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Secret practice on the 13th: Let your phone always in the service area

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If only because of a simple name of the satellite and ignore it, it may be left to mistakenly regarded as a common stone of the loss of jade. Practice on the 13th is such a satellite. April 12 evening, practice on the 13th from China Xichang fly to space. Although it's famous to read it is not so catchy, not like "Chang'e" and "Heaven" and "Goku" and other spacecraft that image, but it does not prevent it from becoming a 21st century Internet highly developed society A ground-to-air satellite & mdash; practice on the 13th is a communications satellite, one so far China's most advanced communications satellite. In this modern society, this is expected to change the Chinese people 's domestic air transport cabin inconvenience, high - speed rail, and so on. Train on the phone to find the signal "ralph lauren pas cher, communications dilemma of the satellite, compared to other spacecraft seems to be more able to catch the eyes of ordinary people.

This evening, people see this opening: practice on the 13th ride on the Long March III rocket piercing the sky, arrived at the distance of 36,000 km from the Earth's orbital height, open the sun windsurfing, throw off the arm and ralph lauren pas cher, Work. The next episode to the scientists on the ground to write, to be practiced on the 13th series of state adjustment, technical trials mature, the people of the Internet experience is also expected to enter the new "practice" ralph lauren pas cher.

& Ldquo; outdated & rdquo; specialized households

Speaking of artificial satellites, people are most familiar with the "pass, guide, remote", that is, communication, navigation, remote sensing three categories, which is the main application of satellite satellite in three directions. Among them, the communication satellite seems to be the least need to explain too much.

In fact, April 24, 1970, China launched the first man-made earth satellites, creating a new era of China's space history, Dongfanghong No. 1, belongs to the scope of communications and broadcasting satellites. According to Zhao Jian, deputy director of the Department of Systems Engineering of the National Defense Science and Technology Bureau, the development of China's communication satellites has been from that time onwards. So far, four generations of communication satellites have been developed and 16 satellite-based communications satellites have been developed. Globalized satellite communications service capabilities.

Zhao Jian said that the communication satellite is called the current information society neural network. Some of the traditional means of communication can not reach the place, often using satellite phones that rely on communications to broadcast satellites.

However, high-tech seems to have some cold, not yet flew to every ordinary people home. Practice 13th satellite engineering chief Liu Fang said that China has a vast territory, complex terrain, in the mountains, deserts, grasslands, oceans and other places, the information transmission is still a blind spot, at the same time, by the eastern and western economic development is not balanced and geographical conditions Restrictions, in some areas of broadband access facilities far behind other regions & mdash; how to eliminate the "network gap" has been China's information age in the urgent need to address one of the important issues.

In other words, there are many communications satellites in the sky, but it can not cover the whole of China. Practice on the 13th when the play of the "lumbo" professional households.

Practice on the 13th satellite system commander Zhou Zhicheng expressed more clearly: China's terrestrial wireless network coverage or fiber optic cable can not access the place, can be achieved through the practice of satellite 13 access to the network.

True meaning of broadband applications

Has been able to have such a big ability, is the practice of thirteenth is China's first high-throughput communications satellite.

In the words of Zhao Jian, high-throughput is to provide several times or even several times higher than conventional communication satellites, the traditional communication satellite capacity of less than 10Gbps (gigabit per second, a swap bandwidth unit & mdash; ), While the high capacity of up to dozens of Gbps, or even hundreds of Gbps.

Zhao Jian said that practice on the 13th equipped with a called "Ka band" and the communication load, which is the first time in the history of China's communications satellite. The total capacity of the satellite communication and therefore reached 20G, more than before the development of China's total capacity of all the communications satellite, China has so far the largest capacity of broadband satellites.

This is Zhao Jian seems to have a "landmark" meaning: the practice of the launch of the thirteenth, China's satellite communications into the era of high-pass signs, China's satellite communications industry will also play a great promotion Effect & mdash; & mdash;

To ordinary users, for example, through the terminal download and return rate, the maximum can reach 150Mbps and 12Mbps, the true sense of the satellite communications to achieve broadband applications, to fill our gaps in the field of technology.

