinary residential to 70-90 square meters of two-based, the average price of about 55,000 yuan / square meter; one for the stack, an area of ​​178 square meters, The price of 9.5 million -1000 million.

Another millet staff, cooperation project grade and positioning even higher than the Vanke Jade Department, the current Yongfeng industrial base around the second - hand housing prices generally more than 80,000 yuan, which means that if the cooperation project can be made of commercial housing, the price is May be more than 100,000 yuan / square meter.

However, in accordance with the intention of cooperation between the two sides,Millet employees, although the market price of half of the purchase price, but can not get property and housing, nor in the open market free trade, only in the millet company internal transactions, can not be settled in Beijing account.

If you look at this information from the point of view, there are a lot of real estate terms: subscription, stacking, Vanke Jade Department (product line), the average price, if the light from this source which may be extremely excited rice: young people The first house is coming out.

Do not worry, I smell the millet and Vanke public relations deep routines, two mobile phone factory employees, with very professional real estate terms to describe the company has not yet recognized the real estate projects, logically understandable, after all, this is millet and Vanke can advance and retreat of the routine, because only rumors Well.

Vanke's uneasiness is the hint of this cooperation, but not the Internet innovation

2013, Vanke in the market performance is very disturbed, starting from October, Yu Liang led vice president Zhou Weijun, Zhu Baoquan and other executives to Alibaba study; December 9 to Tencent learning; 14 years in January, to Haier Group study, in February to learn from millet.

At the end of the year, Yu Liang in Vanke's an internal speech in the frank, he worried that the future of the real estate industry will be similar to millet spoiler. Later, a lot of room involved in Vanke marketing and Ma Jiajia invited speech, in the real estate circle and the Internet set off a "Internet thinking transformation of real estate" rumors of the wave of reflection

This uneasy is also reflected in the executives of the move: 2014, in the blessing of Wang Shi, 94 years to join Vanke, done 14 years of secretaries Xiao Li left, joined the house a lot, is said to be capital direction, in addition to the former A few years of news, Xiao Li has been completely away from the public eye, and according to the room a lot of relevant sources: advise you not to be born, Xiao Li is still a lot of shareholders and executives group, has also been responsible for the financial sector. Of course, a lot of things put it again, let the bullets fly for a while. Another executive left, it is Yu Liang "Church running" Mao Daqing, engaged in the entrepreneurial space of the Internet business tide to go, September 10, 2015, Vanke announced that senior vice president of the group Mo Jun early retirement & Hellip; & hellip;

In this turbulence and uneasiness, Vanke always want to carry out their own industrial upgrading through the Internet, such as Vanke property to live here, Vanke and chain home in-depth cooperation of the chain companies, build home improvement market.

And this has not been officially recognized with the millet cooperation, in fact, a few days ago has been exposed in the real estate circle, but today was "millet staff" with public relations approach, and described a bit.

Such cooperation can be seen as Vanke in the new era under the future of the market "trial and error" is disturbed, Vanke's judgment in 2014, Vanke history of the largest work conference mentioned:

We believe that the Internet will change the world, and can not adapt to change the organization will be eliminated. But we also think that it is more important to find the change behind the change. When the new era of the curtain opened, the traditional business should do, not far from their familiar areas, but to understand the new rules, looking for new partners, the use of new tools, the original business to do better The

And choose to cooperate with millet, is bound to be concerned about the market, but in my opinion, this is actually the relationship with the Internet is not big, just a new real estate leasing model, rather than sales model. And this cooperation does not seem to have much risk.

If in accordance with the preparation of the "publicity" caliber, ralph lauren pas cher, the news confirmed, Rebus should soon be in the microblogging happily with the fans of the zombie sailors to exchange information.

"Only rent not sell" behind the secret

According to the Beijing Municipal Government executive meeting to consider the adoption of "Beijing 2017 State-owned construction land supply plan", 2017 the city plans to supply 3900 hectares, compared to 2016 plans to reduce the 200 hectares. Among them, the residential land of 610 hectares. In 2016, the Beijing residential land plan to supply the number of 1200 hectares.

