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Desert: Windows 10 S and Surface vest game

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Recently, Microsoft held a press conference in New York, announced for teachers and students to launch a series of educational products and services, including Windows 10 S operating system, Windows 10 S Equipment Surface Laptop, for the modern collaborative classroom to build Microsoft Teams, "My World "new features, to stimulate the creative mix of new products and services. Which Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop as the release of the first cause of the industry's attention.

However, from the current Microsoft Surface series, Windows 10 itself and the education market competition, the Microsoft released Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop intent is not clear and another purpose.

欲盖弥彰:Windows欲盖弥彰:Windows 10 S 和 Surface 的马甲游戏

We may wish to look at last year, American schools, colleges and universities where the PC, flat computer market situation.

From the shipments (market share), last year for the United States, primary and secondary mobile devices shipments reached 12.6 million units, including Chromebook notebook computers accounted for 58%, compared with 50% in 2015 increased by 8 percentage points; iPad And Mac notebook market share fell to 19%, lower than about 25% last year; Microsoft Windows laptops and tablet PCs remained stable at about 22%.

In terms of revenue, according to market research firm IDC, US schools, colleges and universities spent $ 7.35 billion on mobile and desktop computers in 2016, while Apple only accounted for $ 2.8 billion, compared with $ 3.2 billion in 2015 US dollars fell, accounting for 38%; Windows equipment sales in 2016 accounted for 2.5 billion US dollars, compared with 2015, 2.1 billion US dollars rose slightly, accounting for 34%; Chrome equipment reached 1.9 billion US dollars, while the previous year To $ 1.4 billion, or 26%.

欲盖弥彰:Windows欲盖弥彰:Windows 10 S 和 Surface 的马甲游戏

I do not know what the industry from the statistics to see what?

We see that the Microsoft Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop directly on the subject of Google Chromebook notebook computer although the entire education market accounted for nearly 60% of the share, but only received less than 30% of revenue, showing Chromebook laptop The most critical factor in selling money in the education market is compared to the low price of traditional PC and tablet PCs, which has been confirmed by its OEM partner's Chromebook laptop ASP under $ 200.

And from the Microsoft release of Windows 10 S Surface Laptop starting price of $ 999, the highest price of $ 2199 to see, apparently Surface Laptop in the education market the most valued cost, at least 3 times the price on the standard Chromebook laptop without any Advantage at all.

At this point, even if Microsoft at the press how to emphasize Surface Laptop to meet the needs of the education market and their own products, many advantages, it is difficult in the education market set off much waves.

欲盖弥彰:Windows欲盖弥彰:Windows 10 S 和 Surface 的马甲游戏

Someone would say that Microsoft will announce that its OEM partners will launch a notebook based on Windows 10 S for the same ASP at $ 200. Yes, but one thing to note, this price segment OEM launch ASP $ 200 in the following Windows 10 S notebook, regardless of design, configuration and experience is not the Microsoft conference presentation Surface Laptop level, even if And the starting price of $ 999 minimum with the Surface Laptop compared.

That is, Microsoft's demonstration of the so-called beyond the Chromebook laptop experience Surface Laptop and OEM manufacturers to launch a real price advantage on the standard Chromebook laptop Windows 10 S notebook computer is completely different from the two notebooks (here Microsoft's demo There is a thief for the suspect). On the contrary, both from the overall configuration and price range,Surface Laptop closer to the previous Microsoft released Surface Book, at least no qualitative difference.

That being the case, what is the purpose of Microsoft's release of Surface Laptop alone? Or where is the need to release Surface Laptop?

Look at the Microsoft released Windows 10 S, we are here for the time being called Windows 10 Lite. This is mainly reflected in the use of Windows 10 S users can only download applications from the Microsoft Windows Store, even support the traditional PC users (including the education market student groups) most concerned about the x86 applications, also need to download through the Windows Store.

So the question is coming,Why does Microsoft not use a full-featured version of Windows 10 that supports both traditional x86 applications and download applications via the Windows Store? Is this not more user friendly?

