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World first test: then missed the iPhone 4, Tesla Model 3 can not be lost again

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2010, just have the country's iPhone 4 did not initially cause the attention of many people, until the real machine hand, a lot of talent wake up, for a time if you do not analyze two iPhone 4, you are embarrassed to go out to eat The

In 2017, Tesla Model 3 released, burdened with the same change in the human car travel mission and expectations, want to do life in the opinion leader, on its news you can not know.


California on the afternoon of 28 (Beijing 29th morning), Tesla officially opened Model 3 production car technical details. The scene of one of the four domestic media, love Fan children's car will be (micro-signal: Time2Drive) for you to bring Model 3 real world first test.

Face the master of the Cheats, and finally expose the mystery

Model 3 from the beginning of the release, the subject is the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-class and Audi A4 these classic models, remove the "luxury" and the keyword, these models are the brand of decades of sword of the sports master The

Itself in the shape of luxury interior feel less Tesla, in the movement to take what to prove himself?

Fortunately, we got the chance to get the world's first test model 3.


Because of their own motor and battery technology with confidence, and the domestic electric car in the power tend to lower the standard beam of different feet, Tesla unreserved power release, let us in the test drive Model X / S impressed.

I test drive is a value of 44,000 US dollars to enhance the power version, but fortunately, Model 3 is still inherited Tesla family power on call, deep step on the characteristics of surging output, 5.1 0-100 km acceleration time, still Impressive impression.


Steering wheel is small and compact, with the shape of the lower trimming, very exercise, but the steering wheel is relatively thick, like my hand holding a small person is very full.

I and the side of the Tesla staff were put down: Model 3 this car, very Tesla.

But because of the suspension of the vehicle from the Model S / X air suspension replaced by a spring suspension, driving mode of the tuning can not have an impact on the chassis, Model 3 side support to open up the BMW 3 Series I feel partial Soft, seat lateral support is also relatively weak.


We are very concerned about the middle of the large-screen experience, the screen size is 15 inches, 17 inches smaller than the S / X, but from the vertical into the horizontal, the visual display area is big. Objectively speaking, when driving to see it still distracted, do not bow the basic do not see the above information, but the screen partition is reasonable, speed, stalls, audio and other important operations are placed on the left of the white area, right Side is left to the second important navigation and settings.


Tesla staff sincerely said that this arrangement is both in order to adapt to unmanned design, but also part of the cost of considering the sake. Of course, the body provides a lot of design for unmanned driving, such as AutoPilot directly into the block of a gear.

Embodied Tesla evolution of the point, is Model 3 according to their own characteristics of the control designed a new way of interaction, although we see the steering wheel only two knobs, but the two knobs are versatile, Such as adjusting the rearview mirror, the left side of the knob to adjust the left rearview mirror, adjust the right side of the right; in the adjustment of the steering wheel is, the left is responsible for the upper and lower, the right is responsible for stretching before and after.

These two knobs are multi-directional, and according to the software upgrade can be given more features, feel good.


Another surprising thing is that the interior space is extremely spacious. Many vehicles in the test drive process are filled with four adults and high adult adults, the space is also no cramped, a brief experience of the back of the space and the BMW 3 Series Li is almost, because the car's front cover change Have a shorter reason.


High with the models of the complete windshield glass, in addition to the middle of a small piece of reading lights placed outside the vertical roof, bringing a very good lighting and technology.

Interior air conditioning beyond the concept of the district, you can use your fingers on the screen directly pointing to any one area and adjust the wind temperature, very pleasant.

Vehicle storage space is very rich, front and rear are provided by the two USB port, but the interior material is more general.

If you are familiar with the Model S, or can see the Model 3 with the different, such as Model 3 door handle is embedded in the body, but itself is not a pop, but like a lever, like the need to pull out , The other is the body, but still hatchback modeling, but the rear window glass can not be set off as S, only the trunk part of the door can be set off, after the rear door does not have electric options.


(Classic car model key, the picture from:Dirdoo)

Speaking of the door, the Model 3 to open the way with the previous Tesla model is no longer the same, always dubbed the plastic U disk key was abandoned, or you can use a credit card size "black card" chic The brush open the door, or you can put your car and mobile phone paired, as long as the phone appears in the car's Bluetooth distance, the vehicle will automatically unlock.


