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Do not pass this file multiple hackers QQ group was banned

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May 16 morning, Lei Feng net editor from the circle of friends to see a "Lei Feng" network security circles who said: lying, today Tencent ventilation, and mass hackers QQ group, technical group, development group, the Kind of exchange group sealed a large! The The

Subsequently, many people commented.

网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁 到底怎么回事?

The screenshot is provided by the security circle "Lei Feng"

Lei Feng network editor then launched a survey and found that a lot of hackers QQ group was banned, but not only hackers QQ group.

网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁 到底怎么回事?

From the screenshot you can see, the official given the reason is"The group involved in the relevant regulations, has been permanently stopped, can not be used, the system will automatically dissolve group chat."

Violation of relevant regulations? What regulations?

Security circle person "Lei Feng" rushed to the editor sent a multi-group attempt "experience criteria":

This group of letters should be caused by the blue whale game things;

By sending txt file name for the keyword "blue whale" and then in the report will be carried out seconds to deal with the group, Such as: blue whale game rules, blue whale game members;

The speed of the group is not too fast;

All kinds of large groups after sale group was sealed;

Like kangle user group, AMH user group, large cat brother flow control sale, SWAPTEAM product exchange group, weaving cloud cloud station owners all sealed;

There are all kinds of bugs closed;

Computer version QQ can continue to have been in the group to send information;

Mobile QQ can continue to send information by forwarding information;

Mobile QQ version of the chat can also continue to send information;

Resolved permanent closed group complaint group Address:Click hereThe

After the confirmed, as long as the upload contains the "blue whale" words of the file to "group sharing" may be closed.

网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁 到底怎么回事?

File screenshot

网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁 到底怎么回事?

"Lei Feng" and editorial conversation recorded, has been authorized to release

In fact, Lei Feng net editor to open these three documents, are a pile of garbled, there is no real information.

Lei Feng network also learned that some members of the group because of mischief, deliberately shared the relevant documents uploaded to the group, leading to the group was banned:

网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁 到底怎么回事?

It is said that the famous loopholes platform "fill the days" of a group has also been banned, the main group is in other groups reward:Who knows a group of upload and share a sensitive file to share, please report to my private letter, confirmed correct, there are prizes.

网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁网传多个黑客QQ群被封禁 到底怎么回事?

Lei Feng network editor has confirmed to the two Tencent Department of public relations, these QQ group was banned whether the "blue whale" incident, has not yet received an accurate response. In addition, these because of "mischievous" upload no real "blue whale" information QQ group can be sealed through the complaint, it is not yet known.

In addition, May 12, Lei Feng net has reported that the Beijing Municipal Internet Information Office, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Corruption Corps four management departments, Tencent, Sina microblogging, Baidu, Sogou, love odd arts, 360 Company, quick hands and pear video 8 Internet sites jointly informed of the recent "blue whale" investigation prevention and treatment.

Blue whale, is a Russian death game, the game participants in the 10-14 years old, completely obey the game organizers of the mercy and threat, no one can participate in the survivors, there have been 130 Russian adolescents committed suicide, And the game is still expanding to the world. Moreover, this is a set of multiple tasks, the ultimate "successful brainwashing" participants, in the last task to induce participants to commit suicide "game".

Where to join the game, you must provide the organizer with personal identification number and other details, women need to provide nude in order to stop when the threat, intimidation. In accordance with the provisions of the game players must complete 50 tasks, from the initial use of hard objects to scratch the arm to the final "smooth" death.

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