Because of the importance of the role of the communication load, scientists also called the practice of No. 13 as China's first Ka broadband communications satellite.

Practice on the 13th satellite control and experimental application system chief and commander Tang left to tell reporters that although China's communications satellite development and application has made great achievements, but compared with the power, in the satellite technology level, industry Scale and so there is a big gap. Which is the frequency of the communications load is an important part of backward, for example, the domestic civil and commercial communications satellites are mostly traditional C, Ku band transponder, limited capacity.

Correspondingly, Ka broadband satellites have more band resources, several times that of traditional communications satellites. Tang said that with the increasing popularity of Internet applications, the increasing demand for satellite communication bandwidth and the increasing scarcity of the traditional C and Ku band and the frequency resources, satellite communication has become an inevitable trend in the direction of Ka-band broadband.

Tang left told reporters that after the completion of a series of on-orbit tests, the practice of thirteen satellites will be renamed the star 16 satellite, continue to Ka-band broadband communication system application promotion. By then, practice on the 13th will be promising.

Liu Fang cited an example, China has more than 60 million people involved in walking, mountain climbing, cross-country, riding, driving and other outdoor projects, but because the outdoor area communication signal is poor or even no signal, every month nearly thousands of lost or lost events occur. More importantly, when the earthquake, floods, tsunamis and other emergencies, if lost, the consequences would be disastrous.

He told reporters that the practice of the 13th satellite terminal is small, easy to equip, carry and use, once equipped with satellite can be established voice, data and video transmission. Liu Fang said that although it can not be categorically said that with the satellite terminal will be able to reduce the loss of the disaster area to small, but then encounter losing the problem, people will not ask: there is no technology can put my help Signal sent to?

The gospel of the Internet

In some Hollywood blockbusters, the artifacts of the heroes on the plane to call, the Internet seems to be commonplace, but these stories in reality but some far away. According to statistics, China's average daily passenger aircraft more than 1.2 million people, the average daily railway passenger traffic reached 7.6 million people, but the passenger's Internet experience is not satisfactory.

In the view of Liu Fang, these in the final analysis is the "bottleneck" caused by technical bottlenecks. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" However, because the terrestrial mobile network can not achieve full coverage, or even cover, but across different regions lead to switching is too frequent, difficult to provide services for high-speed vehicles.

It is worth looking forward to, practice on the 13th satellite can be achieved seamless "l" and " Liu Fang said that the practice of the use of heaven and earth on the 13th satellite design concept, one of the important business is to provide high-speed "through the multi-beam seamless switch with airborne, vehicle or ship terminal automatic tracking Capture function, and these can be air, shipping, railways and other means of transport on the passenger world, a thorough improvement of the Internet experience. & Rdquo;

In fact, the practice of thirteenth satellite launch and after a period of time after the test, the technical issues can be declared breakthrough, with Zhao Jian's words, & ldquo; already have the basic technical ability & rdquo "rdquo; ; However, to really achieve the aircraft, high-speed rail applications, but also need to keep up with the work of technology, such as application services, the use of scenes and security control and so on.

Zhao Jian disclosed to reporters a "timetable" in the next three years, the technical application will be deployed in the domestic 2400 airliners, the general public is expected to enjoy the aircraft on the aircraft to provide the service , Which may be included in the plane on the Internet.

The next 5 to 10 years seems to be more worth the wait. Zhao Jian said, according to China's civil space infrastructure in the long-term development planning arrangements, as of "fourteen five" ralph lauren pas cher, China will build 22 new communications and broadcasting satellites, of which the newly developed communications satellite 5, including L mobile multimedia Broadcast satellite, high-capacity broadband communications satellite, large-capacity broadband communications satellite, high-capacity broadband communications satellite, global mobile communications constellation research stars.

By then, China's most advanced communications satellite capacity will exceed 100G. And today's practice on the 13th, its capacity is only 20G.

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