As already mentioned, the vehicle's safety configuration is fully retained, a total of 12 radar and 7 cameras (one for the rear view camera) is a sense of security surge.

After the scene of the ladies Tucao, Model 3 door handle has not been well received, because the abolition of the S / X on the automatic bounce the door, so every time you open the door need to be more pressing, for a long fingernail ladies, or holding Something the owner, and not very friendly.

Small tidbits is that the media test drive the vehicle, that is, the evening will be delivered to the 30 part of the car, and accompany the test drive, it is the owner of the car, is that their conversation, you can feel Tes Pull people for their own product support in love.

But because of the driving environment in the United States on the daily road, and can not test the ultimate performance of the vehicle, we will come after the model 3 came to the country after the detailed test of this car, want to know more, be sure to pay attention to the car (micro-signal : Time2Drive).

You dream of Model 3, thirty thousand five thousand knife can not buy

$ 35,000 from the 2016 Model 3 conference began, the price has become the world talked about the topic, many people dream of spending RMB 200,000 to have a Model 3.


Today, Maske also announced the price of Model 3, 35,000 US dollars (about 23.6 million yuan) can buy the standard version, life mileage: 354 km, 0-96km / h acceleration time: 5.6 seconds, the maximum speed of 217 km / H.

Plus 9,000 US dollars (about 60,000 yuan), you will get power and life are enhanced long flight version, life mileage: 499 km, 0-96 km / h acceleration time: 5.1 seconds, the maximum speed: 225 km / h.

Do not worry, this is only the basic configuration, you want to luxury configuration package (including seat heating, electric seats, power seats, steering column and rearview mirror, advanced sound system, colored glass roof, etc.) Again $ 5,000 (about 34,000 yuan).

Want to unlock AutoPilot autopilot? Again $ 5,000 (about 34,000 yuan).


Also a matching, cold silver, deep blue, metal silver, multi-coated pearl white, multi-coated red these five colors also need 1,000 US dollars (about 6700 yuan).

In other words, if you want to have a description of the long-lasting life, configuration top, autopilot Model 3, the price may be 55,000 US dollars (about 37 million yuan), which does not include the transport costs and possible to China Of taxes and fees.


But in other words, I still think Model 3's matching price is fair, do not say that other international brands of the top of the match is difficult to do this price, just the optional pieces also called conscience.

Chief, chief, Model 3 is today's chief

"3 is the company's current top priority, this is Elon & middot; Masco on Model 3 the most accurate direct evaluation, but also the highest consensus within Tesla.

Today's meeting, Tesla CEO, chief designer all to the scene, for everyone to explain Model 3 the most accurate "family" data, so attention, showing that can not be lost.


One up, Elon & middot; maske set the tone for Model 3: an amazing car (an exciting car).

Elsky said that Model 3 is Tesla's most simple and elegant work ever, from the beginning was warmly expected, and then to the middle was suspected underestimated, until now again re-highly welcomed, along the way It is not easy.

The vehicle consists of 10,000 components, the design is very difficult, to inherit the essence of Model S and X, and make it more concise and elegant.


Masco said, Model 3, although in the configuration and options on a lot of simplification, a total of only provide less than 100 kinds of optional configuration, but in the core components to maintain the same quality, such as AutoPilot all in hardware, Including the $ 35,000 entry is also available, but the activation requires a fee.

Maske repeatedly said, it is recommended that you can try to drive Model 3 car, the car to open up than it would be more pleasantly surprised and shocked.

Tesla chief designer Franz for everyone to explain the design of the Model 3 points, he said, Model 3 design principle is to maintain a beautiful situation, as much as possible to increase the interior space, even a high person sitting There is plenty of space in the rear seat, and the roof glass of the high profile vehicle shows a very high assembly quality.


Model 3's production process has been extremely streamlined, but even so, Model 3 in the core performance to maintain the highest level, the acceleration capability is very strong, because the owner of Tesla All like to drive fast.

It is noteworthy that Masike put the largest ink on the issue of production capacity. He introduced to our Fremont factory purchased from Toshiba, already have an annual capacity of 500,000 units, Fremont factory and Gigafactory two factories in the efforts, Model 3 production capacity will increase rapidly.


