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"Late" Jingdong also came to Silicon Valley, and joined the Chinese company overseas talent battle

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The establishment of R & D center in Silicon Valley has become China's Internet company's "standard action & rdquo ;. Baidu has been the successor of several research, Tencent and Ali also attracted a lot of generals, and even drops also joined Udaicty in Google's Mountain View City to establish their own research institute, and now, Jingdong also came.

In fact, Jingdong has already come, according to the official information provided by it in October 2015 has been in the South Silicon Valley of Santa Clara set up R & D, compared to the spotlight under the Baidu Ali and even music, Jingdong Institute of low-key "no sense of existence" and now, Jingdong decided to go a little faster.

In the recent, Jingdong CTO Zhang Chen, with a public executives, the joint Silicon Valley Talent Advisory Committee GCP held Jingdong Technology Open Day, once again Jingdong Silicon Valley R & D Center (US research institute), pushed to the front.


"China in the field of artificial intelligence will go beyond the United States & rdquo;

Zhang Chen is no stranger to Silicon Valley, in fact, before joining Jingdong, he is Yahoo's global vice president, Yahoo Beijing global R & D center founder and president. He has been in Yahoo for as long as 18 years, and Yahoo Messenger, the leading developer of Yahoo Messenger, has become the number one instant messaging tool in the United States, with hundreds of millions of users around the world, and personally established Yahoo's global research and development center in Beijing, responsible for science-driven Advertising and personalized products, mobile platforms and application development and cloud computing and other core research and development work. In the Yahoo Beijing R & D center in March 18, 2015 announced the official closure, the news came out, immediately attracted the industry's fierce "rush war" and "ralph lauren pas cher." Zhang Chen finally chose to join Jingdong, its core team members will also join Jingdong.

It is difficult to imagine, in Zhang Chen before joining Jingdong, CTO such an important position in Jingdong such a large amount of electricity business platform, even has been idle for nearly 3 years. After more than two years of catching up, under the leadership of Zhang Chen, from cloud computing to large data to artificial intelligence, Jingdong finally catch up with the "technology" and the boom. Now Jingdong high-profile to join the Silicon Valley and grab the war "ralph lauren pas cher, has become inevitable.

Zhang Jing said in an interview with PingWest, said Jingdong 12 years in the past three directions have done particularly well, including user experience, cost and efficiency; and in the next 12 years, to improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve the experience, and then It is difficult to rely on people, so we must rely on technology, by artificial intelligence, his purpose is very clear, is running around the world's first-class talent, especially artificial intelligence talent. & Rdquo;

According to Jingdong internal staff revealed that the Institute is now more than 40 individuals, and then to this year to more than 100 people in two years to more than 200 people. And Zhang Chen said that this figure is not cap, the positions involved will include unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, nobody positions, unattended customer service, intelligent supply chain, natural language processing, search, advertising and so on.

As Yahoo's global vice president, Zhang Chen has once created Yahoo's global research and development center in Beijing, Yahoo headquarters for many of the core business to provide technical and product support. And now, on behalf of Jingdong back to Silicon Valley recruit people, the R & D center opened in the company's Yahoo headquarters next door, but also because Zhang Chen saw the entire technology and talent flow direction changes.

Zhang Chen said that before the best domestic talent, the lack of the best environment and the scene, multinational companies are easy to attract them, and now China's outstanding Internet companies can provide opportunities and platforms, far greater than multinational companies, so multinational companies Has not been as before to China to find the best talent, and in turn, Chinese companies have come to the gathering of talent Silicon Valley recruiting.

"China and the United States Internet companies too much distance, and now the Chinese Internet companies and US companies are very close, and the growth of Chinese companies faster. "Said Zhang Chen. He even believes that China will surpass the United States in the field of artificial intelligence, because artificial intelligence is a big data, the second is by talent. "In terms of talent, the most needed thing is mathematics, which children in China do not do the number of Austrian? After this process is painful, but to the artificial intelligence to play a good foundation, so the Chinese artificial intelligence will lead the people. & Rdquo;

"R & D base of Chinese companies do not have a few successful & rdquo;

However, the Silicon Valley Center in BAT has been a few years after the operation of a firm foothold, a new generation of small giants have to follow up the case, Jingdong to late? In Zhang Chen's view, and no, today, the vast majority of Chinese Internet companies in the United States engaged in research and development base, no special success. & Rdquo;

Zhang Chen said that the number is not the most important, but to make a model to allow people to join a great growth to play and influence the space. In his view, Jingdong is the most attractive place is a very good and clear business scene, whether it is unmanned or unmanned aerial vehicles are so. UAV is to solve the problem of delivery in remote areas of rural areas, not purely playing a technology, but really use this technology to solve the problem; In addition, Jingdong actual business generated a large amount of data, will give the technology research and development Very big benefit. He also revealed that Jingdong unmanned distribution car will begin this year in the domestic trial run.


"The quality of our data is also very high, are the real transaction data, which is almost heaven for the engineers." "I believe that many top talent will be interested in participating in world-class teams and applying these very cutting-edge algorithms to real-world data," said Eric Zhao, vice president of Jingdong Big Data. For example, their team has begun to use enhanced learning algorithms to help improve conversion rates, neural network algorithms to simulate user behavior, and combine chat robots and knowledge maps to improve the user experience.

"For the technical staff, the most suffering is to do a lifetime of technology, do not know how their own technology in the end how the whole business or experience. Our clear scene can let the technology cattle people come in after you can immediately solve the problem, very few companies have so many technical scenes and data waiting for technical people to solve. So we Jingdong technology is still very lucky, you can quickly to measure. We are confident that we can do Silicon Valley R & D center. "Said Zhang Chen. "Chinese technicians in the United States are very vulnerable to the ceiling, many Chinese talent in the US company can only do a screw, treatment and environmental aspects, and some China has also been leading. & Rdquo;

But he also said that from the US company to the Chinese company, in fact, unlike from Google to Facebook, the nature of the work is no big change, to join the Chinese company in Silicon Valley R & D center, still have to be psychologically prepared, on the one hand , There is a great opportunity, no workplace ceiling, but on the other hand, work to change, from passive to active, take the initiative to solve the problem, for the change to have the ability to bear. "The higher the level of talent, the more difficult, because the domestic special attention to landing, that is, to ground gas. "Said Zhang Chen.

Now the Jingdong Silicon Valley team from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other Internet users in the United States, the entire operating mechanism and other Internet companies are not the same: In addition to Zhang Chen will personally lead, Jingdong each department's VP will control their own Silicon Valley team. Zhang Chen said that after the establishment of the Silicon Valley R & D center for more than a year, they found that attracting talent is not easy, so now the whole group for this R & D center are very seriously.

On the other hand, Zhang Chen said, Silicon Valley R & D base there is a goal, that is, and Silicon Valley companies to establish close ties. When talking about Jingdong overseas investment and acquisition plans, he said vaguely, Jingdong has also invested a lot of start-up companies, and some companies also talk about cooperation, & ldquo; will consider their own needs to do some layout & rdquo ;.

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