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In China for 10 years charity Gates, in the live on the Chinese young people say so ... ...

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March 24 at the microblogging there is a 400,000 people to watch the big live, not the kind of live live broadcast, but in China for ten years charity Bill Gates, to share some small sentiment.


Bill and Melinda & Middot; Gates Foundation (Gates Foundation) in 2007 to enter China, set up a representative office in Beijing, if not this live, perhaps many people do not know that the world's richest man in China Love is the tenth year.

Gates said he first came to China a decade ago because of Microsoft, but fell in love with China because of table tennis (we can see the importance of sports in international relations), the 2008 Olympic Games when Gates saw China's table tennis in South Korea Ball semi-finals, China won the men's singles single, women's singles, men's regiment, women's team of gold medals, to the West from the table tennis fans brought no small shock.

Table tennis can play such a good country, other aspects will not be bad, right? This is certainly not a richest idea, Gates said to become a fan of China is more important is that the economy continues to mature countries have the pursuit of excellence in the economy.


What is this important thing? China's growing economic strength means more dominance and voice in the international arena. Every major decision made by China as a big country, whether it is environmental energy or climate development, is an important issue in the world. The influence of.

Gates mentioned some of the hot topics discussed in the world recently: the US presidential election and the British off Europe, these big countries in the immigration, security issues are on the trend of conservative, global warming faded, each of their own interests put on The first one. At this juncture, China's position on globalization is even more important. Poverty alleviation, charity, and aid are an effective channel for the attitude output: choose to shut up the door to each other, or do good friends who love each other, Gates thinks What China wants to do is the second.

China is not a problem at all, there are still many children in the starving, many people suffering from disease, that China is so many poor people, why do you want to help others? Gates wanted a long time, he said that China in the past when the poor, it has been in aid to African countries, it is like a tradition of China, now no reason to give up. Aid to a certain extent is also an investment, is the future of investment, investment in a peaceful world, the spread of some diseases, or refugees such international disputes, can be avoided by such investment. Save is also in the rescue.

A country, especially a big country, can not just look on their own body, and now the world atmosphere needs China to do a good example, Gates said with great sentiment. This is probably why the Gates Foundation can grow in China for ten years.


Charity do long, but in fact, most of us feel is still relatively shallow, we read the news every day are bitter, we loudly asked "the world can be ok", so those charities have done where? Gates did not think this question is unreasonable, although the problem is solved step by step, but the speed of the problem can not keep up with the rate of tolerance to reduce everyone.

For example, in the field of health, past malaria is almost the highest rate of death in all countries of the disease, now in the country has been a large degree of control, China is likely to eradicate malaria in recent years. But outside of China, there are 3.2 billion people in the world facing the potential risk of malaria, which also makes the discovery of Tu Yo Yo artemisinin is particularly important, important to the extent of the Nobel Prize.

The use of artemisinin has saved a lot of life in South Asia, and Gates hopes that charcoal can be used to cover artisans in more developing countries, and that malaria is finally likely to be eradicated and not malaria We may not realize it to its aura.

For example, in the agricultural sector, China has invested heavily in agricultural innovation, with an annual growth rate of agricultural production of 12% per year, while in Africa, the index is only a quarter of China. Every day commuting in the subway was quickly crowded, do not know if you have (like me) think so, where the food will be able to feed so many people?

The answer may come from people like Yuan Longping, who are committed to using less land for more food, Yuan Longping's hybrid rice to rice yield per mu increased by an average of 20%. The fact that this syllabus, in addition to narrowing the distance between you and the stranger, can bring the gospel to millions of small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom are exact because of food Low production and starvation, and usually do not need farming we may not feel its role.

In addition to these charitable solutions to the basic survival problems, charity also involves some of the topics that sound farther away from us, such as energy innovation. But in fact it sounds far does not mean that we really do not matter, because the transformation of energy structure is to address the fundamental changes in climate, and climate means that our living environment, Gates and Ma together to set up an energy fund, committed to Let new energy "you have me all have" rdquo ;.

Gates, of course, did not forget the technology, more than ten years earlier than the charity fund, Microsoft in China to set up the Microsoft Asia Research Institute, recruiting more than 200 developers so that they fly themselves here, in addition to The creation of Microsoft venture capital accelerator focus on training entrepreneurial team, the accelerator has been out of the 125 companies, many have been listed. Charity fund incubation technology, technology, in turn, can also be fed back to charity, fast platform to make donations become simple, Gates said 2015, through the network platform to raise funds has reached 966 million yuan.

The Gates Foundation's ten years in China also make it clear that charity is not just donating materials, condoning refugees, wanting to really reverse the environment to change the deep problems, such as health, food, climate. In fact, is to grant people to fish as a grant to the truth of fishing, and China is doing charity & ldquo; grant fishing "ralph lauren pas cher, the best time.

Gates said he was 50 years old to realize that to do charity, perhaps by the world's richest man's charitable ideals infected, young listeners are also very excited, they carry the enthusiasm of Paul Kocchia gold asked Gates, We have to put into this great cause, how should we do? Gates' tone is very calm: a lot of people in the twenties to do charity, in fact, this is a personal planning problem. I was born in the twenties in fact fully committed to the development of Microsoft, and did not think about charity things, and so have enough strength, when the ranks of charity are not too late to join.

It seems that young people still have to seize the time to first realize their own life "small target" ralph lauren pas cher.

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