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Clock users live on the tens of millions, can lead the Chinese workplace social rise?

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Speaking of "pulse", the first reaction of many people is the recent thunderous stranger stranger social platform "street" and further mention of contacts, people react to the "pulse" and "ve" and "ralph lauren pas cher,

In the domestic workplace social field, established in the end of 2013 the pulse can be said to be one of the few players are still active. China's workplace society has always been hypoplasia, the earlier sky, if the equivalent of imitation collar collar (LinkedIn) products in batches to die on the beach, collar in the rapid development of foreign countries, for many Chinese companies, Disposable products.

It is a bit absurd to say that many people know that the pulse is because the user broke the inside of the management company. With the pulse of more and more mentioned, not the main job of the pulse, there is no possibility to do the workplace social

Contacts & middot; value

"The biggest problem is to make users aware of the value of social workplace, to accept this category." Lin Fan said in a public speech last year.

This year, the original as a programmer Lin Fan more and more out of the speech, to share his ideas, trying to let more people understand, agree with the pulse of this product.

He talked about the most topics, is always, the workplace in the end what social value can produce.

Do not blame Lin Fan cliche. Even if the overseas collar (LinkedIn) swept for so many years, with 500 million registered users show the strong potential of the workplace social platform, there are still many people do not optimistic about the Chinese workplace social. China is an acquaintance society, a mature dining table culture, pulse to enter the field the first to answer the question is, "Why do you want to use WeChat" ralph lauren pas cher,

To sum up, the pulse can give users the value of two points: First, the expansion of contacts; Second, through the pulse of industry information and market opportunities to gain insight.

Network expansion, the pulse through the once, twice, three connections are provided with the possibility of cross-border; through the identity of the user authentication, you can quickly and accurately find the people looking for. Industry information and market opportunities can be through the an anonymous gossip plate, in advance to understand all walks of life enterprises of the cultural atmosphere, treatment, the latest trends and other information.

The maximum value of the platform comes from the user. CEO Lin Fan told 36 Krypton correspondent, the current pulse live about 10 million, the goal this year to achieve four to five times the growth, to live 40 million live.


In Lin Fan view, the core value of the workplace social is to precipitate the workplace profile (personal profile), to create an influential identity card.

A series of commercial realization model is also around the Profile, specific advertising, membership, photo, education, finance, SaaS and other fields.


June 4, the second session of the Chinese equity investors on the sharing of Lin Fan

For example, in the financial field, with the development of Internet finance, people's credit has become increasingly important, since last year began to work with China's top ten credit platform for cooperation, such as Alipay, Jingdong Finance, the user can These platforms are authorized to raise the credit points on the platform.

The Internet Security Law of the People's Republic of China, which was formally implemented on June 1, stipulates that the network operators should strictly keep the information collected and stipulate that the information collection and use must be communicated to the collectors. This means that the future of illegal information exchange will be significantly reduced, and the pulse as a completely real-name community, its value will be improved.

Also, for example, in the field of advertising, because the pulse can accurately provide the user's identity and job information, is conducive to commercial advertising sentinel.

It is worth mentioning that the recruitment in a very long time is seen as the only social work to confirm the scene, but also occupy half of the income of the collar. But in the eyes of Lin Fan, this is just a "billions of market", that is, the pulse is not to focus on recruitment. In fact, known as the balance of profit and loss, recruiting income accounted for no more than 10%.


Earlier this year 36 krypton"The 25 million users of the road: since doing bad social, it would be a real content of the community it"One article, pointed out that the pulse is already a main content of the community.

Lin Fan always stressed that he was doing social, but also attached importance to content. "Content is the equivalent of one of our legs, contacts are our other leg. & Rdquo;

The content on the pulse can be divided into three categories: custom industry headlines, career elite live (job broadcast), anonymous gossip.

The current custom industry headlines according to the algorithm for the user and the focus of the industry automatically push; duty station can make the elite of the line, the bigwiggers to share their views, the current paycaster sharing must be meridian screening industry elite, ordinary users Can not open the job.

