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This is the story of Steve Jobs's last work Apple Park

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This month, waiting for a long time Apple Park finally to be put into use. Apple Park will accommodate 12,000 employees, all of which will take about six months. Apple also announced the Apple Park will be named as "ldquo;Steve Jobs Theater"(Steve Jobs Hall).

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

From the previous aerial we also saw that Apple Park has become more life breath.Steve & middot; Steve Jobs once said that Apple's new headquarters building will be what they build, the world's best office building.

Fortunately, in the past few years, we have also with Apple, bit by bit to witness the cost of about $ 5 billion Apple Park is how to build up.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

In 2011, Steve Jobs completed his last public address, and he will be the first time & rdquo; dedicated to the Apple Park.

When he announced at the meeting of the new headquarters building in the city of Cupertino, and he also mentioned that the Apple Campus 2 is like a spacecraft to land the same (later we often use spacecraft to describe Apple Park.

It is reported that Steve Jobs was a public speech at the City Council meeting, he is like in the Apple conference to introduce the iPhone as bright.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

How old is Apple Park? Apple's new headquarters of the building accounted for a total of 708,000 square meters. Although the building is only four, but its total construction area of ​​260,000 square meters, can accommodate 12,000 employees.

There is no doubt that this will be a new landmark building. Apple Park has also become the world's most expensive corporate headquarters.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

Apple found the famous architectural design firm Foster + Partner to collaborate to complete the design of the new headquarters building, and ultimately they together to complete the Apple Park stunning masterpiece.

Chief architect Norman Foster mentioned that Steve Jobs said that this project is unforgettable and vital. And Steve Jobs has also said, do not treat me as a customer, take me as part of your team.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

The entire Apple Park was originally the site of the HP office building, and Steve Jobs at the age of 12, once here to get their first summer internship (fate ah).

In 2014, Apple began to "erase" the traces of HP, and then they began to build a completely new Apple Park.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

We all know that Apple is always in the design of excellence, even Apple Park in the interior, a table and a chair, they are specially customized, where the tables and chairs, can make us fascinated.

Apple's souls Jonathan & middot; Yves also played a key role in the design of Apple Park, including even designing chairs and tables for the new headquarters building.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

Apple has plans to plant 7000 trees in Apple Park, and this green design concept is also in the new Apple retail store appeared, whether outside or inside, Apple is very Focus on characterization.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

Apple Park will introduce 309 kinds of plants, and some trees will even become a restaurant source of food.

There are many fruit trees in the woods, including plum trees, almonds, olive trees, persimmon trees, apple trees (this must have), cherry trees and so on. At present, many trees are planted, and the landscape design will be Extending at the end of the second quarter of 2017. (Purple dot represents plum tree, orange stands for apricot, brown is olive tree, red is persimmon tree, pink is cherry and yellow is apple tree.

However, Apple Park is scheduled to be completed in 2015, and strive to let Apple continue to bounce, and ultimately they announced that in April this year will be settled in the spacecraft & rdquo ;.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

Of course, "Glass" is also the biggest feature of Apple Park, supplier Seele said, Apple Park used a total of six years of glass & rdquo; and "looks like a spacecraft shape, curved glass, floor Can not be too high, enough of the green, these are both Steve & middot; Jobs's request.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

Tim said last year that it was hard to know where Apple Park was more beautiful at the moment, because many buildings were still a pile of soil (such as the mound at the time, similar to the pyramid's mound) Causing a lot of people ridicule, from the mysterious power of Apple?). But since entering in 2016, Apple has significantly accelerated the progress of the construction of Apple Park, and this acceleration from the "one-month" about the UAV can be felt. Apple Park is really in a little bit to our straightforward to show their charm, especially those glass facade.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

For fitness enthusiasts, Apple Park is also an excellent place to work. Employees can go jogging here, or riding a bike (in order to facilitate the staff in the huge park within the move, Apple in the park for employees to provide 1,000 bicycles, and Apple Park internal commute also rely on bicycles), there are more than $ 70 million to build the gym and fitness center. Perhaps Apple's engineers can continue to optimize or develop AppleWatch's capabilities in fitness monitoring while working in Apple Park.

这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部这才是乔布斯最后的作品:苹果新总部 Apple Park 的故事

Apple is like creating an iPhone to build Apple Park, so we see how hard Apple is building Apple Park. For example, it is the world's largest natural ventilation building, Apple uses about 4300 concrete plate to form a natural ventilation system, these plates can help the building to maintain ventilation & rdquo ;. So most of the time each year, Apple Park do not need to open air conditioning or heating.

At the same time Apple also for Apple Park equipped with sufficient solar panels, solar panels can produce 17 megawatts of power, enough to meet the total power demand of 75%. BloomEnergy's fuel cell is similar to Apple's fuel cell installed in the North Carolina data center, which will meet other power needs. Regardless of the clean energy and energy saving, Apple Park is in the pursuit of the ultimate. It can be said that the details of the requirements of Apple is "stringent, amazing" and "rdquo ;.

Only the work of serious quality of the pursuit of the company, to do the product was worthy of trust. This is Apple's Apple Park for us to build, this is Steve Jobs and the eyes of the new headquarters building, you are also looking forward to the official opening of Apple Park?

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