Although Microsoft claims that Windows 10 S compared with Windows 10, canceled a lot of unnecessary features, and thus greatly enhance the boot speed of the laptop, but we want to say is that only the boot speed, Windows 10 S and Windows 10 compared to the boot speed will actually cause the user experience quality difference? Moreover, this is also related to the specific configuration of Windows 10 S-based notebook computers.

Let us puzzled that, Microsoft said, Windows 10 S can be pre-installed in various types and grades of notebook computers, that is now equipped with Windows 10 Surface Book can also be pre-installed Windows 10 S or free installation.

But the attendant question is,Has the user already installed Windows 10 really need to install a Windows 10 S system that can not directly support x86 applications? The same for the use of Windows 10 S system, PC users will really pay the cost of upgrading to Windows 10 Pro operating system?

If there is a contradiction, that is, before the purchase of Windows 10 S system based on the user (such as students), once the need to upgrade to Windows 10, then the previous notebook hardware (mainly refers to the price and Chromebook equivalent to Windows 10 S OEM manufacturers notebook) configuration can meet and maintain the use of Lite Windows 10 S experience?

As for the purchase of Windows 10 S system Surface Laptop users, from the price to consider, why not directly purchase pre-installed Windows 10 Surface Book, rather than to spend money to upgrade to Windows 10?

Through the above analysis, we believe that Microsoft's Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop release, despite claiming to face the education market and the standard Google Chromebook, but because it is not well with its current mainstream Windows 10 and SurfaceBook formed significant Of the product, the price of the qualitative difference (more like each other's vest), so for the education market Google Chromebook impact will be quite limited and will cause some degree of mutual stroke.

So the question came, and if so, why should Microsoft specifically for Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop held a release? Perhaps the following facts can give the industry some answers.

According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft's strong promotion and high hopes for the growth in usage of Windows 10 has recently stalled, losing some share in February and only a small gain in March. Analysis of the company's data seems to indicate that Windows 10 usage share growth seems to have ceased to exist.

At the same time, Microsoft's own Windows Trends page data show that, compared with Windows 7, Windows 10 is losing the use of share, that Windows 10 share in December last year, an increase of two percentage points to 48%. While Windows 7 dropped by a percentage point to 38%.

But in January this year, Windows 10 market share suddenly dropped by one percentage point to 47%, Windows 7 rose the same number reached 39%, February figures remain unchanged.

According to StatCounter in March this year, the latest statistics show that Windows 7 is still the world's first market share of the Windows desktop operating system. Specifically, Windows 7 in March this year, the market share of 47.03%, continue to maintain the first, Windows 10 monthly market share reached 34.28%, growth has slowed.

And specific to the important commercial market, according to Spiceworks statistics show that as of now, Windows 7 in the business area accounted for 69%, while Windows XP is 14%, Windows 10 is only 9%, 2001 launched Windows XP in business There are more users on the market than Windows 10, although it no longer receives Microsoft updates and security patches since April 8, 2014.

欲盖弥彰:Windows欲盖弥彰:Windows 10 S 和 Surface 的马甲游戏

欲盖弥彰:Windows欲盖弥彰:Windows 10 S 和 Surface 的马甲游戏

In addition to the slowdown in the growth of Windows 10, according to a few days ago, Microsoft announced the March 31 quarter of 2017 fiscal year third quarter results show that its Surface business performance is poor, revenue fell 26%.

There are indications that Microsoft's Windows 10 and Surface are showing a weak momentum of growth, and from the product itself, Microsoft seems to have little way to upgrade, the most typical is the Surface Book in the first year after the release, only released a new Surfacebook (Not known as Surface Book 2).

In order to find a better user to buy and use gimmicks for Windows 10 and Surface, Microsoft introduced seemingly different Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop to reproduce the interest in awakening the market for Windows 10 and Surface.

In view of this, in addition to vest, Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop also have Microsoft want to hide the meaning of.

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