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Netizen homemade Internet gangster birth map Kam, fierce my fellow villager!

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All say that one side of the water and soil to raise a party, Internet users, business success, is really related to the birthplace of it?

China Internet business heroes, creators of digital wave are where? What are the special geographical characteristics of their success?

Take a look at the "origin" of Chinese Internet gangster, may be able to find the answer.


Ma Yun, Ding Lei

Zhejiang people have a strong tradition of business, smart, broad vision and good grasp of trends. Since modern times, Zhejiang businessmen have been active in China's economic arena, and the Internet card company has been the strongest since then.

Ma as early as 99 years founded Alibaba, because saw the world's electricity supplier's future; Ding Lei is 97 years to set up NetEase, and later, BBS, portal, mailbox a catch a quasi, earn pots full bowl.

But Zhejiang bigwigs seem to have a problem: like to pull hatred. Now in Xixi's two richest man, one said he is not interested in money, said one happiness money only plays the role of 5%. How can you not be angry?


Zhang Xiaolong, Tang Yan, Su Hua

Hunan area in the history of how wealthy, much like Zheng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang was very versatile, but good with wisdom, hard walled killed war.

The same is true. The young star Zhang Xiaolong, with a repeatedly polished WeChat, China changed the whole social circle; and is often referred to as the "outside" Tang Yan, can do things, it will come, always able to take the lead in the unfamiliar street in the teeth of the storm.

Special mention should be made of Xiangxi. Shen Congwen's Xiangxi people sincere feelings, forthright, tenacity, there is now an entrepreneur also hopes to use a mobile phone to record the real world the most precious is his deft CEO places the passions, china.


Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi

Rumors 400 years ago, the first auxiliary Zhang Juzheng sponsor of the nine Hubei Ji Shi, staged a severe corruption. The name of the people, by the consolidation of corrupt officials and cursing

Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi are veterans of Zhongguancun, continuous entrepreneurs, evergreen industry. Whether Jinshan millet or YAHOO Qihoo, two people have the ability to borrow the air quickly to the pig to heaven. Especially the ray total, one had to Are you OK may not be a backhand, kichiku on the lap of powder are not not many.

Two years ago, when he was Secretary of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee


Zhang Zhaoyang, Dai Kun

Eight hundred in Qinchuan carries thousands of years of glory, so the merchant of Shaanxi with ancient wisdom and domineering aura. Relying on historical and richly endowed by nature powerful educational resources in Shaanxi, in the wave of the Internet has also trained two has a quantity of Entrepreneurs: Zhang Zhaoyang and Dai kun. The two are American graduate schools great talent, dare to do everything, combine the advanced mode and local practice, can be said that the Chinese and Western broadcom.

Although the Sohu has declined, but the back, Charles

Shaanxi commercial Gang, this is to continue to engage in the rhythm of things?


Robin Li, Jia Yueting

Shanxi children tend to learn best, business, diligence, enterprising, Shanxi merchants have also been the best merchant in the world. Later, Yan Xishan separated Shanxi for nearly forty years, although it can not stand up, it is difficult to have a greater role, constitute some kind of

Another interesting phenomenon is that when the people died and died, the Shanxi merchants went to decline, mainly because of the fact that the profits were feudal and the capital collapsed. Now, Baidu and music as the two major companies have had to experience a sigh, history is always amazing similarity!

It is still necessary to continue the good tradition of Jin Merchants' righteousness and righteousness and self cultivation.


Ma Huateng, Wang Zhidong

I have to earn money, where cantonese. Guangdong merchants everywhere, but has always been low-key and pragmatic, low profile. You see a pony brother elegant on ability and ambition, but lost to the Tencent, who? Wang Zhidong has pushed Sina listed, ever in front of virtuoso?

As the forefront of reform and opening up and telecommunications hub, Guangdong's special environment is also the booster of their success. In 1990, the mainland many young people even never had contact with the Internet, while Ma Huateng has been on the development of stock blaster system make a pot of gold, Wang Zhidong developed Chinese star opened the domestic and overseas Internet world exchange gate.


Wang Xing, Cai Wensheng

Wang Xing has done school, rice no, the United States group, Cai Wensheng engage in domain names, investment, but also by the way to conquer all female beauties, the Internet is simply their adventure paradise, entrepreneurship and play the same!

The advantages of Hu Jianren more than all. Even in the Spring Festival Gala was publicly ridiculed FA standard, they also can I don't care, it is very lovely.


Liu Qiang East

The special situation in Jiangsu, the ancient South Dongting merchants in the North down. After entering the new era, the image seems to have not on the pace of the Internet, but the economic backwardness of North Jiangsu has a Liu Qiangdong.


Wei Cheng

The merchant of Jiangxi was influenced by Taoism culture, engaged in worldly affairs, paid attention to Judd, and paid attention to it. Cousin Cheng Wei's hometown of Jiangxi Qianshan, once the nine provinces of the waterway transportation fort, now drops do, forced the association of words, also should have a trap in which.

From the Northern Song Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the city passed on

In 1944, the great leader, Chairman Mao, taught the revolutionary masses to speak:

China's Internet boom for twenty years, business or success or failure, but the Internet's prairie fire will never die. Thank you all for your efforts, and for the participation of all the Internet users. Good luck.

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