Beijing City, the relevant departments of this year, Beijing City, the implementation of commercial housing for the land plan will be better than last year, although the planned supply of more than this year, but the completion rate is very low. From the actual supply to the point of view, this year will be more than last year.

Nevertheless, with many developers, Vanke also face the same question is how to get the land.

Land costs determine the price, but Vanke in 2016 to get a piece of "limit" to Beijing in 2016 930 after the purchase, launched the "limit price of land" with the pilot.

December 1, 2016, Vanke won the Yongfeng two self-sustaining project plots, and rumors of the "half-price millet", is in this land. According to the land transfer requirements, the two land of residential price limit of 53,400 yuan / square meter, the project completed all self-sustaining. This is also the land of Beijing to shoot the history of the first 100% self-sustaining land.

that is,Vanke to get this land is only rent, can not sell. This also explains why, why not get "two certificates" that is, real estate license and state-owned land use of these two relations are the key documents.

If it can not be sold, apparently as a commercial company is not worth it, but if it can? According to the provisions of 930, the holding period is consistent with the land transfer period. During the period of holding, the bankruptcy liquidation of the enterprise shall be handled by the relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. If the merger or reorganization or the transfer of the equity interest involves the transfer of the property right of the holder of the commodity, the whole transfer shall be subject to the consent of the local government. After the transfer, shall not change the self-employed commodity housing planning purposes, should continue to be used for rental.

There is a possibility: Vanke can put this project "transfer" to the third party, so that is actually disguised a return of funds, so with the cooperation of millet, it is not surprising, and the final access, it is But in fact the so-called half of the price of housing is nothing, not the company's charity, but the government's limit, and is for developers of the "only rent not sell" and the staff and staff, but the staff of the " They are also possible through the way through the purchase of the unit, rather than the so-called single house.

For Vanke, the latter can carry out property services, if the project with the construction of commercial support, long-term gains, but also can be guaranteed. This cooperation is not "Internet transformation real estate" case, you excited rice noodles, real estate people who can wash and sleep!

No real estate license how to do mortgage it?

Although the surrounding house prices, in accordance with conventional development techniques, Vanke can not be sold, can only rent, although similar to hardcover apartment + Vanke property is very attractive, but the rental rate is not enough to support housing prices.

In other words: in accordance with the 90 square meters of the house to calculate, just need to "millet 70 years tenants" need to pay is: the total price of 4.8 million.

If in accordance with the so-called "mortgage loans", here is less than the provident fund, can only be commercial loans, according to February 4.9% interest rate calculation, loans 30 years, then it is necessary to pay: 2.4 million first payment +218 million Interest +2.4 million principal = 698 million, about equal to 7 million, the average price per square meter is 77,600, and each month to repay about 12,753.36 yuan (yuan).

Of course, there is a possibility, that is, millet employees welfare benefits are high, 4.8 million full rent a set, but also minutes of things.

Need to prompt the risk is: no real estate license and land certificate of the house, there is no way to carry out the normal housing mortgage loans, such a mortgage way, may be the so-called "entrusted loans & rdquo;, The entrusted loan is provided by the government departments, enterprises and individuals and other clients to provide funds, by the financial institutions (trustees) according to the client to determine the loan object, use, amount, duration, interest rate loans issued. The entrusted financial institution is only responsible for issuing, supervising the use and assisting in the recovery and not assuming any form of loan risk.

If the application to the project that the bank to accept the developer's commission, the loan issued to the owners to help developers to settle the relevant payments and interest, interest income is also owned by developers, of course, this is only a possible way, specifically or to Whichever is the last.

There is also a possibility that millet provides interest-free loans to their employees, so the pressure of the staff will be very small, but whether it will do such a good thing, so that their employees to accompany their own life, to be observed.

This is the final price of the house is the last Vanke, the interest may also be developers or millet, and the useful life because of duration and delivery and other reasons will shrink three or four years, only 66 years or so, do not know just need to be able to Choose such a house.

In other words, spent 7 million, rent a lifetime, and then there are property costs, utilities and other normal expenses, the other is difficult to enjoy the benefits of rising house prices, because this "right to use the house only internal circulation, but also It is possible to work for the company for a lifetime, are you willing

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