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Andrews father of the new machine, spell over Apple, Huawei?

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Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) has released a new name called Essential Phone Android phone, in the industry triggered a strong reaction.

Quot; Essential & quot; can be translated into necessities, meaning it will become a necessity for every person's life, especially for those who are still using high-end machines such as the iPhone series or Galaxy S8 series of user groups. Moreover, the biggest feature of this phone is equipped with Xiao Long 835 mobile platform and a 5.71-inch borderless 2K display.

Rubin announced that Essential Phone will be listed in the next 30 days, that is, at the end of June. At present, the aircraft has been booked in the US market, priced at 699 US dollars, about 4770 yuan.

Essential was hatched by Rubin, a technology incubator founded by Ruben 2014 after leaving Google. Previously, Rubin in Google operating for nearly a decade of the Android sector, it was also known as the "father of Andrews" title.

It should be noted that, Essential company recently announced the completion of 300 million US dollars financing, trying to further into a higher position in the highly competitive consumer electronics field.

So now one of the core issues in the field of smart phones may become the father of Andrews new phone, can fight the iPhone, Samsung, OV and Huawei smartphone old players? & Rdquo;


From the current news, Essential Phone biggest highlight is its almost no border display. Full screen design has undoubtedly become the new trend of today's high-end machines, Essential Phone not only on both sides of the "side to the edge" of the screen design, and the top almost no extra panel, which can be said that the current mobile phone industry One of the most bold production design.

In material, "the father of Andrews" for Essential prepared for titanium and ceramic materials, these two materials should be said that today's smart phone the most tough material. Moreover, in order to confirm that the official personally carried out the real machine drop measured, the results show that even hit the concrete, the phone's corners can be unscathed, and the rest of the aluminum shell machine such as iPhone and Galaxy mobile phone to the same operation No spared.

It should be said, Essential Phone this design can be regarded as the long-awaited iPhone 8 concept design into a reality. And this makes the highly anticipated iPhone 8 in a very awkward position, because before the outside world are looking forward to Apple can take the lead in launching a full-screen flagship model, or even enable the new phone material. But from the current situation, the end of this month is expected to sell Essential will take the lead to seize this part of the market.

From the investor page of the Essential website, you can see the names of Foxconn, Rubin's own incubators Playground, Redpoint, Access Technology Ventures, Tencent, VY Capital and Altimeter Capital. In fact, after Softbank had intended to invest in Essential. However, according to "The Wall Street Journal" revealed that Apple joined the fund, Softbank immediately canceled the investment in Rubin. Rubin last week at Code Technology Conference also confirmed that the deal was not reached because the potential competitors to join the Softbank fund, otherwise Softbank has now become Essential investors.

But the truth is that Rubin itself does not want Apple to join the company's list of investors.


In the eyes of many people, smart phones are the largest ever, one of the most competitive markets, in addition to Apple and Samsung, the other manufacturers are almost no profit space. Many people complain that the market is now no innovation at all, but Rubin expressed strong opposition to this view. He believes that the field has a lot of room for innovation, but companies do not take advantage of this.

Samsung can be said that the smart phone industry is now the most able to compete with Apple rival mobile phone manufacturers, although the company last year suffered a Galaxy Note 7 explosion and global recall events and Samsung head Li Zongrong arrested the accident, but These seem to have no impact on the company's product development progress.

For a long time, Samsung mobile phone has been dominated by the top hardware configuration dominate the mobile phone industry, but Essential Phone in this regard also did not fall into the wind In the specific configuration, Essential Phone equipped with the top of the Xiao Long 835 processor (and millet 6 with the same processor), 4GB +128 GB of memory and storage configuration, dual 13 million pixel rear camera and 8 million pixels before the camera Set the camera and 3040mAh battery.

Moreover, as a new machine into the high-end mobile phone market. Essential Phone can rely on not only high-end configuration, its built-in ingenuity design concept is also worthy of external attention.

For example, the Essential Phone front camera is not like the millet MIX as the camera on the chin, and no such as Samsung S8 as the upper and lower borders to the extreme, and then the front camera integration in the screen. In the state of interest, the Essential Phone's front camera can be perfectly integrated with the screen, with the black front panel makes the phone positive showing a strong integration.

In addition, Essential Phone fuselage back with ceramic materials, combined with titanium alloy frame, compared to the common glass and aluminum alloy more texture, but also still use the plastic backplane material than many Samsung models have a greater competitive advantage The

Domestic brand full of sniper

According to microblogging and market research company Sainuo jointly released the "2016 smart phone micro-report" shows, Huawei, OPPO, vivo three major domestic brands have been in the domestic market gradually formed "three pillars" new pattern, Samsung full decline, while Apple's advantage continues to be eroded.

In a single high-end models, Apple became Huawei P9, OPPO R9, vivo X7 the most important source of influx of the brand. Among them, Huawei P9 new users in 38% from Apple, vivo X7 is 20%, OPPO R9 is 22%. In the user gender, millet, Huawei mobile phone users to male-based, vivo, OPPO mobile phone users to female-based.

In the current high-end mobile phone market, Essential Phone design although there is no previous millet MIX full screen and Samsung S8 thin screen brings shock, but it is undeniable that its value is still high. In the hardware configuration, the only need to worry about only about 3040mah battery capacity, because such a battery capacity for a 5.71 inch 2K screen is still some less than normal. At present, to improve the battery life more to rely on manufacturers on the Xiao Long 835 10nm processor power optimization, and power optimization is precisely the ability of many domestic mobile phone business is the most lacking.

News, Essential Phone priced at $ 699 (about 4760 yuan), with a panoramic camera package price of $ 749 (about 5100 yuan). Although the price in the Xiaolong 835 camp fairly cheap, but came to the domestic sales may not be too optimistic. This is not only because the Essential Phone in the domestic reputation is still very low, but also because Rubin's new products will encounter from the domestic market from Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and millet these companies a strong sniper.

In fact, since last year's millet launched MIX full-screen mobile phone, they opened a full screen boom, including Samsung, LG and many other well-known manufacturers have launched a comprehensive screen mobile phone. Since then, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have begun to join the full screen mobile phone camp want to share.

Jin Li S10 in the conference, the chairman of the legislature Liu Lirong revealed that the company is another new machine is preparing, the main full screen. In addition to Jin Li, OPPO, vivo, Huawei, millet is also preparing their own 18: 9 full screen new machine. But the current industrial chain only to the public manufacturers two options, one is 5.99 inches, while the other is a 5.7-inch, because the current cost of this screen is too expensive, so the model positioning is very high-end.

Outside analysis that the domestic manufacturers will join the full screen really popular, with the industry chain mature, the corresponding price will quickly decline.

Perhaps the current Essential Phone also lacks many of the features of the market's high-end machines, but it's just the first smartphone, and we're still looking forward to the fact that Ruben can launch more in the future. Revolutionary influence of the product.

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