(Today's delivery ceremony is held at the Fremont factory)

In the live display of the curve can be seen in the end of 2017, production capacity will reach 5,000 per week, and by 2018, as much as possible to achieve 10,000 units per week, so 2018 will be possible to achieve an annual output of more than 500,000 The

Maske said: the existing number of scheduled Tesla is not a problem in the United States even now set the car, you can get the vehicle next year.

Tesla in order to produce as much as possible Model 3, using two measures, one is to reduce the unnecessary original, to enhance reliability, such as the body handle is no longer automatically pop up. The second is to build a global supply chain, the current Model 3 components from 60% from the United States, 10% from Mexico, the remaining 30% from China, including the rest of the world.

Taking into account the Tesla vehicles will increase in this year, Tesla will build a large number of super charging stations and service centers, super charging station existing 6124, by the end of this year exceeded 10,000, next year more than 15,000. At the same time Tesla will create 100 new service centers, and began in the global deployment of mobile maintenance vehicles.


(Tesla super charge pile)

Mobile maintenance vehicles can be any customer in any convenient place to provide services, even on the road, remove the tire and other services, and even can provide software upgrades and other services, it is because Tesla found 80% of the owners of the problems encountered are Can be resolved through software upgrades, these mobile maintenance vehicles will even provide coffee and children's toys, Tesla said mobile services will become the future direction of the service.

At the end of the discussion, several Tesla's veterans recalled the towering years, and Maske said that when the roadster was reworked, the vehicle was almost redone, and when the Model S production sprinted to 20,000 , The entire factory are in the limit of the state overtime, and can not continue,


The Model X's energy was up to three times as much as Model S, and he also revealed that Model S and X had been 9 months from 0 to 20000, and these experiences would be the rapid production of Model 3 Good foundation.

Franz uses Not only great, but also beautiful and clean to describe Model 3's interior, and he says Model 3's most innovative design is designed for automatic driving.


In the end, Masque's romance tells the model 3 the best summary:

(Today is the important day of Tesla, Model 3 is the most important day of Tesla, and it is a great lee car. Is a great and close to the people of the electric car, the world has a great petrol car, there are great luxury cars, but never great and close to the people of electric cars).

What is the difference between Model 3 and Model S? Only 2.47 seconds

A lot of people, and even a lot of people who are already Tesla owners are still repeatedly asked: Model 3 in the end and Model S What is the difference?

Today, at the Fremont factory in California, the test track, Tesla with two seconds of the throttle, answered the world's problems.


Tesla with a few opened a violent enhanced model of the Model S P100D, carrying the media test crew, once again set the market production vehicle 0-100km / h accelerated record, reached 2.47 seconds, and according to the testers Saying that their measured results can reach 2.3 seconds.

From the Tesla China official website translation can also be seen, Model S positioning is the smart coupe, and Model 3 is a smart car. Coupe in the moment has a triple meaning: large luxury, personality identity, the ultimate power, Model S one by one with.


And relatively speaking, Model 3 size is more moderate, more traditional positioning, allowing users to more easily afford. Starting today, Model 3 and S positioning will be more clear, S will be sitting on high-end flagship position, and the mainstream market world, then to Model 3 to play.

Smart travel to the world, waiting to be changed again

In recent years, the media always likes to take the car industry's apple and so on, this atmosphere began to look forward to the vision of the two to change the world, Sheng in the history of Steve Jobs after the science and technology circle needs a new God Class idol needs, and ultimately rationalize the trend of both product values.

Model 3 and iPhone 4, although there is a difference between the figures, but the two core product line is the fourth generation of crystallization, according to pre-order product experiments and run-in, have the industry and the user's in-depth understanding, Prospective and practical balance.


Although the iPhone is different from the Model series does not exist before and after the replacement of the problem, but the multi-car coexist, but Model 3 real car to see the more compact interior, fewer configuration combinations, and see less Of the length of the vehicle wiring harness, etc., are reflected in Tesla for what is the future of intelligent core elements of the trip, which will enhance the automotive industry capacity changes in the depth of thinking.

In the Model 3 body, there is a called "metaphysical" indicators did not cause too much attention: Model 3 production capacity in almost a few months will be completed exponential growth, from the current almost every custom to December To achieve a single week 5000, is reflected in Muske himself for the new industrial manufacturing diligently.


