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In the face of the siege, Apple in the WWDC 17 out to break all the spirit

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Marriage is a siege, people outside the city want to go in, the city people want to come in. & Rdquo;

Mr. Qian Zhongshu in the "siege" in this sentence, to describe the best interpretation of intimate relationship. Nowadays, the relationship between Apple and the user is more like in a siege.

On the one hand, Apple has the industry's most complete ecology, with the most respected user experience, Apple's first interactive way has been branded for the consumer's subconscious. But on the other hand, Apple's appeal to the user is reflected in the market share and a significant decline, the user does not know why to replace the hands of the equipment.

If the user does not know what to do, then tell them. In the WWDC 17, Apple with the first six major updates, come up with a rare spirit in recent years, pushing down the walls of the city walls.

Hardware, after the stream, the elite to make

When everyone is cheering the newly announced hardware, but few people watched, in fact, a lot of familiar product line has been relegated to second line.

In the update MacBook, the upgrade to the 7-generation Intel Core Duo processor models have no MacBook Air figure, when the kraft paper out of the wizard is no longer the protagonist. Similarly, not only the Mac Mini is not updated, even Mac Pro also iMac Pro figure into a masterpiece.

In the updated iPad, iPad history, the most classic 9.7-inch models in this "iPad's largest cross" ralph lauren pas cher, before the edge of the edge, countless people favorite iPad mini even a chance to show their face did not appear.

In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the first time with four quadrant rules to streamline Apple's product line. Apple's recent product line model complex, the performance difference between the big problem, in 2017 has been brought together.

Although the classic model did not stop production, but Apple obviously only want to design beautifully, the performance of the new product into the spotlight.

Unified product line, help to cultivate a unified user habits and reputation. While the high-end models of hardware configuration, it will help Apple in the software and services on the idea of ​​the largest. But also the most conducive to users to buy their own hardware updates.

Software, division Yi long technology, since the revolution has their own life

"A person, to 20 years old is not mad, this person is unpromising, to 30 years old also crazy, but also unpromising. & Rdquo;

"Besieged City" in this sentence, Apple users who quite meaningful. Today, iOS has gone through 10 years, the first of those fashion chasing new technology beach-goers, now many people have been in the new interactive learning costs today, how to let users willing to get rid of inertia?

Rely on the times again and again to their own most mature works overturned.

Apple watch dial layout Overturned again. App Store homepage content? New planning. IPad Pro interactive way? It is unique. IOS 11 Control Center? Operation upgrade.

On their own still so determined, in the hands of the apple from the knife, once the classic flow is also a river. During the entire WWDC 17, you can see the pioneer's tombstones in many scenes. Apple Pay remember when the bank's virtual account, iPad content dragged when the old Luo's "one step" out of the APP background think of Zephyr jailbreak plug-in, screenshots when you think of Samsung Spen, scan documents think of Scanner Pro and other scanning tools , The camera scans the two-dimensional code when remembered WeChat & hellip;

Such as the case too much too much, Apple in this update in the introduction of the new features, and the original user habits vary greatly in the previous Apple conference are rare.

Software level so much change is conducive to Apple at the software level once again get wide attention, is conducive to higher allocation of new hardware sales, more conducive to the new hardware and software platform after the popularity of Apple to the future battlefield.

New battlefield: I see, I come, who conquer?

In the turbulent technology on the ocean, the only confirmation of the sky is: any mainstream manufacturers, are likely to pour in the next time when the tide of the tide. The rise of mobile Internet, Apple has stood firm consumer electronics market opportunities, the same, Apple also heard the next wave of sound coming.

AR, VR, machine learning, smart home, which is the WWDC 17 Apple's most coveted several major areas of encroachment.

WWDC as a developer conference, the contents of the show itself relative to the average consumer also has a certain degree of advance, Apple display content more naked to guide developers in the technical layout as long as the adjustment to take advantage of the promotion of Apple ship sailing.

So in the iMac Pro release session, VR project demo session with even more than the model introduction; so in the new iPad Pro release link, display the full time to give an AR game.

In order to enhance the performance, Apple at the simple MacBook Pro coupled with a separate external graphics module, in order to emphasize the machine learning, almost in any system updates to emphasize the existence of Siri and MLKit development components.

As for the release of HomePod as a smart home center, Apple's three times with the imitation of the iPhone when the three features stressed, repeatedly read and talk about the "Rock the house", " An Apple meeting was seen?

As early as 1997, Apple WWDC Keynote, Apple had written "we are a system company" in the wave of technology platform to migrate the process, Apple is through the provision of productivity equipment, build a development platform, through the Data collection, build service platform, by attracting new applications, distributed in their own ecology, build consumer platform, trying to squeeze a next calculation platform when the arrival of the tickets.

Left the siege, it must not go back

When the host of the WWDC 17 ended, the words on the invitation were so profoundly reflected in my mind:

Technology alone is not enough. Technology must intersect with the liberal arts and the humanities, to create new ideas and experiences that push society forward.

Separate technology is not enough, it must be combined with art and humanities in order to nurture the community to promote the math and experience.

In the new technology platform evolution gradually clear the case, Apple tried to do, it is their own good at "art and humanities" combined.

From this dimension, this conference is no longer a simple four major system version upgrade, or a hardware product line of the routine, but reflects the Apple for technological change thinking, coping and even the concentrated expression of anxiety.

Coincidentally, the WWDC in 2017 was back in San Jose, where the last time the WWDC was held, Apple made a funeral and announced a farewell to Mac OS 9, and although there was no ritual, The determination to bid farewell to one of the times.

Even more coincidentally, Mr. Qian Zhongshu's "Besieged City" has written:

"We want it to come and hope that it will stay and hope that it will come again." These three sentences summarize the history of the whole human endeavor. & Rdquo;

For Apple, had hoped to move the Internet era of the arrival of the mighty, had hoped to ride in the market to save the situation, and now to hope that the next era of prosperity come again.

Of course, this jump direction of change, so subversive interactive reconstruction, so high-end product layout, whether in the market to achieve immediate recognition and effectiveness, even for Apple's industry giants, but also in the chest.

Just once left the siege, there is no way back.

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