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Alipay's anxiety, from social tossing to content, where is today's headlines so simple

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Yesterday Alipay quietly on the line "News Agents & mdash; & mdash; Everyday material, content and patterns are similar to the daily headlines, following the Alipay strategic meeting to give up high-frequency, social strategy, the curve to save the country to engage in Information to love the toss of Alipay this time even worse? Every day there will be expected to become the next headline today?

Every day there is material, what is Gesha

Alipay users have two ways to enter the "Everyday material" and "in the application search" ldquo; every day material "or in the second-level menu" convenient life "in the direct choice.

Mode, every day like a similar headline: the contents of the third party account by the production, the user manually select the channel content of interest, priority display.

At present, there are 13 channels for fashion, film and television, food, travel, entertainment, finance, car, constellation, parent, science and technology, digital, sports and video for users to add or delete in the channel list.



Of course, because just on the line, in the content of the above and no headlines, NetEase news, Tencent news to do more refined, but every day there are expected to introduce a very diverse content producers, Phoenix, GQ China, Ruili and other media platforms, there are Poison tongue movies, fellow uncle and so on from the media big V, even including the local vertical media, I believe that with the heat of the upgrade, Alipay may be another day is an advertiser battlefield.

Summed up, and many news clients, like every day there are many similar features:

Home feed stream personalized push attention to plate information, which is currently a bit simple but rough, but learning today's head like a decent model.


Support comments, praise, and private letter withheld, social sharing by WeChat and QQ shielding, anyway, has been shielded, accustomed to.


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Why Alipay to engage in "every day with material" rdquo;

In the first time we simply talk about the characteristics of information products, understand the end we will know better than Alibaba to do this set of reasons..........

According to the "2016 Mobile Information Industry Segmentation Report" released today, the MAU in the mobile information industry grew 104% since July, and in December 2016, the MAU reached 534 million, according to the analysis of the penguin Report, the user's main news source or focus on the mobile information class APP, so the mobile information class has become a more high-frequency user traffic entrance.



With the surge in traffic, users of the information on the product requirements of the higher, information products tend to two trends, the value of the value of the return and personalized recommendation.

As a result of the barbaric growth of the media over the past few years, resulting in excess information, chicken soup too much, Internet users who have been fragmented little time, more tend to find something really valuable to read.

Based on this, so people can see from the media, WeChat public reading more and more decline, fans are no longer active, push things to open less and less.

The user calls good content, good content platform; then since the media people need to create valuable information, can not be done as before the content porter. From 2016 the contents of the investment and financing behavior can be seen, the content of business is still a tuition industry.


Good content requires high quality since the media people, so the quality of the media from the people to become the focus of the giants, who have these authors, who will be able to produce high-quality content, who will be able to attract users, it is possible to occupy the user's terminal. So the major platforms also introduced the original content of the reward system to support the content creation.


From the chart below the easy to see the data can be seen today, the first time users use the first time after the WeChat, the rumors and even the factory has been shielded today to share the idea of ​​headlines, but also on the headline of today's fear.


Therefore, we can see that with the return of the value of the content and personalized recommendation system is perfect, the trend of information products must be the user to use longer and longer.

Which coincides with the current trend of the second half of the Internet, competing for user time. In the second half of last year, the United States Mission Network CEO Wang Xing put forward a "Internet into the second half" concept, with the demographic dividend disappear, mobile Internet growth will become flat, the Internet from the incremental era into the stock era.

Such an era, the user more and more valuable time, the product competition has been to compete for the user to use the competition for a long time, the user's time is fixed every day, brush WeChat more time, the use of other products less time , And even will be forgotten.

So for Alipay strong financial instruments such as the property of the product, especially after the functional requirements of the user will choose to leave, the product can not produce more connections with the user, the use of low viscosity, so Alipay this trick is to Snatch the user time, and information products in the middle of the characteristics of pregnant.

Alipay is not today's headlines, 怼 is WeChat?

At first glance, Alipay is to seize today's headlines, NetEase news and so on the market share of these products ah, but not really, Alipay has been in the 2017 strategic meeting to return to your financial, that in the financial sector, who is its biggest competition Opponents, WeChat to pay, so pay for this move is the ultimate fight against WeChat.

Alipay, Alibaba is one of the core of the fist, Alibaba listed before the Alipay will be independent, we can see the importance of its status. Until 2014, according to iResearch statistics, Alipay mobile payment in the market share of up to 80%.


But, from the WeChat began, things are changing. From the WeChat red envelope began, WeChat began to resort to a series of targeted action. After that, the second year of the second half of the financial pay on the WeChat to pay the new clothes after a change, began to soar, straight ahead of Alipay market share.

According to Analysys International statistics, as of the second quarter of 2016, TenPay (WeChat payment) market size reached 32%, Alipay and TenPay between the gap is getting smaller and smaller.


For the monopoly before the Alipay, its status has been precarious, but Alipay can not accept in the field of payment to lose their place, can not accept their own a single payment field, and now even cross-life is paid to kill Take a lot of share.

At the same time, Alipay also charged Alibaba in the mobile side of the important responsibility. Alibaba based on the strategic map of electricity to back-end services and industry integration is in place, but in the C-side has been the lack of a strong entrance.

So why Alipay to do social attempt, in fact, is to open up a strong flow of imports, but the social field has been micro-monopoly, Alipay will never have a turnaround.

Traffic is king of the era has passed, the next is the content of the king of the times, then the content of the times, Alipay will seize the user time.

We are based on easy to analyze the data, from the day to live, Alipay is far behind the WeChat, WeChat of the day is Alipay 8 times, from the number of single-day start, WeChat is more than 61 times, today's headlines Are more than 2 times, from the daily use of long hours of view, WeChat is Alipay 104 times, today's headline is more than 9 times.


And then from a single point of view, single-day average number of starts, WeChat nearly 8 times its today's headline nearly three times, from the single-day use of long hours, WeChat is 13 times.


So from the above data can be seen, WeChat with high-frequency social behavior is the user to use the longest product, and today's headlines with personalized content information flow firmly occupy the second. Alipay's purpose is very simple, hope that through a more sticky content information flow to retain users.

Alipay has been using this as a strategy to build the corresponding product features and models, the previous year's living environment tender mode events, last year's circle events and set Wufu, are trying to stick through the user function mode, improve the user to open the APP frequency, The user's use of time, but often the sword go Pianfeng.

WeChat in the introduction of small programs, Alipay also open their own small program, but ushered in a pile of plagiarism, Alipay can only be wronged that the baby has long been the layout of the baby grievances, but now who is still discussing Alipay's small program?

WeChat in January this year, a small feature on the line, WeChat will be more detailed search, while increasing the article did not read the Zhiding function, an increase of station search function outside the station, but also made a personalized recommendation to try to grab the content distribution right.


So the Alipay also on a similar function, want to intercept information through the field of WeChat. However, Alipay even in the field of content to achieve good results, but in the open frequency and the length of the user will never be more than WeChat.

Alipay in the user's psychological positioning is to pay the tools or financial instruments, the user to the money to pay treasure, the time and friends to the WeChat, from this perspective, Alipay really should return to its financial properties, to pay the scene of innovation.

And information products, the maturity of the recommended algorithm, user interaction experience, and so have a high demand, in today's increasingly redundant functions of the Alipay, the product experience and WeChat can not be the same day, so from my personal point of view For example, this time on the material every day, slightly tasteless, Bacheng is a time with toys and go.

Big city chubby, Internet senior financial product manager, everyone is the product manager columnist, adhere to the business, human nature, data three-dimensional review of the Internet.

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