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Apple in China under the shelves of 60,000 App behind: every two or three months will come to rectification

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Third-party data monitoring agencies ASO100 provide the latest data show that recently, Apple is the Chinese application store for intensive consolidation, two weeks off the shelf nearly 60,000 applications, including the number of applications under the shelves close to 20,000, The highest number of shelves.

Data show that, especially in the June 15 day, Apple within a day on the shelves of 22,000 applications. ASO100 analysts told the surging news: "In general, App Store (Apple App Store) the number of App shelves every day in the 2000 to 4000 range fluctuations, June 15 the same day, more than 20,000 of the amount of shelves Is 6-10 times the daily data, is indeed an exception. & Rdquo;

Apple did not focus on this wave in China to start the App focus on cleaning comments.

In the previous June 10, Apple China application store also had a large-scale clean-up, the day of the application of the number of shelves reached 7638, but also more than the normal range.

ASO100 analysts pointed out that whenever there is such a centralized shelves, indicating that Apple is on the App Store for large-scale consolidation and clean-up.

"We think that Apple is not targeting in-app charges and hot updates, more is to rectify the App Store, clean up low quality and illegal App. "ASO100 analysts pointed out to surging news.

Not long ago, Apple proposed to the Chinese developers two measures, that is, forced to take the game into 30% and disable part of the hot update function, the latter period of time before June 12, if you do not delete the application of the hot update The relevant frame will be forced off the shelf.

On June 20, Bloomberg's article, "Apple Becomes Greedy in China," mentions that Apple's attempt to draw 30% of the practice from the game will affect its reputation in China and even threaten Apple Long prospects in China. The article stressed that China is a highly competitive market, Apple coercive approach, not only will not improve the Apple has been declining in the Chinese market share, and even only allow consumers to further strengthen the determination to give up Apple.

From the type of application under the shelves, the game class applications occupy a higher proportion.

ASO100 data show that from June 10 to June 21, Apple China application store a total of 58,000 App was off the shelves, of which 19453 games, accounting for 33.5% of the total. Especially in the focus of Apple to clean up the APP on June 15 and June 10, was off the shelf of the game application share is as high as 50% and 36%.

ASO100 analysts told surging journalists, App Store App total about 2 million, of which 400,000 games, accounting for 20% of the proportion, from the total amount, the game is indeed a large base. But another important aspect of the game classification also belong to the high incidence of illegal classification.

ASO100 pointed out that by analyzing the number of game applications in the past few years the number of shelves, they found that every 2-3 months, Apple will be targeted for game applications for some large-scale centralized processing. It can be speculated that Apple is more like to take some time to focus on the application of some of the problems encountered. For example, in August 2016, August 24, December 27, three days, the number of off the bench application of the number of three small peaks, respectively, to 10,162, 15416, 10417.

According to the aforementioned data monitoring agency, Apple store shelves applications are mainly for the following common reasons:

1. disturb the App Store order, which is common brush list, brush reviews, brush hot words and other tricks.

2. involves sensitive content, gambling, politics, religion, violence and so on.

3. Involved infringement disputes, providing piracy, content infringement, cottage imitation, promotion of infringement and so on.

4. Induction of user behavior, induction, mandatory user praise and so on.

5. Include illegal codes, such as payment codes that conflict with iAP, code that steals user information, and so on.

6. Severe BUG or not updated for a long time.

7. other fancy for death, those who have been identified as "encourage the behavior of users may damage the device, such as set the user to throw the phone at high altitude.

As for the recent crackdown on Apple's "hot update", ASO100 pointed out that not all hot games will be used in the move. For example, there are friends found that the current hottest two hand tour "King glory" and "Onmyouji" is still in the use of hot update.

Hot update is a major hand tour and many other App commonly used update, that is, after the user through the App Store to download App, open App will appear when the update prompt, the user can prompt to complete the download update. This way can bring a lot of convenience for the user, because there is no need to enter the application store to re-download the complete App, for developers, you can also avoid the Apple store for each update audit.

ASO100 analysts told reporters: "The ban on the hot update, mainly for the JSPatch type framework, the use of React Native this kind of impact is not," Wang glory "and" Onmyouji "may not use JSPatch. & Rdquo;

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