Model 3 smooth production, not the spirit of the designer to enhance the spirit, but Tesla super factory in the vehicle and battery production capacity of both the consequences, Muske himself on Twitter to describe the future of the factory should be Alien Dreadnought ( Alien fearless warships), Tesla factory to a high degree of mechanized production of cars, engineering practice to reverse the design, only for the warships to break through the traditional production model provides the possibility of ice.

Have to say that before the emergence of Tesla, the traditional car prices of the production model changes too slow, ordinary users for the car intelligent distance is too far away, a large number of delivery of Model 3, it is likely that the table was Out of the iPhone 4, as directly change the people for the new electric energy senses.

In the absence of test drive over Tesla before, many people for the view of electric cars is to environmental protection, or because the country can not shake the number to do the compromise, and several driving down, you will feel the core experience Distinction, this is similar to the touch screen phone on the key to the subversion of mobile phone replacement, perhaps the inflection point has not yet come, but the overall situation has been set.

As with the current high-speed rail, subway, and even the US Navy's latest DDG-1000 destroyers are using all-electric modules, the core value of the motor is the power conversion efficiency, with the best internal combustion engine efficiency of 40% or so, the motor can be achieved 80% or more power output.


Performance is still small, electric energy on the one hand to the whole car electrification to provide the most basic energy support for the vehicle equipped with more sensors and intelligent processing system to provide much higher than the convenience of fuel trucks, while the motor is also more convenient to computer to monitor And adjust, assign power output.

In a word: the motor is a universal popular unmanned basis.

Today, over and over again to listen to Model 3 technology to explain the process, I feel more and more this is a smart device, rather than a mechanical vehicle, the original, there is a core technology contributed: OTA update.

Tesla's air update, initially ridiculed by a lot of people do not know how to do remedies in the control, but a few years down, OTA's role is far more than a control at all.

Many owners remember that before October 2015, their own vehicles with an ordinary fuel vehicle at that time is no different, and when the vehicle system upgrade to 7.0, suddenly have the ability to drive in some road conditions.

In this mode, the car is more and more like a smart phone, the vehicle provides hardware and systems, the equivalent of providing unlimited possibilities, as many of the current mobile phone functions are dependent on App's innovation, the future intelligence The possibility of the car is that the software can be updated out of what, and the urgency of the transfer, it is possible from the hardware configuration has been unable to meet the needs of the software.

In the Tesla has adhered to OTA upgrade nearly 5 years later, the traditional car prices have not been too much follow-up, it is sad.

In the Model S release soon, there have been a lot of people with "on the wheels of the iPad" to tune Tesla, and now, many owners have proved the safety and quality of Tesla, this sentence Do not hesitate to praise.


What else can it be more attractive than an ever-changing car?

IPhone 4's historical significance, not in his technical parameters than competing with the number of high, but it opened the App and the new era of mobile Internet.

While the mass production after the Model 3, is likely to be our nearest trip from the smart one.

Who will kill the Model 3 killer?

Analogy iPhone 4, which is a funny vulgar problem, generation iPhone killer is dead, their goal is also live like a 20-year-old child.

Model 3 of the same situation jealousy, before the various domestic cost-effective products to combat the situation, after the international big-name pure electric new car to the morning.

And really to Tesla in the "and" and "price" and outside the construction of a safe river, is the brand influence. In the past few years, Tesla by virtue of the high-end market cut and constantly looking for technology selling points, the successful realization of the two points: 1, so that people think this brand is very high-end; 2, let people say they have Tesi Pull instead of having an electric car.

As iPod is independent of Mp3, iPhone is independent of smartphones.

It is worth to open the article alone to write, is the establishment of the brand than Rolls-Royce, Bentley and other time by the accumulation of convenience, than the Audi and the public by the first opportunity to come easy.

Tesla in April this year, by a few tenths of the production capacity, in the market value beyond all the US brand, and that Model 3 release, the stock will steadily rise, behind the brand power is absolutely trust.

Compared to seven years ago that face the iPhone 4 high prices and prohibitive poor boy, today standing on the Model 3 starting site I am more patient to understand the value of this car, inadvertently, the history of the left and right swing legs , We are between 3,4, the experience is the pulse of civilization.

Sweep code concerned about the car will be (micro-signal: Time2Drive), see more live news & amp; test drive.


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