As a social platform, the content of the increase in the final analysis is to compete for the user to stay on the platform time, especially with the WeChat competition. Industry headlines, posters in the final analysis is only a means of low-frequency, limited influence, but also faced with many other platform competition, such as the direct contender of the Chinese version of the British Red Army also made similar content, as well as micro-public Number, many live video platform.

The pulse is currently the most attractive flow, the most active plate is anonymous gossip. This year the Internet network several major events are the source of the pulse of the pulse, such as a while back to easy to torn with the music as the front, easy to employees, real money fund staff and many others in the pulse of an anonymous broke the news, and ifo was burst a large area of ​​greed Rot event. Rubbing these hot spots, the pulse also raised a lot of visibility.

In Lin Fan view, with some of the more popular content to attract traffic, is the user bonus disappear today, an effective means of gathering users. "I think the content is a good way to attract users, but also a good way to precipitate the user. & Rdquo;

Behind the anonymous gossip plate, there is a review team of more than a dozen people will be anonymous gossip content for simple filtering. The criteria for review are also simple: whether it is related to the workplace, regardless of the deletion. For the user rumors, Lin Fan do not worry, "pulse platform, everyone is identity, his identity determines that he will not talk casually & rdquo ;.

At the beginning of the year Lin Fan had 36 krypton revealed the financing intention, has not seen below. In the promotion, the pulse of the last large-scale promotion in 2014 to get 20 million B round after the financing of the focus of advertising. For the promotion, Lin Fan said that mainly by the user word of mouth spread, the future does not rule out the possibility of large-scale advertising, but also with some hot events to make the pulse more common known.


"Today, (in the pulse of the country) has no competitors, and only the international collar of the British." Lin Fan Road.

Lin Fan is not worried about the threat of collar, his self-confidence from the past, multinational Internet companies in China, the success of the succession, whether it is Yahoo, eBay, or Google, Uber.

Lin Fan that the main reason behind this is the culture, in his view: "Ling Ying is a slow development and change the company, 03 years to do the workplace social, 15 years to do mobile side. Last year they were acquired by Microsoft, and many of the first batch of people to go now, and then by the professional managers to take care of, the development of power is relatively weak. & Rdquo;

What is the performance of China? From 2014 to early 2017, the number of users in China increased from 4 million at the beginning of the year to 32 million, slightly higher than the number of users now. "The birth of the red rabbit & rdquo; itself shows the differences in the use of domestic and foreign users, as well as the determination of the localization of the British, but also very embarrassing," Red Rabbit "own well-known as the British version of China, and the British version of China Does not meet the habits of Chinese users, such as it is still using the mailbox registration and connection connections.

In the line in 2013 when the proposed "WeChat" and the propaganda, four years later today, people work areas of the dependence on the WeChat but become stronger.

In fact, not only the pulse in the country was the threat of WeChat, in foreign countries, Ling Ying has always faced the impact of Facebook. In foreign countries, many business people used to build a network of people on Facebook, to achieve high-quality business sessions, it is clear that Facebook as a ready-made social platform is more convenient and efficient. And with Facebook on-line more and more business functions (such as job demand and application function), collar is gradually from a business-oriented social platform into a recruitment platform.

The end of April this year, Ling Ying announced the number of registered users worldwide over 500 million, did not announce the number of active users. In October last year, Ling Ying claimed that the number of registered users was 467 million, the number of active users on the 106 million, that is, live on a quarter of the number of users.

Perhaps it can be said that this is not a workplace between the social application of the fight, but how low-frequency workplace software from the high-frequency life under the auspices of the software to win a place to fight.

Lin Fan believe that the value of the pulse mode, "the future people found that people and people docking this matter, he can only choose the pulse, he will inevitably come back. Once the pulse to a certain stage of development, people will feel that there is no need to add WeChat. & Rdquo;

China's workplace socialization can not rise, the market will verify what Lin Fan said it?

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