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5G era, why Google is undervalued?

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5G5G 时代,为何说谷歌被低估了?

When talking about 5G, few people will mention Google, which is not a little low-key layout strategy on 5G.

To be honest, in the field of 5G, Google is one of the most undervalued companies, its investment in the 5G is not inferior to any one chip manufacturer, communications equipment manufacturers or operators. Of course, this is not reflected in the depth of technology, but its overall layout in the industry chain.

According to Lei Feng, Google is a large area of the deployment of the next generation network infrastructure, which is the basis of the operator's formal commercial 5G, but also HUAWEI, Ericsson and other communications equipment vendors have been focused on the field. But at the same time, the technology giant also opened a hole in the brain to try some new directions, such as the use of drones to cover the 5G network, with 5G mm wave to achieve a new application...

As we all know, Google has a secret X Lab, there are a lot of creative, creative heaven project, one of which is the uav.

The reason why Google is Google, because of its extraordinary brain hole. These drones are not the same as other places, Google developed them to pave the way for the deployment of 5G networks.

7 years ago, Google began a series of layout:

In 2010, Google started the Google Fiber project. Google Fiber can provide 5 Mbps/1 Mbps free network, 1Gbps/1Gbps pay network. But now this service is only around the Google server cluster construction, and can not be a wide range of coverage.

2012, Google launched a secret drone program, which was named Project Wing. Prior to this, Google acquired a number of robotic company, its goal is directed at the future of a blue ocean robot field.

In 2013, Google launched the Project Loon program. The goal is to use unmanned aerial vehicles as a base station for high altitude, with a hot-air balloon network will be brought to every corner of the world. The original purpose of this program is to provide 3G network, but according to Lei Feng network (public No.: Lei Feng network) understand, now the balloon Google can provide 10m/s network services to the ground, is very close to the 15m/s 4G standard.

In 2015, the Google Project Link program was launched, its purpose is to access the Internet for the development of the world. Through this project, Google will be access to these areas of fiber, and the existing network connection with the submarine cable connected. At the same time, Google said it would help local Internet service providers and operators to expand their services in the local.

By the fourth year of the layout of the 5G UAV, Google began harvesting the first fruits of these programs combined.

Millimeter wave technology, Google also has!

As a global technology company, Google's ability to control technology without doubt. Although Google is not so high profile Ericsson Ericsson 5G technology, but it has been deep plowing millimeter wave technology.

2014, Google successfully acquired Alpental Technologies, which is a company focused on millimeter wave wireless network equipment. Since then came the news of Google recruitment mm talent.

2015 Google I/O conference, Google demonstrated to the outside world a series of research results of millimeter wave technology. Google announced the use of 60GHz millimeter wave, innovative gesture interactive experience Project Soli program. Project Soli is very cool, it is committed to improving the interactive touch screen in two-dimensional space experience. This program in 2016 Google I/O conference has more breakthrough results. Project Soli using 60GHz millimeter wave technology, can achieve the effect of the interaction between the gap. That is to say, when you want to control the equipment, both watches, tablet or mobile phone interface, will no longer be subject to the touch screen to achieve the touch, only need the help of pulse radar wave can capture the user directly in the air of gestures to achieve control of equipment. At present, Google in which the application of a more accurate new technology, the accuracy of the error to millimeter. Specific effects can be felt from a dynamic map:

5G5G 时代,为何说谷歌被低估了?

However, due to the project involves 5G wireless technology, which will also lead to the need for additional support for consumers to buy 5G new phone to experience its precise positioning. For now, 5G phones still need some time to be developed and produced.

In addition, due to the high frequency of 28GHz technology is likely to become one of the basis of the 5G standard, which makes Google the slightest neglect. 2014, Google has repeatedly submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to test the application of millimeter wave band. 2 years, Google's efforts finally return. In the FCC agreement, Google successfully tested in 28GHz band millimeter wave, because of the high frequency millimeter wave transmission distance is short, the transmission distance is only 1/10 4G signal, in order to make the millimeter wave from high-altitude UAV shot against the ground and test work of Google focusing in phased array technology.

Said so much, why Google has a special liking for millimeter wave? This may be closely related to the advantages of millimeter wave in the 5G network. For example, the inherent advantages of high-speed transmission; support for greater data bandwidth for short distance transmission of sight, can effectively prevent the problem of attenuation, blocking and other issues. However, 28GHz, as a kind of high frequency millimeter wave, also has some disadvantages such as easy to be affected by obstacles, short covering distance, and not mature enough.


As one of the giants of science and technology, although Google in the layout 5G not vulgar, directly by the acquisition of or acquisition to obtain simple and crude technology. And because X Lab UAV projects and millimeter wave technology are in the testing phase, the outside world did not see Google in these two projects related to the effectiveness of. However, Google has used its leading edge in the network infrastructure of the 5G network to complete the deployment of a large area, and within the scope of global operators, such as the India Bharti Airtel Telecom, Korea SK Telecom, Telstra Corporation has established strategic cooperation.

Google chief engineer Ankur Jain said: Google's network infrastructure has spanned many fields, from the fabric to the data center server from the backbone network connection data center, the edge node to hundreds can provide efficient service delivery for operators.

For these SDN/NFV is still very young technical concept, Google has long been a large number of its own network infrastructure in the use of. As industry insiders as Google, make full use of their advantages in the top of the industry chain, pull a bunch of telecom operators, equipment manufacturers formed alliances, joint research and development, the development of the leading telecommunication technology standard of the next generation. Attempts to subvert the existing market technology from various angles. These basic research, but also allow Google to maintain a dominant position in the field of networking.

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