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Into China a year of heart! Apple Pay dilemma continues

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February 8, 2016, Apple Pay officially in the domestic line, as the world's most mainstream mobile payment, one of its arrival is not only a lot of people as a domestic "payment" and the international exchange, and As a kind of checks and balances "weapons" and it may also be effective against today's thunderous sheng "two-dimensional code payment & rdquo ;. But now more than a year in the past, when we look back to the "big brother" and the performance of the fact that it is not surprising.

Apple Pay in the domestic situation of embarrassment

Compared to a year ago on the shelves of 12 hours to bind the huge momentum of 38 million bank cards, Apple Pay today, the situation is really some embarrassment! According to the data show that the current mobile payment market in China, Alipay, WeChat has been up to 310 billion yuan to pay the scale of accounting for 90% of the market share, and in the remaining 10%, there are like SamsungPay, Millet Pay, Huawei Pay, and UnionPay cloud flash, and Apple Pay on the share of the fight, you can say, in the Apple Pay-oriented "non-contact payment" with the WeChat, Alipay led the two-dimensional Code to pay the game which has been in a clear disadvantage.

And this situation is just when it entered China, it is simply unimaginable. Especially the entire banking industry, they have a very big confidence in Apple Pay. It is important to know that, in theory, non-contact payments based on NFC near field payments and fingerprints are more secure in terms of security than two-dimensional codes, and it can also handle micro-letters, Alipay, etc. Of the large amount of payment, so in the traditional financial institutions have been cautious view, these are its unique advantages. From the data point of view, BostonRetailPartners in the beginning of this year's data also show that in the US mobile payment areas, ApplePay now has a 36% market share. And then count the proportion of the global scope, no one would think that such a way of mobile payment in China will be so end.

The high and low is such a situation

But the reality is cruel, whether it is word of mouth on the applause or the major banks in the early efforts to promote propaganda, the cold data have Apple Pay in the country's embarrassing situation show out. And if the reason for it, it seems that from some aspects of the performance point of view, Apple Pay is a bit too "high" and the cold.

First of all, hardware, audience and subsidies, to know in the promotion phase, WeChat, Alipay through a large number of subsidies in major cities in the country almost all key areas to deploy the use of two-dimensional code, and through a variety of online and offline promotions to subsidize users. Apple Pay in this regard is a lot of stiff. If the user wants to use Apple Pay, first of all must have a standard Apple device, followed by a friend to support Apple Pay, and if we find these, they will often find the United States, glutinous rice, WeChat , Alipay and other means of payment often have a greater preferential efforts.

Second, Apple Pay itself also set a small social and electrical business attributes, there is no way for consumers to develop habits. In China, WeChat, Alipay and other third-party mobile payment means not only can we liberate the hand of the wallet, but also through the introduction of a wide range of social, entertainment and other games are played so that consumers can pay with them at the same time can be a certain Entertainment, for example, a variety of small games and now very popular red envelopes, etc., are in the process of absorbing their users made a contribution. And that's what Apple Pay does not have.

Of course, in the end, in the absence of "red envelopes", "subsidies" and other online preferential policies to increase the case, Apple Pay online promotion which also overlooked the capillary long tail payment scenes, such as focusing only on Starbucks, 711, KFC and other high-end consumer scenarios, while ignoring the "small grain pancake" and other small business hawkers, which is precisely the consumer needs to pay places frequently. Perhaps "surrounded by the city in rural areas," the essence of this set of tactics, Apple did not understand to get.

Joint transit system it can complete the anti-attack

Do you say that Apple Pay really lost the opportunity to comeback? It is not necessarily, in the recent iOS 10.3.1 update, many small partners in the "Apple Pay and privacy" and the agreement found that the traffic card-related binding policy, that is, if you To add an Apple Pay traffic card to Wallet, the traffic card information will be associated with the iCloud account. That is, after the success of the set, consumers with Apple Pay credit card and hand-held bus card card almost no difference.

Of course, this cooperation in our neighbors Japan has a precedent. According to media reports, Apple Pay in October last year, officially landed in Japan, becoming the first 12 to support Apple mobile payment services in the country. In addition to being able to bind to add a bank card, Japan's Apple Pay service and other countries the biggest difference is to support the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) issued by the traffic card Suica, officially opened the Apple Pay traffic card function. Suica's huge card issuance and the maturity of the credit card environment is the reason Apple Pay traffic card function to select Japan's first on-line reasons. So far, Japan is still the only country to support Apple Pay traffic card function.

That is, once this cooperation can be successfully completed, China will become the second in addition to Japan, the world's second support Apple pay traffic card function of the country. But it really needs a lot of effort.

To know, in terms of hardware now NFC features into most of the smart phones, once this feature is universal, Apple must also and major Android manufacturers to work together. Moreover, in order to make this function spread throughout the country, Apple must also communicate with the domestic city area traffic card management side, the problem is obviously more difficult, after all, in many places even NFC bus recharge, the same province Bus card and other issues have not yet been resolved.

Written at the end

Apple Pay, as a worldwide mobile payment for countless users, is not satisfactory in China. The reason, strong enemy ring together with their own in the promotion of the positioning of the problem caused by today's embarrassing situation, of course, this situation is not without any chance to restore, in fact, Apple is also in contact with all aspects, hoping to find The solution, so that those who have not experienced the user really try to use an Apple Pay, and this 0 to 1 is the most difficult.

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