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Android father to do after the return of this phone, the focus is not just that piece of a comprehensive screen

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As early as March, Android father Andy & middot; Rubin (Andy Rubin) had on Twitter to reveal the return of the first mobile phone after the corner, can be described as hanging a crowd of fans appetite. And in the three months after the wait, we can finally glimpse of this wore & ldquo; Android father & rdquo; halo phone the whole picture.

This is an indispensable mobile phone, and think of Andy & middot; Rubin hope that "Essential Phone" is a and can be used with the " IPhone and Google Pixel match the phone, perhaps Rubin hope that this phone can become the first two can not ignore the opponent, and was called "Essential" ralph lauren pas cher, may also hope that in a red sea mobile phone field occupies a place of meaning.


Since you want to standard iPhone and Google Pixel, that hardware configuration must not lose. High-end Xiao Long 835,4 GB RAM, 128GB ROM, 3040mAh battery, full screen, titanium material body frame, ceramic body, double photo, rear fingerprint recognition, mainstream high-end mobile phone configuration, the same are many.

However, this configuration and Samsung S8 and so on this year's new flagship almost no difference, then, the design of the differentiation is the "Essential" of the.

A little special & ldquo; full screen & rdquo;

And before guessing, Essential Phone is a "full screen" phone, and this screen 5.71 inch 2K screen screen ratio may be more than Samsung S8 and millet MIX.


(Andy Rubin personally explain, screen share is indeed high)

But it is interesting that, in order to high screen share, Essential Phone front camera is integrated in the screen, this design makes the phone "forehead" disappeared at the same time, "chin" also become more Narrow, yes, it still has "chin", even if "chin" does not seem to have other sensors, but it really has been very close to the real "full screen & rdquo;


(Controversial front camera picture from:Essential)

The front camera integration in the screen, it can be considered the first time on the phone design to try. Information screen state, the front camera and the screen can be the perfect fusion, with a black front panel, making the positive side of the phone is very strong. But after the screen is lit, this screen will be because the front camera and some special, because the camera occupies a small part of the screen area of ​​the reasons, after the screen is actually a bright screen, the first eye Looks may be some awkward, after the start may take some time to adapt.


Abroad has a lot of users on the front camera designSaid that "WTF & rdquo;, However, love Fan children that the use of camera integration in the screen design, is Andy & middot; Rubin and his team intentionally the result.


(Millet MIX figure from:Digitaltrends)

Because the same as the millet MIX camera on the "chin" is not impossible, like the Samsung S8 as the upper and lower borders to do the narrowest of course, no problem, but the choice of the results of these two programs? Mdash; & mdash ; Get "and a millet MIX" or "Samsung S8 imitator" title. But with this special design, even if there is controversy, it is also because of the design of the differentiation.

But in the official website for the configuration of the description, and did not find the phone handset solution, the location of the light sensor is also unknown.

Do you think the father of Android just made a cell phone?

Essential Phone is a long time to meet with people is the focus of attention, but we believe that the phone is only the father of Android announced the first step in the return, the Essential company to do the future, is their own ecology.


(Behind the contacts can be connected to the peripherals from:Essential)

First or from the Essential Phone point of view, want to do the ecological, but also escape the design of this topic. On the back of the fuselage of the Essential Phone, there are two rounded magnetic contacts near the camera, both of which are prepared for external equipment.Foreign media The Verge reports, These two contacts can also be used for wireless data transmission.


(Installation of panoramic camera renderings from:Essential)

There are two external devices that currently fit Essential Phone, one is 360 & deg; panoramic camera, one is the charging dock. 360 & deg; panoramic camera support UHD @ 30fps video, you can provide more users play, the future may have audio peripherals can choose.


(Through the contact connection of the charging base from:Essential)

The charging base is somewhat interesting, because Andy Rubin does not seem to intend to use the Type-C interface as a charging base, but instead uses these two contacts, although it does not completely replace Type-C, but Essential seems to hope that one day to achieve. In addition, in view of the Essential Phone no 3.5mm headphone jack, if the future there are charging peripherals, for those who like the side of the charge while listening to the user may be a gospel.

Essential also announced that it will open its own connection system, the future will have more requirements of third-party external devices appear.

IoT may be the real killer


(Essential Home Smart Speakers From:Essential)

Mobile phones and various accessories are not enough to support an ecological, and in Andy & Rubin view, IoT (Internet of Things) is an important part of the entire ecology of the series. While publishing Essential, Rubin also announced that we will meet you later this year, "Home", which is a similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo smart home sound (smart-home hub), and Rubin Hope to use "Home" to establish a standard for the Internet of Things.


(Equipped with Ambient OS only to create the system's "Home & rdquo; Figure from:Essential)

The Internet of Things has an open source operating system called Ambient OS that will control all of the smart home devices in the home. But also highlight the Essential ambition is equipped with Ambient OS's "Home & rdquo; will be able to control the SmartThings, HomeKit, Nest and other columns of different products, it also supports Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Google Assistant, that is, If your home has more than one brand of products, but when you want to control them, only need one from Essential's "Home" and "enough."


(& Ldquo; Home & rdquo; music player picture from:Essential)

In addition, the "Home" can be operated through voice and touch screen, from function to design, to some extent, Essential's "Home &" can be said to be the current market, the culmination of intelligent audio equipment.

Of course, Essential's idea is to pave the way with the first cell phone, because people know the most intelligent device is the phone, Andy & Rubens in accepting Wired interview also ridiculed some Google Glass:

You have to slipstream into the ways society works.

You need a way to fit into everyday life.

And his way of pointing refers to the phone, not Google Glass, people are not ready to accept it, and it can do too little. Can be around the phone, you can do more things, the phone is the first step to establish the ecological.


(About RMB 4760 yuan), with the panoramic camera to buy the price of 749 US dollars (about 5100 yuan), the price is also bright that it is a single, the price is $ 699 (about 4760 yuan) The identity of the flagship machine.

Although the return of Andy & Rubin is no shortage of highlights, but for those who desire more "revolutionary" equipment users, Essential Phone can only be regarded as many flagship machine in another slightly different choice. However, to Andy & Rubin on the Essential future planning point of view, this phone is only the father of Android after the return of the "front" and "ruquo;" main course "is to establish their own ecology.


Finally, Andy & Rubin is the one who answers this question about why he established "Essential" and "

When I talked to an old friend and talked about people's dissatisfaction with the current technology products, we all agreed that "fewer and fewer choices and more and more unnecessary functions" were the most disgruntled of. And when I want to criticize this phenomenon, I find that I have to bear some responsibility for this. Android for almost everyone to bring the latest technology at the same time, but also let people have to face more and more bloated function.

And in Andy & middot; Rubin describes the idea of ​​Essential, there are two sentences:

Devices are your personal property. We won & rsquo; t force you to have anything on them they don & rsquo; t want to have.

The equipment in your hands is your property, we will not impose you something you do not need.

Simple is always better

Simple is always the best

Andy & Rubin wants everything to be simple, so there is Essential.

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